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The MKUltra Genocide: Dr. Hubertus Strughold, Nazi Torture Scientist at Dachau Worked At UVM Conducting Torture Research For the Air Force & Murdered THOUSANDS-Records in This Book

by Admin · Published January 12, 2022 · Updated January 13, 2022 Page 225 of This Book Which the CIA and Dept. of Defense ARDENTLY want to cover up. Furthermore the Notorious Dr. Strughold is personally responsible for not only THOUSANDS of Deaths in Nazi Germany But Thousands more Deaths HERE. Page 238 Mentions Hormone […]

‘Saint’ Brandsma Of Dachau — How Human Medical Experimentation Conducted By U.S. Was Revealed At Nuremberg

(Vatican News) This week the Vatican announced its intention to confer sainthood on Titus Brandsma, a Dutch priest who was arrested in 1942 by German occupation forces in the Netherlands for urging Catholic newspapers to refuse to publish “Nazi propaganda.” The Germans offered Brandsma the opportunity to live a quiet life in a monastery if […]

Two Diaries From Dachau: A Wartime Communist and Post-War German

Two Times Dachau A Review by Ingrid Weckert Published: 2004-08-01 The following article appeared first in 1997 in the German language in issue no. 2 of the small Berlin periodical Sleipnir. As a result of this and similar contributions, that particular edition of Sleipnir was confiscated and burned by the County Court of Berlin-Tiergarten.[1] The […]

The Dachau Gas Chamber Myth and Mass Killing of German Prisoners

The Dachau Gas Chamber Myth Suppressed History on Fiftieth Anniversary of Camp’s Liberation By John Cobden Published: 1995-03-01 One of the most prominent camps featured in the early years of the “Holocaust extermination campaign” was Dachau. Jewish stories abounded about the many thousands who were exterminated there in gas chambers. Members of a judeo-US congressional committee stood […]

Professional Witnesses, jewish Malfeasance and the Innocent in Dachau

Innocent in Dachau The Trial and Punishment of Franz Kofler et al. By Joseph Halow Published: 1989-12-01 An unusual set of circumstances, over which I had only limited control, and timing, over which I had no control whatsoever, determined the course of my military career and led me to work as a court reporter at Dachau for […]

Ashes Said to Be of Nazi Victims at Dachau Buried in South Carolina Jewish Cemetery

The ashes being buried, at Arcadia Lakes Cemetery, in Columbia, South Carolina, Dec. 6, 2020. Photo: Allen Wallace. Ashes said to be of Nazi victims who perished at the Dachau concentration camp were buried during a ceremony held on Sunday at a Jewish cemetery in South Carolina. The ashes — contained in a small box […]

Reexamining the “Gas Chamber” of Dachau

Reexamining the “Gas Chamber” of Dachau Of the Dachau crematorium called “Barrack X,” one can read the following on the Web site of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum: “There is no credible evidence that the gas chamber in Barrack X was used to murder human beings.”[1] A strange situation indeed, given that the facility, built in […]

Israeli, German jets to make 1st joint flyover at Dachau, Munich Olympics site

BERLIN (JTA) — Israeli and German military planes will perform a joint flyover in Germany for the first time ever. The Aug. 18 flight will pass over the site of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics and skirt the edge of the city of Dachau, where the Nazis established their first […]

And Now: “Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Join The Fight To Stop Zika Virus”

And Now: “Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Join The Fight To Stop Zika Virus” January 28th, 2016 Here’s what happened in Brazil, where Oxitec has been conducting massive experiments with genetically modified mosquitoes. The chart below is from, Zika Virus, Explained in 6 Charts and Maps: […]

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