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Watch: Viewers Notice Amber Heard Courtroom Testimony Sounds Identical to Lines from Famous Movies

Viewers took to social media to point out that several of Amber Heard’s statements during her testimony in the Johnny Depp defamation trial on Wednesday sounded very similar to lines from famous movies.

CNN Says Rittenhouse Judge Is Biased Since He Has A U.S. Flag In Courtroom

CNN Says Rittenhouse Judge Is Biased Since He Has A U.S. Flag In Courtroom KENOSHA, WI—CNN Joined with progressive groups in calling for Judge Bruce Schroeder—who is presiding over the Rittenhouse case—to be removed after an American flag was spotted in his courtroom.  “It’s clear that this judge cannot be impartial,” said CNN legal analyst Jeffrey […]

Defendant slits his own throat to kill himself in courtroom after guilty verdict

A defendant killed himself inside a North Dakota federal courtroom moments after being convicted by a jury, US Marshalls have confirmed. The shocking incident took place inside Fargo’s Quentin Burdick Courthouse after the jury had returned a partial guilty verdict against the man on terrorizing-related charges, say officials. Witnesses said that the jury had left […]

American Citizen Shot Dead in Pakistan Courtroom For Being an ‘Enemy of Islam’

An American citizen was shot six times and killed in a courtroom in Pakistan on Wednesday by a gunman who accused him of being an “enemy of Islam“, according to reports. A 19-year old gunman shot Tahir Ahmad Naseem, 57, in a courtroom where the Illinois resident was being tried on blasphemy charges. Video of the […]

BOMBSHELL: Associated Press ‘willingly cooperated’ with Nazis to crush freedom of the press just as they suppress narrative questioning Big Pharma today

(NaturalNews) During the rise of Nazi Germany, The Associated Press (AP) willingly cooperated with Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, submitting to dramatic restrictions on freedom of the press and providing the regime with images from the news service’s photo archives so they could be used in anti-Semitic and anti-Western propaganda, according to a new […]

14 Cops Take Out Homeless Man With One Leg And Try To Stop People From Filming

John Vibes | True Activist A video surfaced recently showing a handcuffed homeless man with one leg being assaulted by a large group of police officers. The man was attacked by over a dozen police officers, some who pinned him down, others who prevented bystanders from filming. Journalist Chaedria […]

The Palpa Lines: Created 1000 Years Prior to the Nazca Lines

The mysterious Palpa Lines are believed to have been created 1000 years prior to the more famous Nazca Lines. by ancient-code Researchers have been able to identify so far,  more than 1600 Palpa Lines and Geoglyphs. These enigmatic figures are a profound mystery and were created by the Paracas people, well-known for their elongated skulls. […]

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