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Teen Hobbyist Buys Storage Containers for Trinkets, Decides to Return Contents to Heartbroken Owner

A Rhode Island teen with a passion for collecting pre-owned objects has found a way to use his hobby to help others. For Shane Jones, 16, from Wakefield, collecting secondhand items is “just something fun to do,” he says. He’s handy at using a metal detector to recover small items—bottles, coins, and other small trinkets—and […]

Maryland banning foam takeout containers

Starting on October 1st, the state of Maryland will be implementing a new ban on the use of foam containers. The law was approved last year and affects food service, as well as other businesses and institutions; schools included.  “Single-use plastics are overrunning our oceans and bays and neighborhoods. We need to take dramatic steps […]

Containers with chlorine from Germany, smoke bombs from UK’s Salisbury found in E. Ghouta – Moscow

“In the liberated areas of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian government troops have found containers with chlorine – the most horrible kind of chemical weapons – from Germany, and also smoke grenades produced – please pay attention [to this] – in the city of Salisbury, the UK,” Zakharova told a news conference in Moscow on Thursday. The […]

Petrol containers, ‘crude’ detonator found under truck in Paris – media

The truck that was found in the 19th district of the French capital reportedly belongs to the Franco-Swiss cement company Lafarge. The device attached to as many as six petrol containers was found by some local workers. READ MORE: ‘Nobody is safe’: French Parliament backs controversial anti-terrorism law “Workers discovered the containers as they went to […]

Is your municipal wifi really free? Or are you paying with your sensitive data?

As usual, the devil is in the details: namely, the privacy policy that governs the system and the fact that it’s bottom-lined by the most powerful advertising company on the planet, Google.  In the capitalist marketplace, enormous corporations typically do not spend millions of dollars to be nice. And sure enough, while the companies involved […]


Turmeric is a powder that comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant. This plant is part of the ginger family. The powder is golden in color and has an interesting taste and aroma. Some describe the taste as peppery, bitter, and warm. The aroma, however, is closer to that of an orange or […]

Health Benefits of Foot Massage and Reflexology

Although our feet do a lot of work, they are the least pampered part of our body. To pamper your feet and keep them strong and flexible, a daily foot massage of a few minutes will be enough. In fact, foot massage has been practiced in different cultures for years to promote health and well-being. […]

Illinois To Delay Pension Payments Amid Budget Woes…

By now, Illinois’ budget problems are no secret. Back in May, after the State Supreme Court struck down a pension reform bid, Moody’s move to downgrade the city of Chicago thrust the state’s financial woes into the national spotlight.  Since then, the situation hasn’t gotten any better and despite hiring an […]

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