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The Big Industry That COP26 Failed to Tackle

The impact of agriculture on climate change is significant. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the agriculture sector is responsible for 10 percent of the total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, after transportation (29 percent), electricity production (25 percent), industry (23 percent), and commercial and residential usage (13 percent). However, according to Peter Lehner, managing attorney for EarthJustice, […]

COP26: Greenwashing And Plutocratic Misadventures

For all the policy failures of COP26 it may actually be an inflection point in history. — A point where social and political conditions force a transformation of consciousness and politics that can usher in epochal change. COP 26 reaffirmed what has been obvious from the beginning: the Northern colonial and capitalist states most responsible […]

The jury will be out on COP26 for some time | View

The dust has barely settled on Glasgow’s climate conference. Emotions were still running high when India and China pulled out the last-minute stunt about “phasing down” instead of “phasing out” coal. An exhausted Alok Sharma apologised, an undaunted Frans Timmermans vowed to fight on, but it was Marshall Islands’ Tina Stege who brought home the […]

Climate Action Pretense At COP26

Joe Biden’s presence at COP26 was a photo opportunity giving the impression that he is fighting the climate crisis. But the U.S. and other governments continue carbon production while pretending to take action and ignore the needs of the Global South who suffer at the hands of the rich nations. The 26th Conference of the […]

We Need Far More Radical Thinking Than Any COP26 Deal

Above photo: Lukas Jonaitis/Alamy. Global cooperation is vital to tackle the security threats of climate change and COVID-19. Leaders keep pumping funds into outdated militaries. Three issues arise directly from COP26. Firstly, the architects of the COP21 Paris agreement, Christiana Figueres and Laurence Tubiana, believe that yet more negotiations will have to follow COP26 next year. […]

COP26 Conference Fails to Impose Banksters’ Genocide on the World-BRAVO!!

Ron Wieczorek NovgembtSheir h13 lat 2:64r1 0PMd85h  · COP26 CONFERENCE FAILS TO IMPOSE BANKERS’ GENOCIDE ON THE WORLD. The final agreement calls for “escalating efforts to phase down unabated coal power and phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies. . .” That is such an ambiguous statement, with no mandate, no guidelines and no timeframe that is it virtually meaningless. “Phase down […]

Why Our Climate Isn’t Jumping for Joy After COP26

by Vijay Prashad and Zoe Alexandra Two major gains took place at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP) in Glasgow, Scotland, which concluded on November 13: the first was that there would be another COP in 2022 in Egypt, and the second was that the world leaders expressed their aspiration to keep global temperature […]

COP26: Climate Pledges Don’t Match Up With Policies—or Consumer Behavior

After more than two weeks of negotiations during the United Nations COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, diplomats from almost 200 nations finally agreed on two major points: ramp up the fight against climate change and help at-risk countries prepare. Specifically, governments agreed to meet again next in 2022 with more robust plans to slash carbon dioxide emissions […]

Where next on COP26? Here are some ways forward | View

UN Climate conferences, or ‘COPs’, come and go, year by year. The 26th Conference of Parties to the United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change has just finished in Glasgow. It has been a difficult COP, in particular due to COVID-19, though it did deliver three successful outcomes. Ratcheting up ambition First, the five-yearly upgrading […]

COP26: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Despite the significance attached to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) recently held in Glasgow – in particular, how it represents a major step forward from the Paris Agreement – the COP26 has not been able to produce a major, meaningfully actionable inter-state, multilateral consensus of global scale. Notwithstanding the critical nature of the issues […]

COP26 Negotiators Do Little To Cut Emissions

Above Photo: An oil pumpjack is seen on April 16, 2021 near Eldorado, Texas. Francois Picard/AFP via Getty Images. But Allow Oil And Gas Executives To Rest Easy. Pledges Were Made And Alliances Formed, But Reading The Fine Print, The Petroleum Industry Retains Its Hold On The World’s Economy, At Least In The Short Term. […]

COP26: ‘Walking Inches When We Must Move Miles’

“An equitable fossil fuel phaseout would place most of the burden squarely on the US and rich countries…This would be unacceptable to Biden administration negotiators. “Instead, the COP26 existing language has heavy implications for developing countries like India, and tonnes of loopholes for the continuation of US fossil fuel activities,” he tweeted. Bitter But it came […]

The carbon capture plants that COP26 didn’t discuss

COP26 is over, and the results are not exactly pleasing to those of us who wanted some radical change in fighting climate change. The pledges made in Paris in 2015 are being left behind. The best steps taken to get rid of atmospheric carbon are not being actively pursued – and the ones that are […]

Gasbagging in Glasgow: COP26 and Phasing Down Coal

Words can provide sharp traps, fettering language and caging definitions.  They can also speak to freedom of action and permissiveness.  At COP26, that permissiveness was all the more present in the haggling ahead of what would become the Glasgow Climate Pact. COP26, or the UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021, had a mission of “Uniting […]

Climate Change COP26 – “Planet SOS” and Leaders Who Betrayed People’s Hopes for Sustainable Future

“Climate change” describes a change in the average conditions — such as temperature and rainfall — in a region over a long period of time. Earth’s climate is always changing over long periods of time and has been hotter and cooler than it is now, but the pace of change has sped up significantly in recent decades. Scientists are deeply concerned about the […]

Researchers Urge World Leaders At COP26 To Act On Science

Above photo: Britain’s President for COP26 Alok Sharma speaks with members of his team following an informal stocktaking session at the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow on Nov. 12, 2021. Ben Stansall/AFP via Getty Images. Past climate summit decisions have been disconnected from reality, scientists say. Some find hopeful signs in COP26 draft documents; […]

UK says COP26 climate pact ‘historic’ but ‘tinged with disappointment’

The United Kingdom, which hosted the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow over the past two weeks, hailed the agreement released on Saturday as “game-changing” yet “tinged with disappointment”. “Yesterday evening, we finally came to the kind of game-changing agreement that the world needed to see,” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a Downing Street […]

After COP26, Biden Under Fire For ‘Failing To Act On Fossil Fuels’

Above Photo: U.S. President Joe Biden departs the White House on November 10, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Win McNamee/Getty Images. “We’re in a five-alarm fire, but Biden refuses to use a firehose.” As climate campaigners worldwide on Saturday slammed the United Nations summit in Scotland and its resulting Glasgow Climate Pact as betrayals of the Global South by […]

COP26 takeaways: ‘Some progress’ in climate pact but much more needed

While some hailed a pact that kept negotiators in Glasgow for an extra day, many activists and international leaders said that despite “some progress”, there’s still a long way to go. Nearly 200 parties to the United Nations’ most recent climate conference agreed on the Glasgow Climate Pact on Saturday, after some last-minute wrangling over […]

COP26 Global Climate Deal Reached After China, India Pushed to Soften Language on Coal

Nearly 200 countries attending the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland, agreed on a global climate deal on Saturday, following last-minute changes pushed by China and India that watered down language about use of coal power. After two weeks of talks, the 197 nations did not veto last-minute changes to revise the final text of the deal, named […]

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