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Israel Must Immediately Confiscate All Illegal Weapons

Israeli security force members stand near a burning Israeli police car during clashes between Israeli police and members of the country’s Arab minority in the Arab-Jewish town of Lod, Israel May 12, 2021. REUTERS/Ammar Awad – Make no mistake about it: Among the many pressing challenges confronting Israel in the aftermath of the latest […]

Police confiscate 254 ancient objects in southern Iran

TEHRAN – Iranian police have seized 254 historical relics from smugglers in the southern Fars province. “In the first stage, the police forces recovered 211 historical objects from the house of a smuggler in Shiraz…. The relics included coins, rings, seals, daggers, headbands, arrowheads, etc. which date back to various historical periods,” CHTN quoted a […]

Agents Raid Home in Maricopa County in Voter-Data Theft Probe – Confiscate 8 Hard Drives and Bag of USB Sticks

Arizona federal officials raided a home in Maricopa County last month, confiscating eight hard drive, three computers and a bag full of USB sticks. According to reports, the house belonged to 56-year-old Elliot Kerwin. Agents were searching for evidence of a cyberattack on an unnamed organization and stolen voter data. Forbes reported: On the morning of […]

BUSTED! U.S. Marshals Confiscate Riot Gear and Fireworks Headed to BLM and AntiFa Terrorists in Kenosha

by: Lance D Johnson (Natural News) US Marshals intercepted a cache of battle supplies that were being transported into Kenosha, Wisconsin by Antifa/BLM support groups. The civil unrest in Kenosha has gone on for nearly a week and is becoming more violent than ever before. Journalists and police officers have been threatened by thugs with […]

Authorities Confiscate Large Stash of Weapons and Munition Heading to Idlib

July 31, 2020 Arabi Souri The law enforcement authorities discovered and confiscated a large quantity of weapons and munition heading to the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib. In its ongoing intensive work and thanks to the ever-vigilant Syrian security personnel and with the help of locals, the law enforcement units in Homs monitoring smuggling networks […]

New York Bill passed to confiscate guns for domestic-violence misdemeanors

New York gun owners convicted of misdemeanors in domestic-violence cases would have their firearms taken away under a bill lawmakers approved along with the new state budget. Convicted felons already are barred from gun ownership in the state. The new bill, promoted by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, would strip guns from people convicted of […]

State Congress Passes Bill To Confiscate Legal Guns From All 18-20 Year Olds

By Matt Agorist Illinois — The Illinois House has passed a bill that will require legal gun owners to hand over ownership of heretofore legally possessed guns. Now, this most tyrannical bill has moved to the Senate and is one step away from becoming law. The bill, HB 1465 was sponsored in the […]

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Five Family Members, Illegally Confiscate (Steal) Cash, Near Nablus

.singleblog-contan .summary-image:not(:first-child){ display: none; } Israeli soldiers invaded, on Friday at dawn, ‘Allar town, north of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, searched and ransacked homes, and abducted five Palestinians from the same family, in addition to illegally confiscating cash and assaulting many residents. Moayyad Taqatqa, a father of one of the abducted Palestinians, […]

Syrian Army Confiscate ISIS Weapons Made By NATO

The Syrian Army have confiscated a large number of ISIS weapons that they say originate from the USA, Europe, Israel and NATO. Brigadier General of the Syrian Arab Army, Hasan Suheil, showed reporters evidence of NATO weapons at an ISIS warehouse captured by the Syrian armed forces in the city of Al Mayadin, in the east of Syria. […]

Saudi Arabia Is About To Confiscate $33 Billion From Four Of Its Richest People

Earlier today, when discussing the Saudi bank account and asset freeze (and confiscation) of dozens of princes and ministers, we said that just the haul of billionaire prince Alwaleed’s $19 billion in various holdings, including nearly a billion dollars in jewelry, plans, yachts, furniture and cash… … would be an efficient […]

“Pro 2nd Amendment” Trump Sends in Feds to Confiscate Guns in Chicago

By Rachel Blevins The city of Chicago saw a staggering number of homicides last year, with over 760 murders in 2016. President Trump is combating the problem by following in Obama’s footsteps, and ramping up the confiscation of “illegal” guns—and he’s using the federal government for assistance. The Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force […]

School lunchbox police confiscate ‘unhealthy’ foods from kids, then send home lecturing notes to parents

     Parents in Western Australia are complaining after lunchbox police in several schools confiscated food from students and replaced it with a condescending note to parents. Parents are sounding off on social media about a “traffic light policy” implemented at many primary schools that encourages teachers to rummage through students’ food from home and determine […]

Police Camera Footage Will No Longer Be Made Public In North Carolina

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed a bill into law on Monday that makes police dashboard camera and body camera footage exempt from the public record. House Bill 972 does make such video accessible to people who can be seen or heard in it, along with their personal representatives ― but they […]

British Special Forces illegally operating inside Syria

Source British special forces are operating on the front line against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria, according to rebel commanders. The Times reports that they have been defending a rebel unit against Isil attacks, marking the first evidence of the troop’s direct involvement involvement inside Syria rather than training fighters […]

US builds secret military base in central Israel

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Security sources have revealed that United States is constructing military base in central Israel to reportedly protect it from possible attacks. The new secret base, which is being built, the security sources said, is reportedly designed to withstand ballistic missile attacks. Like our page on Facebook Follow us on Twitter According to a […]

Palestinian hunger-striking journalist is dying

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Palestinian hunger-striking journalist Mohamed al-Qeeq is dying as he enters day 92 of his hunger-strike, lawyer Hiba Masalha told mass media on Wednesday. “He is no longer breathing normally and is currently suffering severe pains,” Masalha said, noting that his body had “collapsed” and he is suffering severe convulsions and stiffness, […]

TEXAS Cops Take MASSIVE Stand Against Obama and Muslims… Libs Are FREAKING OUT!

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Liberals, Muslims and atheists are going to throw a fit when they see what the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office is putting on all of their vehicles but as far as I’m concerned, they can get the hell out of America. God and Christianity has been under extreme attack ever since Obama, our […]

Soros warned off ‘declaring war’ on China’s currency

     Soros is a man intimately familiar with currency crises Not long after billionaire George Soros forecast a so-called hard landing for the Chinese economy, Beijing fired back by calling out the high-profile investor, warning him of betting against its currency, according to media reports Tuesday. “Soros’ challenge against the renminbi and Hong Kong dollar […]

Soros warned off ‘declaring war’ on China’s currency

     Soros is a man intimately familiar with currency crises Not long after billionaire George Soros forecast a so-called hard landing for the Chinese economy, Beijing fired back by calling out the high-profile investor, warning him of betting against its currency, according to media reports Tuesday. “Soros’ challenge against the renminbi and Hong Kong dollar […]

Las Vegas Cop Faces Federal Civil Rights Charges Over Beating of Woman For Littering

Former Officer Richard Scavone of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was indicted by a federal grand jury on civil rights charges. Those charges related to excessive force during an arrest of a woman that he had originally begun harassing based on his belief that she was a prostitute. He also faces charges based on […]

US preparing New Sanctions over Iran’s Missile Program

Source Article from 00

BREAKING: House Dems Push MASSIVE Bill to Implement SHARIA LAW In America

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – While we were all busy celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and spending time with our families during the Christmas holidays House Democrats were focused on the most important issue this country faces- the well-being of MUSLIMS! That’s right folks. Sharia law is alive and kicking in […]

Muslims Declare THIS New Islamic Holiday on December 24th… Liberals Demand We All Celebrate

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– On December 25th the civilized world joins together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Yes, Christmas has gotten ‘commercialized’ but in a harmless way. Lights, trees and presents are all symbolic to baby Jesus’s birth and it’s also fun for all of us today! Christmas is a tradition. […]

PTHD – Post Traumatic Heart Disorder – Veterans Today

In my over 45 years as a heart centered consultant with emotionally devastated civilians as well as veterans with PTSD, I have discovered that most have a common symptom ~ the psychic pain of being seemingly separated from love, either at birth or in childhood, which can cause us to emotionally check out and close […]

Las Vegas School Police Officer Causes Drunken Car Accident Assaults/Pulls Gun on Victims

Sgt. Anthony Russo, of the Clark County School District Police Department in Las Vegas, was arrested Sept. 5th after a drunken one man crime spree that included running a red light, smashing into another car at 60 mph, assaulting the passenger in that car, punching a bystander who attempted to pull him away, and then […]

Feds May Confiscate Privately Held Gold and Silver Coins

Kurt Nimmo Prison Planet August 30, 2011 Coin World reports that the feds are looking to seize liberty dollars from collectors and those using the coins instead of inflation-ridden Federal Reserve notes. Officials with the U.S. Attorney’s Office said on August 24 that the coins are contraband. The Secret Service, the federal agency responsible for […]

Congressman Steve Chabot Has Cops Confiscate Citizens’s Cameras and Cellphones at Town Hall Meeting

Awakening The World … … Every Heart Makes A Difference And The Non-Compli-Dance New times now added for the Americas and Australia/New Zealand. Read more … New David Icke App Now Available Europe … Australia … New Zealand … the United States David Icke’s round-the-world tour between September and December Australia and New Zealand dates […]

Cops Confiscate Cameras at Ohio Congressman’s Town Hall

Kurt Nimmo Prison August 24, 2011 A congressman from Ohio had cops grab the cameras of constituents during a town hall meeting. Steve Chabot, a Republican, had cell phones and cameras confiscated in order to “prevent an embarrassing Youtube video from making the rounds,” according to Carlos Miller, who runs a blog documenting efforts […]

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