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Dem Rep. Quigley: Need Work Permits, TPS for ‘All’ Migrants, Diplomacy to End Crises in Africa, Afghanistan to Stem Tide

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Chris Jansing Reports,” Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) stated that the Biden administration should give all migrants in the country work permits and the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) it recently expanded for Venezuelans, and stated that Source

Washington Wants to Create Biological Crises Violating Int’l Laws [on Behalf of British Empire]

18 Aug, 2023 12:31 HomeRussia & FSU Washington wants to create biological crises at will – Moscow The US is grossly violating its obligations to the international community, Russia’s embassy has said Technicians wearing personal protective equipment suits stand behind a biohazard sign. ©  Arun SANKAR / AFP The US wants to harness the power of dangerous […]

“The Mother Of All Economic Crises Looms”


Big Banks Making a Killing Off Global Hunger, Energy Crises

Guest Post by Jake Johnson Russia’s war on Ukraine has wreaked havoc on global commodity markets, driving up energy and food prices and exacerbating the global hunger crisis, but the chaos has been a major boon for Wall Street commodity traders, new data show. Russia’s war on Ukraine has wreaked havoc on global commodity markets, driving […]

Tunisia: Ennahda blames authorities for economic crises

Tunisia’s Ennahda Movement has blamed the country’s authorities for failing to face off the wave of price hikes for basic commodities in the country. In a statement issued on Thursday, Ennahda blamed the authorities for the lack of many basic food commodities on the market and the lack of will to take pre-emptive measures to end the shortages of milk, […]

Why Escalation Is The Best Response In Moments Of Crises

Between the lack of action around police brutality, the threats to Roe v. Wade, increasing mass shootings, and the ever looming threat of climate catastrophe, desperation and despair have become the emotions of the day. Polling shows most Americans still care about these issues, but they’ve long lost faith in mainstream institutions and their capacity for change. It can be difficult […]

Ron Johnson: Biden ‘Caused All of These Crises’

On Wednesday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) reacted to President Joe Biden falsely claiming that inflation was “worse” all around the country than in the United States.

Nolte: Joe Biden Exploits Dead Kids to Distract from His ‘Multiple Crises’

Radical, demented Joe Biden exploited dead children to distract from the “multiple crises” deliberately created by this White House.

Sam Tripoli Interview – As Engineered Crises Unfold We Must Fortify Physically, Mentally & Spiritually

Joining me today Sam Tripoli, here to discuss the current state of the world, and the engineered crises that have been used to drive us here. We will also discuss how to protect yourself from all of this, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  ( ( (   Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):    Sam’s […]

Amir abdollahian: War No Solution to Crises Anywhere in World

 March 12, 2022 The foreign policy of Iran rejects war, without any double standard, in all parts of the world, be it in Ukraine, Yemen or Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir abdollahian said. In a telephone conversation on Friday, Amir abdollahian and his Polish counterpart Zbigniew Rau discussed the bilateral ties, Vienna negotiations, as well […]

Like Father, Like Son: How the Trudeaus Manufacture Crises to Justify “Emergency Measures”

Due to the current activation of the Emergency Measures Act by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on February 14 in response to the Freedom Convoys and blockades both in Ottawa and across various provinces of Canada, I thought it fitting to revisit research that I had previously published as a series co-written with Paris-based journalist […]

New WHO report demands urgent action on climate and health crises

With the United Nations summit just around the corner, the newly released COP26 Special Report calls on governments and policymakers to act with urgency on the current climate and health crises.  As stated in the report, the recommendations were developed in consultation with over 150 organizations and 400 experts and health professionals. In the leadup to […]

Things were looking up for Bill de Blasio. Then crises started piling up.

De Blasio is now presiding over a humanitarian emergency on Rikers Island, the city’s main jail complex, where a shortage of guards led already poor conditions to collapse into scenes of chaos and death. His signature Vision Zero initiative, which set the goal of reducing traffic fatalities to zero, fizzled this year as car-related deaths […]

Yurok Tribe Grows Solutions In Soil Of Crises

Above photo: Chinook salmon, the Klamath River’s main resource, have been harmed by climate change and a dam upstream, according to Sammy Gensaw, director of Ancestral Guard, which teaches Indigenous youth how to farm as well as fish. Beth Wallis/News21. ‘It’s not just the environment.’ ‘We’re facing a whole system that needs to be changed’ […]

Under Imperialism, Multiple Crises Deepen In Haiti

Haitian authorities have arrested Colombian mercenaries and Haitian-Americans and charged them with participating in the July 7 assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse. But murky questions still remain: Who organized the attempted coup? Who paid the mercenaries? Who will benefit? Moïse was the only person killed in the attack, although his wife was shot and […]

Drowning in crises, Lebanon now galvanized to solve offshore gas row with Israel

Looking out from the limestone cliffs of Rosh Hanikra, the tiny “island” of Tekheilet is barely visible, a rocky outcropping just barely kissing the waveline a kilometer from Israel’s shoreline at the country’s northern frontier. In November 2020, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, his chief of staff Mor Halutz and ministry director-general Udi Adiri donned bright […]

Food as medicine — the answer to mounting health crises

Food as medicine — the answer to mounting health crises Story at-a-glance While modern medicine successfully treats acute problems, it has nothing to offer for chronic conditions, as the solution for chronic health problems requires real food Real food is medicine. Processed food is poison, and there’s no medicine that can undo the damage of […]

Carbon Offsets Offer A Fantasy Of Capitalism Without Crises

Above photo: Sarayut Thaneerat / Alamy. Governments, companies and sometimes entire sectors are increasingly proposing to use carbon offsets in response to the deepening climate crisis. In theory, offsetting allows organisations to compensate for their own emissions by paying towards low-carbon projects elsewhere, but the practice has been mired in scientific problems and scandals, and it has been […]

‘Hard to see the path out’: Cuomo besieged as crises grow

New allegations arrived this week from a former aide, Lindsey Boylan, who says Cuomo kissed her without her consent, suggested a game of strip poker while on a business trip and made other inappropriate comments. As the governor scrambled to deal with the fallout from that scandal, one of his top cabinet members was in […]

The 2020s Bring The Crises We Face Into Clear Focus

The year 2020 is coming to an end, and that is cause for celebration, in COVID-19-safe ways of course. The 2020s is the beginning of an era in which the roots of the crises we face are coming into clear focus. The Trump administration openly exposed these crises through its candid disdain for the wellbeing […]

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