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World’s First Japanese Robot Enrolls At High School

Japan have unveiled the world’s first high school robot named Pepper. The robot is disturbingly considered legally enrolled at a Japanese high school, and marks the first time a humanoid robot will study alongside human students.  In a bizarre interview, Pepper told newspaper TASS, “I never thought that I would be accepted into a human school,” […]


Rachel Weisz on why Hollywood Jews prefer blondes ed note–we shortened the piece here to the relevant points, which are as follows– Jews Boast of Owning Hollywood Then Slam Gentiles Who Say the Same – Chutzpah ! 1. The Jewish actress, being interviewed by a Jewish journalist, utters the unutterable–that Jews run Hollywood, that they change their […]

Treasonous collaboration of Syrian opposition with Tel Aviv

Alwaght- For 68 years, the Arab and Islamic worlds have taken an anti-Israeli stance considering its illegitimate occupation of Palestine. The Arab-Israeli conflict had always been marked with resilience until some Arab regimes began dealing with Tel Aviv on the sly to fulfil geopolitical aims. When the war in Syria broke out, the armed opposition […]

Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 5 – Dear Muslims, the Jews will use the Imam Mahdi to destroy you (+ the Mahdi’s true agenda 2)

Behold two Jews pretending to be Christians who are talking about the Muslim Messiah, the Imam Mahdi… …Link According to the script the Cabalist Jews have written, the Imam Mahdi will be unveiled at roughly the same time Putin is declared the Mashiach/Christ (so around this September). And since it is the Jews and their […]

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