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Hitler Speaks About Cultural Decay in Weimar Germany

Does this sound a bit like what we are facing today? The Decay of our culture,these mounds of contamination of our whole cultural life,the decomposition of our literature,the Poisoning of our theatres, of our movies,all the art is now falling for it. Millions of you do not participate any more.It does not appeal to them […]

“Mask Mouth” – Dentists Warn Gum Disease and Tooth Decay Have Increased 50% Since Ma sk Mandates Began

“Mask Mouth” – Dentists Warn Gum Disease and Tooth Decay Have Increased 50% Since Mask Mandates Began Tap News / Weaver In light of national and global mandates to wear masks indoors, dentists have discovered that patients returning for check-ups are experiencing a 50% increase in both gum disease and tooth decay. Dentists have termed […]

Moaven al-Molk Tekyeh to be shielded against moisture to avoid decay 

TEHRAN – A plan for groundwater disposal is being prepared for the Qajar-era (1789–1925) Moaven al-Molk Tekyeh in the western Kermanshah province to protect the historical structure against erosion.  The Tekyeh has always had a problem with moisture as it has been built in the path of groundwater, and this moisture has caused a lot […]

Change and decay: A time of transition

It’s the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere, a beautiful and refreshing space between the heady days of summer and the chill of winter, a transitional time. And collectively we are living through a time of global transition; a shift from one civilization, colored by certain influencing qualities, to a new time, growing out […]

Indicators For Measuring Injustice And Societal Decay

Economic indicators – data points, trends, and micro-categories – are the widgets of the big information industry. By contrast, indicators for our society’s democratic health are not similarly compiled, aggregated, and reported. Its up and down trends are presented piecemeal and lack quantitative precision. We can get the process started and lay the basis for […]

The Dissolution and Decay of Europe

If we continue to allow the judeo-masonic conspirators to get away with their plans, there will be no more “West” as there will be no more White people to bring the light of our culture. Source Article from 00

Natural Approaches to Reversing Tooth Decay

February 23rd, 2018 By Ty Bollinger Guest writer for Wake Up World They say the eyes are the window to the soul, perhaps the truest reflection of one’s innermost feelings and emotions, speaking volumes even when words don’t. But the eyes aren’t the only facial feature with an alluring story to tell. The mouth is likewise telling […]

The Evolution of Communism and the Decay of Western Civilization

Historically, Communism began with the Jewish social philosopher, Karl Marx, but demonstrably begins with the advent of the universal, collectivist teachings of Judeo-Christianity. Like Communists, Christians seek to spread themselves and their institutions up and over all the nations of the world, without regard for frontiers, borders, race, or culture. Christians insist that all the […]

Reverse Cavities and Heal Tooth Decay With These 5 Steps

Cavities are a type of tooth decay that occur when specific types of bacteria produce acid that destroys the tooth’s enamel as well as the underlying layer, the dentin. Many people believe that once tooth decay sets in, it’s impossible to reverse it, but the truth is, there are several ways to naturally reverse cavities. […]

Big Suprise: Russia May Retaliate Over NATO’s Romanian Missile Shield

ZeigerDaily Stormer May 28, 2016 Glorious leader of the east, a man of the arts. And not one known to cower back from a threat. Our wise leadership has recently made the move to build some NATO bases in Romania and Poland, stepping over Russia’s toes in a transparent act of aggression. At this point […]

White Genocide Wake Up Call

Youtube link Africa is for Africans, Asia is for Asians, but White countries are for EVERYONE!? Flooding All and ONLY white countries with non-whites and assimilating them into all aspects of out lives only gets rid of white children. Source Article from 00

Israel’s connection to the Rwanda genocide

     In 2006, Israel’s largest news site Ynet published a courageous article by nationalist Israeli writer Sever Plocker who admitted that “some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish.” Like Yuri Slezkine, Plocker admits that the Stalin death machine was operated by Jews such as Genrikh Yagoda and Lazar Kaganovich. In 1934, at the […]

‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"


CIA, Saudi Funding of Syria Al Qaeda Extremists Greater Than Previously Realized

Source Article from 00

URGENT ALERT — ‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"


To Shave, Or Not to Shave, That is the Question

As a child of the 70’s and 80’s, I can fondly recall gazing at the nude female form with unabashed admiration, especially the pubic region, which was typically unshaven, and thus appeared in many ‘forms’ depending upon ones genetic predisposition. In fact, I can recall old editions of Playboy and Penthouse and they almost […]

Belgium Tells Facebook to Stop Storing Personal Data From Non-Users

Belgium Tells Facebook to Stop Storing Personal Data From Non-Users November 9th, 2015 Via: Bloomberg: Facebook Inc. lost a fight with Belgium’s privacy watchdog after a court ordered it to stop storing personal data from people who don’t have an account with the social […]

Arabs in Canada

Editor’s note: In light of the recently-introduced Anti-terrorism Act (Bill C-51), and the upcoming Canadian federal election, an investigation into the history of the Arab community in Canada is necessary. The following article was originally published in November 2014. Introduction: The Beginning Exactly a century and a quarter ago, amid the numerous immigrants then pouring […]

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