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UN official in Tehran underlines Iran’s peacemaking role in int’l community

Tehran, July 18, IRNA – Head of the UN Information Center in Tehran Maria Dotsenko said on Monday that Iran is well-known for its peacemaking role in the international community. She made the remarks on the sidelines of a photo exhibition in Tehran. Dotsenko told IRNA that initiative of President Hassan Rouhani on World Against […]

Expansion of NATO and its missile defense system pose a common threat to Iran and Russia

In the first take, continuation of Russophobic policy of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and intensification of its policy to contain Russia can be considered as the main results of the recent summit meeting of NATO in the Polish capital city of Warsaw and an outcome of the decision made by its members to […]

Gary Johnson Reaches All-Time Polling High of 13% on Eve of GOP Convention

Three national presidential polls came out over the weekend, and all three contain historically good news for Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson. A four-candidate CNN/ORC survey conducted July 13-16 delivered the highest number Johnson has ever received in national poll: 13 percent (compared to Hillary Clinton’s 42 percent, Donald Trump’s 37, […]

Trump picks neocon Pence as running mate: Zio-Watch, July 14, 2016

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former chief of staff Ari Harow was detained by police at Ben Gurion Airport Thursday morning and taken in for questioning, reportedly in connection with a corruption investigation against the prime minister. In December, he was questioned by police under caution for a “range” of offenses he was suspected to have […]

Commander: Radar capable to discover micro flying object installs in Northern Khorasan

Bojnourd, Northern Khorasan Province, July 14, IRNA – Commander of Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmaeili said that the latest achievement in air defense is installation of a radar with capability to discover micro flying object in Northern Khorasan province soon.  He told reporters here on Thursday that the radar is capable […]

Iran condemns terrorist attack in France’s Nice

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi released a statement on Friday, expressing deep regret for the incident. “As we have mentioned several times, terrorism is an ominous phenomenon that will be eradicated only with international cooperation and consensus,” he stressed. Qassemi underlined that any “negligence or double standards” on battling terrorism is condemned and will be […]

Send Our War Criminals to the Hague Court

US pledges to uphold Iran nuclear deal on 1-year anniversary – Obama

US President Barack Obama said that the United States and its partners will continue to uphold commitments as long as Iran continues to abide by the nuclear deal. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — US pledge to continue upholding its obligations of the Iran nuclear agreement signed one year ago if the Islamist nation does likewise, President Barack Obama said in a […]

US says bans removal benefited Iran

The United States says Iran’s economy has benefited from the removal of the sanctions that was been in place for several years before they were eventually lifted in January.  US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has announced in a statement that the removal of the sanctions has enabled Iran to “drastically” increase its oil exports and […]

Bernie Sanders and the Clintonite Neoliberal Consensus: The End of a Campaign

Photographer infiltrates eerie Fukushima exclusion zone, takes haunting pics

The Malaysian photographer said that he didn’t have the time or money to obtain a permit to visit the 30 kilometer exclusion zone set up in the wake of the 2011 tsunami and earthquake that caused multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns – so he simply parked his car and walked straight across the Red Zone immediately […]

Baeedinejad: US ban on aircraft sale violation of JCPOA

TEHRAN, Jul. 13 (MNA) – A senior official of Foreign Ministry and member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team said Iran will not give up to anything but the full implementation of JCPOA.The US refraining from selling airplanes to Iran, violates JCPOA and Iran will deal with the issue accordingly, Hamid Baeedinejad said while speaking to […]

Sanders “Berned” Voters, Endorsed Hillary Clinton

nsnbc : Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie “feel the Bern” Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton as presidential candidate after conceding defeat. Both Sanders and Clinton stressed that the party had gotten together and stands stronger on a united platform. Sanders conceded defeat, joining Clinton in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Sanders said “Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nominating […]

Democracy and the Future of the United States

Photos: Iraqi political party leader Ammar al-Hakim visits Qom

Rumors confirmed about death of MKO leader, Massoud Rajavi TEHRAN (FNA)- Rumors were confirmed on Saturday about the death of ringleader of Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK,… Source Article from

Police shootings: Yes, they are about race

     “Why do you always have to make it about race?” “Because it IS about race.” This is a common, growing conversation in the United States. “Race and class are unfortunate, yet inextricable factors—for us, for the police and for the dead man,” wrote Goldie Taylor, referring to Alton Sterling in her article for the […]

N. Korea test-fires submarine-launched ballistic missile – report

The missile was fired from waters southeast of the coastal port city of Sinpo, South Hamgyong Province, at about 11:30 am Seoul time (0230 GMT), Yonhap reported citing South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). “The SLBM was ejected from the submarine normally, but is estimated the initial flight was unsuccessful,” the JCS said in a brief […]

Lockheed Martin says not looking into Iran

Global aerospace giant Lockheed Martin Corp says it will not look to capitalize on the Iranian market thus rejecting earlier reports that it was exploring the possibility of supplying the country with helicopters. “Consistent with US Government policy, Lockheed Martin is not pursuing business opportunities in Iran,” the company has announced in a brief statement. […]

Iranian researcher receives Legion of Honor

François Sénémaud granted the Legion of Honor to Iranian researcher and associate member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature during a ceremony at the French Embassy on Thursday. At the beginning of the ceremony, Sénémaud spoke of the scientific status of Dr. Jaleh Amouzgar who is a world-class researcher and a university professor […]

Cinema artists head to France

Tehran, July 5, IRNA – Managing Director of Khaneh Cinema (Cinema House), Reza Mirkarimi, Seifollah Samadian (photographer) and one of Abbas Kiarostami’s friends left Tehran for Paris on Tuesday. Iranian internationally acclaimed film director Abbas Kiarostami died in a Paris hospital on July 4. His body is to be transferred to Iran for burial ceremonies. […]

Iran releases 20 Pakistani fishermen

“The fishermen have reached home,” relatives of the released fishermen told Dawn news agency on Sunday. Iran’s forces handed over them to Pakistan’s Levies Force at the Taftan border crossing. Iranian Navy forces monitor all movements of foreign ships that can pass through the Persian Gulf round the clock. In line with international efforts to combat […]

Death toll in Baghdad ISIS bombings surpasses 130 (VIDEO)

Late on Saturday night, the suicide bomber drove the vehicle into a busy shopping intersection in the affluent Karrada district of the Iraqi capital. The holy month of Ramadan meant the street was busy with residents breaking their fast after nightfall, with many also gathered to watch the Euro 2016 football championship on public TV screens, […]

Mammonism, Brexit and The Rest of Us

Mammonism is a type of capitalism that is driven by financial transactions such as trade, banking and stock exchanges instead of by manufacturing. It is the exploitive capitalist agenda manipulated by the large financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and the financial speculators like Soros. Brexit was effectively a vote against mammonism, against the banksters in […]

Yemeni nation steadfast in supporting Palestinians: Houthi leader

Leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement Abdul-Malik al-Houthi has described the Yemeni nation’s support for Palestine and Palestinian resistance movements in the face of the Israeli regime’s aggression as “solid and unwavering.” Houthi said late on Thursday that the Yemenis wholeheartedly love their Palestinian brethren and praise the courageous stands of Palestinian resistance movements, which hail from […]

‘Go ahead & kill’ drug addicts, Philippines president says

Duterte, who said during his campaign that some 100,000 criminals would die in his crackdown, their bodies dumped in Manila Bay, has been conspicuously deaf to criticism that he was promoting a “culture of death” in his native country. After taking his oath inside the Malacanang presidential palace, Duterte, 71, continued his defiance and threats […]

On the pursuit of real information: Michael Best

Lars Schall (LS) : Lars Schall talked with Michael Best, the publisher of the new research web site „Glomar Disclosure“, about his current efforts to make important information publicly available. Lars Schall: Tell us first a bit about your background related to your education and training, please. What has influenced you and what professional path […]

Austrian far-right figure warns of ‘Auxit’ vote within a year

The European Union should avoid any moves towards political “centralization” or else Austria could hold a referendum on membership of the bloc within a year, a far-right candidate who almost won the country’s presidential election said. Norbert Hofer of the anti-immigration Freedom Party narrowly failed to become the European Union’s first far-right head of state […]

Three Substitutes for Logic

Jon Rappoport, GuestWaking Times Since logic is no longer taught as a required subject in schools, the door is open to all sorts of bizarre reactions to the presence of information. Here are three favorites: One: grab the headline or the title of an article, make up your mind about how you […]

Turkey’s Scholars Call Erdogan’s Presidency Fraud

Turkey’s Scholars Call Erdogan’s Presidency Fraud (I) One of the Constitutional requirements to be able to serve as Turkey’s President is to have a college diploma, and Turkey’s association of professors have declared fake that of Turkey’s President, Tayyip Erdogan, which presents him as having graduated from «Marmara University». A statement published by them on June 8th described […]

Democrats try to bury Palestine in middle of the night

Rania Khalek Power Suits 27 June 2016 In the early morning hours of 25 June, while many Americans were asleep, Hillary Clinton allies on the Democratic Party’s platform drafting committee blocked a motion that called for an end to Israel’s military occupation and illegal settlement enterprise. The vote came after several grueling hours […]

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