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Was Russian Missile Cruiser Carrying Nuclear Weapons When It Sank?

Russia’s Black Sea flagship which sank yesterday after an explosion on board may have been carrying nuclear warheads, analysts and experts have warned today, as a Russian politician said more than 400 sailors could have gone down with the ship

World’s potentially biggest telescope discovers 13,000 new galaxies at 25% capacity

“Based on the results being shown today, we are confident that after all 64 dishes are in place, MeerKAT will be the world’s leading telescope of its kind,” said Professor Justin Jonas, Chief Technologist at the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project, which manages MeerKAT. SKA is an international effort to build the world’s largest and […]

Cow heads hang on Xmas trees in Kiev as protesters descend on parliament (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The trees with severed heads, erected right in front of the Verkhovna Rada building, were meant to be a grim symbol of people’s discontent with the current government and of the overall decline in agriculture. Demonstrators wearing T-shirts and jackets with the Rural Party’s logo took to the streets carrying placards that read: “No to […]

Armed robbery escalates to hostage situation in N. France

French media said the incident was a “bank robbery gone wrong,” with the assailants taking hostages in the bank manager’s home at around 7:00pm local time. The hostage situation developed further at around 9:00pm local time with exchanges of fire taking place with RAID, France’s primary national counter-terrorism unit. By 10:30pm police said that the […]

Russian Defense Ministry Video Proves Su-24 Never Entered Turkish Airspace – Veterans Today

Cop Lied About Cruiser Getting Shot At – He Wrecked, Shot Car Himself

A Millis, Massachusetts police officer has been proved a liar after investigators say he “fabricated” a story about his cruiser being fired upon and catching on fire to hide the fact that he wrecked. Wednesday, news broke that a man driving a maroon pickup truck fired at a still unidentified officer on Forest Road who […]

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