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Netflix’s ‘Cuties’: It’s Not The First Attempt By Hollywood To Normalize Pedophilia

After studying and exposing the agendas of establishment elites for the past 14 years, I can say with some authority that by watching these people you quickly begin to understand the reality of evil. Anyone who dismisses the concept of evil as nothing more than a “social construct” or a matter of “perception” is suffering […]

Pedo Movie ‘Cuties’ Produced Under the Influence of “BIG MIKE”

By Shane TrejoBig League Politics Netflix is under fire for distributing the pro-pedo flick “Cuties” over its streaming video service. The movie “Cuties” is about an 11-year-old girl who discovers her sexuality while twerking. “Cuties” has been described by its apologists as a triumph of diversity and womanhood. It should come as no surprise that […]

Center on Sexual Exploitation Speaks Out on ‘Cuties’: Netflix Should Have Scenes Cut or Stop Hosting Film

WASHINGTON — The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which seeks to expose “the links between all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation,” has released a statement calling for Netflix to either cut “particularly sexually-exploitative scenes” from the controversial film “Cuties” — which the director claims was meant to shed light on the dangers of sexualizing young girls […]

Cuties Won Award at Sundance in 2019, Same Year Sundance’s Co-Founder Was Convicted of Sex Abuse of 7 Year Old Girl

The mainstream media is trying desperately to convince the public that Cuties is actually a great piece of art and that anyone who opposes it is just a right-wing extremist. One of the ways the jewish media tries to argue the artistic merits of Cuties is by mentioning that the film filth was shown at […]

US Lawmakers Concerned Over Netflix Airing of ‘Cuties’ Movie That Addresses Sexualization of Girls by Depicting Child Sensuality

A French-made film available on Netflix that is said to be a dramatized “commentary” about how social media and societal role models wrongly influence young girls to sexualize themselves is generating outrage, including from Congress, as its content counteracts its purpose by utilizing 11-year-old female actors who “perform dances simulating sexual conduct in revealing clothing.” […]

The Netflix Cuties Debacle

Netflix’s “Cuties” child porn debacle continues to escalate. Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Mike Lee have called on the DOJ to investigate Netflix over the blatant celebration of child pornography. Democrat outcast Tulsi Gabbard said “@netflix child porn “Cuties” will certainly whet the appetite of pedophiles & help fuel the child sex trafficking trade. […]

jew Defends Cuties: It’s “Not Bad” at Getting Him Sexually Aroused by “Hot” 11 Year Olds

This jew really is honest how he feels about the film, and his own pedo “preferences”. He says thousands of people are probably masturbating to the film, which he really likes, since it features “hot” 11 year olds, and he especially likes the blonde one. When people wonder why the Germans embraced the NSDAP, just […]

Republicans Call On DOJ to Investigate Netflix Over ‘Cuties’ Film

    Truth be told if the politicians find this movie to be illegal (and it should probably be seen as such after all even Facebook and Twitter AI automatically censors posts with Cuties screenshots as “sensitive content”) it is not enough for Netflix to simply delete the movie and pretend it never existed. No […]

Review of Stomach-Turning Scenes from Cuties (No Videos or Images)

I am certainly not going to watch this movie to review it for you all, so this review from Reddit will have to suffice. From what I hear, the “dance” scenes are like Cardi B’s W.A.P., but with little girls. So I just watched “Cuties” to see for myself what its all about. Truly what […]

Nolte: 88% of Elite Film Critics Love ‘Cuties’ Compared to 3% of Audience

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Netflix “Cuties” Enables Predators

Apparently “Cuties” is like W.A.P. with children, and yet almost all major media outlets are defending the filth and attacking those of us who are “uncomfortable” with “childhood sexuality.” [embedded content] 00

New Netflix Film ‘Cuties’ is a Pedophile’s Wet Dream

The depraved scumbag jews at Netflix are now openly producing pedophilic content. Washington Times: Netflix, in a new series called “Cuties,” is blatantly sexualizing little girls. And tens of thousands have already signed a petition demanding the show’s removal from public streaming. But how could such a horrifying show make it past the pitch room […]

Movie Industry Continues To Feed Pedophiles With French Film “Cuties”

It must be just a “coincidence” that a a French film, Cuties, directed by a “French” woman of Senegalese parentage, featuring a group of twerking 11-year-old girls, is set to premiere on Netflix Sepetember 9, 2020. The movie industry just can’t get enough of pushing pedophilia and, of course, by the numbers and with the […]

Netflix to Release ‘Cuties’ Movie About Sexualized 11 Year Olds Twerking – For ‘Mature Audiences’

Back in 2018 Netflix was in some hot water for streaming what should be considered child pornography. The DOJ supposedly even launched an investigation about the lewd scene involving very young girls. The scene is from a movie titled “Desearas” – or “Desire,” in English. In it, two young girls who look to be about […]

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