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Video: Baby Show ‘CoComelon’ Features Drag Tot Dancing for His 2 ‘Dads’ – Show Tied to Disney, Playboy, CCP

Last Updated on December 21, 2023 Netflix’s Disney-tied baby show “CoComelon Lane” has gone viral for pedophilia and gay grooming after viewers noticed that the program, which is marketed to children as young as birth, features a tot dressed in drag and dancing for his two gay “dads” as rainbow colors float through the background. […]

10 Young Indians Die of Heart Attacks Dancing in 24 Hours, US Officially Unexplained Deaths in 2022 Over 400,000

Media and governments’ blackout of deliberate vaccine slow genocide continues. Via India TV: “10 deaths in 24 hours while performing Garba! Can dancing trigger heart attack?” “Navratri celebrations took a tragic turn for families in Gujarat as 10 people including a 13-year-old died of a reported heart attack in 24 hours while playing Garba in […]

Remember the annoying dancing COVID-19 nurses on TikTok? They’ve moved on to dancing against yet another hoax: GLOBAL WARMING

(NaturalNews) Now that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is over, all those bored doctors and nurses who staged mimed dancing routines and other cringe-worthy… Source

Eye Dancing and India’s Ancient Art of Kathakali (Video)

Kathakali, the captivating traditional Indian dance originating from Kerala, unveils a mesmerizing world where stories from Hindu epics come alive. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia Videos History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Dancing Shirtless Man Pumping Gas in New York Stabbed to Death by Offended Muslim (VIDEO)

Dancing Shirtless Man Pumping Gas in New York Stabbed to Death by Offended Muslim (VIDEO) Source

Dancing with the Stars 2023: Mary Coustas and Olympians Among the Most Competitive Line-up Ever

Mary Coustas, Sally Pearson, and James Magnussen, all well-known figures in the world of Australian sport and entertainment, have signed up to take part in the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. The show’s producers have described this season’s lineup as the most competitive ever, with a range of famous names from various fields… […]

Dancing ‘TikTok Nurse’ Goes Next Level, This Might Just Be The Most Insane One To Date [VIDEO]

by Zach Heilman For over two years, Americans have been constantly bombarded with COVID-19 hysteria from the Democrats and Biden administration. Without waiting for the science, the Biden administration moved ahead with lockdowns, mask mandates, and the COVID-19 so-called miracle drug. And between all the constant agendas, the liberal media pumped figures, data, and Dr. […]


Iv’e always maintained something was not illegal until they caught you doing it! When I went into the military most folks knew me thought I would never make it cause I pretty much had always done what I wanted and told the truth no matter who it pissed off, no matter their station in life. […]

The Truth About Biden’s Dancing Nurses Is the Darkest Story You’ll Hear This Christmas

If you’ve popped onto social media this Christmastime, you’ve probably noticed a widely-shared video of some very cheerful nurses singing at a White House Christmas celebration in a video that is bound to be either tremendously heartwarming or cringeworthy, depending on the viewer. The performance, which had been viewed over 6.8 million times as of […]

Can A Singing, Dancing Rebellion Save The World?

Above Photo: Radio Habana Cuba The climate movement in the streets of Glasgow is informed by the recognition that the science is clear and the solutions to the climate crisis are readily available. It is only political will that is lacking. COP Twenty-six! That is how many times the UN has assembled world leaders to […]

COP 26: Can a Singing, Dancing Rebellion Save the World?

by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies Greta Thunberg leads protests in Italy ahead of COP26. Credit: Radio Habana Cuba COP Twenty-six! That is how many times the UN has assembled world leaders to try to tackle the climate crisis. But the United States is producing more oil and natural gas than ever; the […]

Kids Dancing and Having a Good Time

These kids are loving it! They’ve got great rhythm, great moves, and sass! Loving their smiles! What a joy to watch! Source

The spread of the MODI virus – dancing the `Tandava Nritya’

While we are all worried about the spread of new variants of COVID-19 (whether we describe them as Delta or by some other name) all over the world, we tend to ignore the invasion of Indian society by another variant of COVID -19 which may be described as the MODI virus. It is a pandemic […]

Dancing Maidens or Cursed Brothers? The Nine Maidens Stone Circle

The Nine Maidens Stone Circle lies near the village of Belstone in Devon, England. In spite of its name, the site actually has a total of 17 stones. Based on our understanding today, the stone circle was probably part of a Bronze Age burial site. In the past, however, before the function of the monument […]

Watch: Another Video Of Future Killer Robot Dogs Dancing

A team of researchers in Japan has succeeded in using a compound found in soybeans similar in effect to female hormones to turn male catfish into females. “The team, from Kindai University’s Aquaculture Research Institute and based at the institute’s Shingu Station in Shingu, Wakayama Prefecture, used isoflavone — a compound found in soybeans similar […]

8,000-Year-Old Elk Teeth “Dancing Rattlers” Are Recreated

Imagine this: 8,000-years-ago ancient hunters ritualistically danced wearing rattling elk teeth to enhance their hypnotic states of consciousness. Now, a Finish researcher has recreated an ancient elk tooth rattle and danced while wearing it for six hours, thereby accessing the soundscape of the ancient world. The researcher recreated the 8,000-year-old ritual clothing and after a […]

Today I saw Syrians dancing and celebrating life, and a return to peace – but, of course, the Western media won’t report that

May 28, 2021  Eva Bartlett Celebrations for the Syrian presidential elections in Douma, eastern Ghouta, Syria, May 26, 2021 © Eva Bartlett 26 May, 2021, -by Eva K Bartlett Although the West has waged 10 years of war on Syria, and there is much destruction, the entire country isn’t in ruins and the pulse of […]

Dancing Figurine from Ancient India Travelled Silk Road To Siberia!

During excavations along the shore of the Ob River near Novosibirsk in southwestern Siberia, a tiny, sculpted object was unearthed that has archaeologists and historians puzzled. The object was a four-inch (10-centimeter)  bronze humanlike dancing figurine , which was sculpted in a way that seems to portray an individual in movement. This unusual Siberian-Indian dancing […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Dancing in the Streets

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Music video on Iranian app with U.S. porn actress dancing spurs probe

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