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The CDC Doesn’t Want You to Hear This Conversation

KENNEDY: “The cost of autism is now a trillion dollars a year. My generation, I’m 70, you’re 60.” BECK: “I didn’t know anybody with autism.” KENNEDY: “No, we knew nobody when we were a kid.” BECK: “I didn’t know anybody with peanut allergies.” KENNEDY: “No. I had eleven siblings [and] 70 cousins — nobody with […]

The CDC Doesn’t Want You to Hear This Conversation Between Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson

In the 2138th episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, featuring the hugely popular political commentator Tucker Carlson, the taboo subject of autism entered the conversation. Tucker Carlson asked, “Is your average Amish teenager happier than your average conventional American teenager on Instagram? And, of course, the answer is, oh, yeah.” Rogan replied, “Well, they certainly […]

Christie not closing door on No Labels bid: ‘There’d be a long conversation’

Chris Christie is no longer ruling out a third-party presidential bid. The former New Jersey governor had repeatedly dismissed the idea of running on a No Labels ticket while competing for the GOP presidential nomination. But nearly a month after exiting the race, he declined Tuesday to shut the door to the idea. “Oh, I […]

Live Blood Dark Field Microscopy Analysis: Conversation with an Expert in the UK

What it can do & changes seen after the Covid “Vaccine” ANITA BAXAS,MD NOV 19, 2023 I had a very informative and pleasant conversation with Shirah Mustarde near Brighton in the South of England. She is a nutritionist and dark field microscopist since many years. She runs an online training class for health professionals who […]

‘It’s a privilege to say I am Palestinian’: a conversation with Nancy Mansour

Born in the UK to Palestinian parents, Nancy Mansour* is the co-founder of Existence is Resistance (EIR), a radical grassroots movement dedicated to the liberation of Palestine. Known for her boundless passion and fierce irreverence, Mansour (AKA Harrabic Tubman) has been on the forefront of cultural resistance against ongoing Israeli Apartheid for more than a […]

Gaza Special: ‘A catastrophe is unfolding in Gaza’ MEMO in Conversation with Aseel Safi

As the Israeli offensive against the occupied Gaza Strip enters its sixth day, reports of intense bombings of apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, and commercial establishments continue to flood in. Source

A conversation with Palestinian conductor Lamar Elias

Tom Suarez interviews Lamar Elias, who was recently named Artistic Director of l’Orchestre Symphonique Étudiant de Toulouse. “My hope is that music, and especially classical music, can be a voice of liberty for the Palestinian youth.” Source

Can language and photography bring us together? MEMO in Conversation with Fadi BouKaram ‘Cedrusk’

Did you know the Arabic word for Austria – An-Namsa – comes from Proto-Slavic language and means ‘mute’ or someone who doesn’t speak and this was applied to anyone who could not speak a Slavic language? Why is the loquat fruit in Turkish called yeni dunya or ‘new world’ while in Arabic it’s called akideneh […]

Palestinian Paralympians: MEMO in conversation with Amos Trust

The situation in Palestine can seem hopeless and this leads to mental health issues, and it is for this reason that it is vital to maintain hope, says Amos Trust's director. Join us as we speak to the organisation's Chris Rose and Communications Manager Nick Welsh. Amos Trust helps run community programmes to promote creative, […]

How Jimmy Carter has changed the conversation around hospice

Former President Carter’s public disclosure in February that he was entering hospice care — where he remains nearly six months later — is shifting the perception of end-of-life care for patients and their families. Many assumed the 98-year-old former president was on his deathbed, but his family says he has continued to enjoy ice cream and stay […]

A Symbiosis of Humans & Technology – Changing The Conversation

A Symbiosis of Humans & Technology – Changing The Conversation What worldview and state of consciousness should hold our ever advancing technology? Jacob Devaney Jul 16, 2023 Set Your Pulse: Take a breath. Turn your attention to your body and release any tension. Breathe slowly into the area of your heart for 60 seconds, focusing […]

The Imam of the Christians: MEMO in conversation with Philip Wood

Join us in our discussion with Professor Philip Wood on medieval Arab Christian political thought and his book 'The Imam of the Christians'. Wood is Tejpar Professor of Inter-religious studies at the Aga Khan University Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations. He is also Head of Education for the MA programme in Muslim cultures. […]

Conversation With Economist Richard Werner | The Plandemic Was Used To Usher In TOTAL CONTROL

February 24, 2023 Economist Richard Werner returned to Kim Iversen Show for an extended interview discussing how the so-called pandemic was used to gain complete control and help implement CBDCs. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s […]

The history of medicine before colonisation: MEMO in conversation with Justin Stearns

Join us for a conversation with Justin Stearns as he tells us about his work on 17th century Morocco, the history of the natural sciences and medicine before colonisation and the state of archives in the Arab World. Stearns received his BA in English and History from Dartmouth College in 1998, and a PhD in […]

The Best Conversation Pits (For Napping, Partying, and Doing Shrooms)

If you spend a good chunk of time lurking on the internet for vintage interiors, you’re no stranger to the idea of conversation pits or sunken living rooms. The trend became super popular throughout the 60s and 70s, in the heyday of swanky cocktail parties (Don Draper’s midlife Manhattan apartment in Mad Men, anyone?), but […]

She’s EXPOSING How The Deep State Mafia Controls All of Us — Redacted Conversation with Whitney Webb

Journalist Whitney Webb sits down with Redacted’s Clayton Morris for a dense conversation about her bombshell new book on Jeffrey Epstein’s deep connections to the world’s biggest power players. Source


I think this is worth listening to. I would explain things a bit different in some areas but think it is just seeing things from different places. This world is a school. God is not who or what most humans think or understand God to be. When one has placed their faith and destiny in […]

Risks of Muslim genocide: MEMO in conversation with Dr Gregory Stanton

Join us for a live conversation with Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention, Dr Gregory H Stanton, as we discuss major flashpoints in the world today from India to Ukraine, Israel and China and his thoughts on whether any of these run risks of genocide. Stanton is the founding president and chairman of Genocide Watch. […]

Discussing America’s role in the Syrian civil war: A Conversation with Noam Chomsky

by Noam Chomsky and Raghav Kaushik  This interview with world-renowned scholar and leading dissident Noam Chomsky has two goals. The primary goal is to understand America’s role in one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 21st century, the Syrian civil war. While there has been a lot of commentary on the Syrian civil war, there […]

Iran, Azeri FMs hold phone conversation

TEHRAN – Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian and his Azeri counterpart Jeyhun Bayramov have discussed developments in bilateral cooperation between the two countries and also regional developments over the phone. In this conversation, Amir Abdollahian commemorated the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Baku, saying ties between the two […]

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