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Video Shows Pastoral Couple Kidnapped a Year Ago in Nigeria

The Rev. Paul Musa and wife in video released May 5, 2024. (Christian Daily International-Morning Star News screenshot) ABUJA, Nigeria (Christian Daily International–Morning Star News) – A video of a pastor and his wife kidnapped in March 2023 appeared on Sunday (May 5) in which he pleaded for help from the government of Nigeria and Christian… […]

Christian Couple in India Sentenced to Prison

Pastor Ramesh Ahirwar and wife Sakshi Ahirwar say they were falsely accused in March 11, 2024 conviction of forcible conversion in Madhya Pradesh, India. (Morning Star News) NEW DELHI (Morning Star News) – A Christian couple in India has been sentenced to prison after Hindu extremists instigated a false case of forcible conversion against them, sources […]

UK Elderly Couple Ordered in a Council Letter to Sell Their House as its Needed to House Migrants

An elderly couple who had just moved into their £200,000 house were horrified to receive a letter from their council suggesting the property could be subject to compulsory purchase and used to house asylum seekers. Jose and Ted Saunders said they were ‘insulted and shocked’ when the strongly-worded letter from North Northamptonshire Council – which […]

Christian Convert Couple Slain for their Faith

The bodies of Twaha Namwoyo and wife Nadiimu Katooko, slain on Feb. 2, 2024 in Bulalaka village, Uganda. (Morning Star News) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – A formerly Muslim couple in eastern Uganda, parents of four young children, were slashed to death on Feb. 2, two months after putting their faith in Christ, sources said. […]

Black Man Faces Life In Prison For Attempting To Mug Jewish Couple On Way To Synagogue

( A Black man is being held on an astonishing $1.3 million dollar bail — and faces life in prison — on charges relating to an attempted — and failed — mugging a Jewish couple on a sidewalk in Beverly Hills, California: “A man arrested in Beverly Hills over the weekend faces multiple charges in […]

Christian Couple Accused of Blasphemy Win Bail in Pakistan

Shaukat Masih and wife Kiran Shaukat with their children. (Morning Star News) LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – A court in Lahore, Pakistan on Wednesday (Oct. 18) granted bail to a Christian couple arrested last month on blasphemy charges, a rare occurrence in a country where falsely accused suspects spend years in jail awaiting verdicts. Zahid… […]

EV is a TOTAL SCAM: Scottish Couple Denied Warranty, Asked to Pay $21.000 to repair Tesla for Driving in the Rain

It’s not abnormal for it to rain in Scotland. It is abnormal, however, for it to rain so heavily your electric car battery gives up the ghost. A couple from Edinburgh was shocked after receiving a £17,374 (A$33,370) bill to replace the battery on their Tesla Model Y, after the vehicle wouldn’t turn on after […]

Triassic Period was a few thousand years old, not 200 million, and lasted a couple of days

The red bed is boiled up body parts.  The Great Flood was a super heated flood which boiled the flesh off creatures turning the ground to red mud.  Above the red bed are the grey clays.  Above those are the parts of the creatures which did not boil off, 50 times more full of silicon […]

Elderly Couple Left Homeless for Converting to Christianity

Sula Mugudi and wife Aisha Mugudi had to flee their home on Sept. 20, 2023 after Muslim relatives threatened them. (Morning Star News) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – An elderly couple in eastern Uganda has fled their village after Muslim relatives upset with their conversion to Christianity threatened to destroy them and their home, sources […]

Christian Couple Jailed, Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan. (Romero Maia, Creative Commons) LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – The three young children of a Christian couple jailed on baseless charges of desecrating the Koran in Lahore, Pakistan last week have no relatives to care for them and are extremely upset, a rights advocate. Shaukat Masih, 33, and his 28-year-old wife… […]

Terrorists Kill Christian Couple in Taraba State, Nigeria 

Taraba state, Nigeria. (Profoss Uwe Dedering, Creative Commons) ABUJA, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Terrorists entering a town in Taraba state, Nigeria at about 2 a.m. on Sunday (Sept. 10) killed two Christians, wounded several others and kidnapped six people, sources said. “Six Christians were kidnapped by terrorists in the Mile Six area of… Source

Marriage Put To Ultimate Test As Couple Hangs Curtains Together

DRAPER, UT — A local couple put their relationship to the test after agreeing to hang a set of new curtains up in their spare bedroom over the weekend. “We’ve always enjoyed a strong relationship,” Amy Jensen explained as she watched her husband David balance precariously on the top rung of a step ladder. “I’m […]

Unusual Ruling Frees Christian Couple from Prison in Iran

Sara Ahmadi and Homayoun Zhaveh. (Article 18) (Morning Star News) – Iranian authorities released two Christian leaders from prison last week after a judge broke with common judicial practice in the country and ruled that home church participation was not illegal, sources said. Throwing out a 2020 conviction, a judge in Branch 34 of the […]

A couple goes to Court to allow them to name their baby Hades – the name of the Greek god of the dead and king of the underworld

A couple in France have been refused from naming their newborn baby Hades, the same name as the ancient Greek god of the dead and king of the underworld. Kristina Desgres and Rodrigo Velasquez from the French port city of Saint-Malo, Brittany, welcomed their son last September. The parents say they innocently gave their child the same… […]

Pastor, Christian Couple Poisoned in Western Uganda

Location of Hoima District in Uganda. (Jarry1250, NordNordWest, Creative Commons) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – A pastor in western Uganda remains in a hospital Intensive Care Unit after Muslim extremists poisoned him and a Christian couple on Nov. 24, sources said. Pastor Francis Kutekereza, 51, was meeting for prayer with the couple, recent… Source

Akhenaten And Nefertiti: Egypt’s Golden Couple

The drivers arrange the chariots of the royal entourage—two to one side, two to the other side, of the royal chariot, which is distinguished by the great ostrich plumes of its span of stallions.  Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Police Say Iowa Couple Drowned Newborn in Apartment Bathtub

Authorities said a northern Iowa couple drowned their newborn in a bathtub shortly after she was born, fearing her cries would draw the attention of police. They’re charged with first-degree murder, even though the baby’s remains have not been found in weeks of searching. Brandon D. Thoma, 31, and Taylor K. Blaha, 24, both of […]

Indian Police Arrest Pastors and Newly Married Couple at Wedding Reception

Christian Persecution on the Rise in Uttar Pradesh, India  11/30/2022 India (International Christian Concern) – Nine Christian pastors were arrested and jailed on false charges of conversion activities in Azamgarh, in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Monday.   The pastors and a recently married Christian couple were arrested by police… Source

Shocked Couple Are Expecting Rare, Naturally Conceived ‘One in 100,000’ Identical Triplets

A couple who wanted a baby girl were shocked when they found out that they were expecting not one, but three daughters—identical triplets. Washington-born Heather Muscha Metcalf, 31, and her husband, Tyler Muscha, 37, are currently settled in Tyler’s home state of North Dakota in the town of Mandan. Heather has two children from her previous […]

SWAT Team Raids Innocent Elderly Couple, Destroys Their Home Because Their Power Bill Was Too Low

Riverside County, CA — Even in states with legal marijuana, law enforcement’s addiction to the drug war still lingers like a dark cloud over over the land of the ostensibly free. Even in California, who has paved the way in legalization of cannabis, police officers still violently, and with extreme prejudice, lay waste to the rights of […]

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