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Debtors’ Unions: Indebtedness As A Source Of Collective Power

Above Photo: Terry Laban. With Nearly Three Out Of Four Households Carrying Some Kind Of Debt, Debtors’ Unions Are Reframing Indebtedness As A Shared Problem And A Source Of Collective Power. debt•ors’ un•ion noun 1. A group of people fighting for the renegotiation and cancellation of debts, and for universal public goods. So, like a labor union for debtors? […]

Watching The Hawks – Politics, Guns & Debtors Prison

Watching The Hawks – Politics, Guns & Debtors Prison Watching The A financial angle underpins the ongoing gun control debate. The ACLU uncovers an alarming trend of private businesses using the courts to arrest debtors. Entrepreneur and activist Derrick Hollie brings a private-sector approach to tackling issues facing the African American community. LIKE Watching […]

War on the Poor: Jeff Sessions Rescinds Legal Doc That Ended Debtors’ Prisons

By Rachel Blevins In addition to his “War on Cannabis,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently revealed that he is also in favor of a “War on Poverty,” when he rescinded a legal guidance document that was meant to end illegal debtors’ prisons. While debtors’ prisons are labeled as institutions to keep people from […]

10-19-15 — Tone Vays – Glenn Cripe; Adedeji Sunday Akintayo — (VIDEO LOADED)

Guests:  Glenn Cripe , Adedeji Akintay Topics:  Language of Liberty Hour 2 2015-10-19 Hour 2 Glenn Cripe, Adedeji AKINTAY from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo. Glenn Cripe  Co-Founder Language of Liberty Institute Webpage: LanguageofLiberty.Org Glenn brings Adedeji ‘Deji’ Akintay from Nigeria (African Operations Manager of the Freedom […]

Five Back to the Future ‘Big Brother’ Predictions that Came True

From: Which Orwellian technologies was the movie right about? In “Back to the Future Part II,” Marty McFly time travels to Oct. 21, 2015, which is today, so let’s examine five ‘big brother’ predictions the movie made which turned out to be true. Personal Drones Flying drones […]

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