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Five dead, hundreds injured as Myanmar bears the brunt of Cyclone Mocha

At least five people have been killed and hundreds injured after Cyclone Mocha swept into Myanmar on Sunday. The tropical storm also hit Bangladesh, but spared the world’s largest refugee camp. Source

California Residents Face Tragedy and Power Outages in Wake of Brutal Bomb Cyclone

Officials in California have reported at least five storm-related deaths while thousands are still without power after a bomb cyclone hit the San Francisco Bay area on Tuesday, March 21, bringing with it heavy rains, winds of up to 90 mph, and at least one tornado. One person was killed in Walnut Creek, a city in Contra […]

WATCH: Tropical Cyclone Freddy devastates Malawi

Tropical Cyclone Freddy has devastated southern Africa, killing at least 219 people in Malawi and Mozambique since Saturday night. It is expected to batter the countries with heavy rain until Wednesday night. Source

The truth about Cyclone Gabrielle: 100s are still missing according to folk on the ground in affected communities (@ 10/3/23)

“…if you talk to the community in general the picture’s a lot different…. we’re speaking to communities that say there’s still hundreds missing” We’re visiting this subject again with a recently released video at YT by The Felon Show that takes you into the flood affected area of the Esk Valley showing you close up, […]

Watch: New Zealand’s North Island braces for Cyclone Gabrielle

High winds and rain in Northland, New Zealand, as Cyclone Gabrielle is forecast to envelop the upper half of the North Island over a 48-hour period from Sunday evening, two weeks after parts of the same region experienced devastating flooding. Source

Tracking the cyclone NZ WeatherWatch dubs ‘one of the most serious this century’ (Includes Updates)

UPDATE: 6:26pm Saturday 11/2: The Mighty Geoengineers To Devastate NZ Again Keeping an eye out following the earlier post on the forecast cyclone ‘Gabrielle’. (Mainstream article here also). Tracking from a different perspective to MS ‘News’. Some of us have noticed MSM is not reporting truth these days. (Did they ever?) You won’t find this […]

Robert Deutsch: Tropical Cyclone To Hit Auckland, Earthquake risk increased for Australasia

As many of us would have suspected ….do watch the video and commentary on forthcoming NZ events. Disturbing indeed… EWR NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND CHEMTRAILS WATCH Robert Deutsch reports on 9 Feb 2023 that beams of electromagnetic radiation and atmospheric aerosols are being used to steer a fast moving cyclone towards Auckland. It will hit early […]

‘Bomb Cyclone’ Exposed as Engineered Scam To Roll Out ‘Climate Lockdowns’

Winter Storm Elliot has battered North America over the holiday season and the Biden administration responded by saying that the Elliot “bomb cyclone” ends discussion on the question of man-made climate change. But does it […] The post ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Exposed as Engineered Scam To Roll Out ‘Climate Lockdowns’ appeared first on News Punch. Source

Covid, cyclone and tensions with China devastate Konkan fishermen

Konkan fishermen on the beach.Credits: Maharashtra State Fishermen Sangharsh Samiti. Fishermen on the Maharashtra’s Konkan coast are set to lose their earnings for a second consecutive year due to the global Covid pandemic. The repeated lockdowns since early 2020 have inflicted heavy losses on them due to lack of transport and plummeting prices for their […]

Bomb Cyclone infused with the Violet Flame of Creation

» Bomb Cyclone infused with the Violet Flame of CreationYesterday at 7:11 pm by Consciousness Of Economic » Nevada Unemployment has Embezzled Benefits from the Third Stimulus: Which made me Homeless since MAY. Yesterday at 7:08 pm by Consciousness Of Economic » Oldest known drawing of a ghost discoveredYesterday at 2:26 pm by PurpleSkyz » The US delays approval of Moderna vaccine […]

Operation Cyclone comes full circle – Western media ignores the CIA’s role in the rise of the Taliban

Since last Monday, the international media has focused on one story that has managed to knock Covid from the headlines; the capture of the Afghan capital Kabul by Taliban forces and the subsequent exile of President Ashraf Ghani to the UAE, following a US-Taliban authored withdrawal agreement due to be fully implemented by the end […]

Citizens rushed to shelters as India braces for Cyclone Yaas

A powerful cyclone headed for eastern India Tuesday, forcing the evacuation of nearly two million people just a week after another huge storm claimed at least 155 lives on the west coast. Cyclone Yaas in the Bay of Bengal is expected to slam into West Bengal and Odisha states around midday on Wednesday, the India […]

Cyclone Tauktae hits India western coats

A powerful hurricane moved in the Arabian Sea toward the western coast of India on Monday. Indian authorities have tried to evacuate hundreds of thousands, and have suspended vaccinations to counter the Coronavirus in one state. A statement issued by the Indian Meteorological Department said that Typhoon Taukta, which has already killed six people in […]

Cyclone Yasa: Fiji orders entire population to take shelter as devastating typhoon makes landfall

The Fiji government on Thursday declared a nationwide curfew and ordered residents to take shelter as “super storm” Yasa made landfall as a category 4 cyclone, unleashing hurricane-force winds, widespread rains and giant waves.   According to Fiji’s meteorological  department, Yasa made landfall over the province of Bua around 6 pm local time, two hours […]

Heavy rainfall from Tropical Cyclone Fakir over Réunion and Mauritius, 2 killed by landslide – 15 inches of rain in 24 hours

     Tropical Cyclone ‘Fakir’ formed on 23 April, 2018, over the south-western Indian Ocean, north-northeast of Madagascar, and started moving towards Réunion (France) and Mauritius, where cyclone warnings were issued. Mauritius In Mauritius, the storm brought winds of 112 km/h, heavy rainfall and high waves of up to 5 metres on 24 April. Over 100 […]

More floods in Queensland, Australia after torrential rain from ex Cyclone Nora – 2 feet in 24 hours recorded

     Torrential rainfall from ex Tropical Cyclone Nora in northern Queensland, Australia caused rivers to reach some of the highest levels seen in almost 20 years. Emergency services were called on to rescue over 40 people from the flooding. This is the fifth serious flood event in the state in the last few weeks. Port […]

“Bomb Cyclone” Set To Detonate Off The East Coast Amid Record Freezing Temps

“This storm developing off the Southeast coast will meet the meteorological criteria of a “bomb” as it rapidly intensifies. The signal for a storm has been evident since last week, but as the track has been fine-tuned, impacts to the I-95 corridor are now expected. Snow, strong winds, and very cold temperatures are expected particularly […]

Sott Exclusive: ‘Cone of silence’ over Fort McMurray following devastating wildfire – ANYONE going to ruined city must sign non-disclosure agreement

     One of the largest wildfires ever observed in Canada, the area burned by the Fort McMurray wildfire in Alberta, aka ‘The Beast’, currently stands at over half a million hectares, has spread to neighboring Saskatchewan, and may not stop burning ‘for months’. Canada has seen bigger wildfires, but nothing like this has ever affected […]

Giant oarfish emerges after being woken by earthquake off Taiwan

     A monster sea creature has surfaced from beneath the deep after being disturbed by earthquake tremors. This giant oarfish measures a massive five metres (16ft) long – almost three times to height of the fisherman who landed the catch. And the so-called “earthquake fish” is freaking locals out after emerging just two hours after […]

Signs and Portents: Rare two-headed python hatched in Wodonga, Australia

     Snakes are creepy enough, but a python that hatched with two heads is taking the Internet by storm. The baby snake is only a week old, born last Saturday. Owner John McNamara, who is an Australian snake breeder, thought he just had twins, but it was more. From the tail to the neck, the […]

U.S. Air Force Removes B-one Bombers From ISIS Campaign

B-1B Lancer bombers covering operations in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State/ISIS are to return to the U.S. for scheduled cockpit upgrades, according to the USAF Central Command. Russia Today reports: With the B-1 taking a back seat, the campaign may lose a “little flexibility,” but the USAF has plenty of other aircraft to […]

Bush fire blazes near New Jersey oil refinery

     A brush-fire nearing a Sunoco oil refinery in West Deptford Township, New Jersey has already covered 25 acres. The fire, which began at about 9:00 pm Friday remains at “one alarm,” meaning a small unit of firefighters have been dispatched, though a local NBC station reports backup has been called. Officials are saying there […]

Investigation reveals broken system that allows cops accused of sexual abuse to jump from job to job

     A “tattered network” of laws has allowed law enforcement officers accused of sexual abuse to hop from job to job, according to an AP investigation. Some of the officers were accused of additional misdeeds – including rape – after moving to new positions. AP found about 1,000 law enforcement officers who had lost their […]

Israeli Minister Says Stray Cats Should Be Deported!

An Israeli cabinet minister has sparked outrage and mockery after suggesting that the thousands of stray cats that walk the streets of Israel should be transferred to another country. In a letter to the environmental protection minister,  the agriculture Minister Uri Ariel,  offered to take the budget issued for the spaying and neutering of stray animals […]

New Species Of Coywolf Explode Across North America

A new hybrid of wolf and coyote called the coywolf or the eastern coyote have increased in population numbers in eastern U.S.A. This is one of the great success stories of interspecies animal breeding as the coyote-wolf hybrid ‘coywolf’ can now count its numbers in the millions. The Independent reports: This new animal, which has […]

New Species Of Coywolf Explode Across North America

A new hybrid of wolf and coyote called the coywolf or the eastern coyote have increased in population numbers in eastern U.S.A. This is one of the great success stories of interspecies animal breeding as the coyote-wolf hybrid ‘coywolf’ can now count its numbers in the millions. The Independent reports: This new animal, which has […]

Saddam-style: ISIS oil exports worth $500m a year ‘conducted through Turkey’

“It’s a question of priorities. They have never allocated enough resources to do so. Other goals and missions have been rated as having more urgent calls on intelligence and tactical resources,” John Kiriakou, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) counterterrorism officer and US Senate Foreign Relations Committee senior investigator, told Sputnik. He said Islamic State’s […]

Some like it hot: Moth and butterfly species respond differently to climate change

Morpho didius – Museum specimen. Credit: Wikipedia New research led by ecologists at the University of York shows that certain species of moths and butterflies are becoming more common, and others rarer, as species differ in how they respond to climate change. Collaborating with the Natural Environment Research Council’s Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, the […]

Spirals in dust around young stars may betray presence of massive planets

A computer model reproduces the two-spiral-arm structure; the “x” is the location of a putative planet. The planet, which cannot be seen directly, probably excites the two spiral arms. Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, M. Benisty et al. (University of Grenoble), R. Dong (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), and Z. Zhu (Princeton University) A team of astronomers […]

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