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Resistance justified: Unmasking deceptive neutrality

January 28, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen English Genocide in occupied Palestine isn’t a mere mistake to correct; it’s an enduring Israeli policy, bolstered by its allies. The time has come to stand for justice. By Myriam Charabaty We have all heard the question “What do you think would be a proportionate response to what happened […]

Pfizer Sued for “False and Deceptive” COVID-19 Vaccine Claims

I, and others, have reported on the exaggerated claims made by vaccine manufacturers about the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines. In November 2020 for example, Pfizer published results in a press release claiming its mRNA vaccine was “95% effective against COVID-19.” The statistic was widely cited by politicians, academics, and the media. Several weeks later, when […]

Beware of the increasing number of highly deceptive infomercials like this one that stated categorically several times that everything would crash by the end of July 2023….. (Video)

…because they are all looking to grab your savings accounts, retirement funds and especially your discretionary investment capital. VIEW HERE:   Source

Deceptive Tactics: CNN Mislabels Robert Kennedy Jr. as a Republican in Chyron ‘Mistake’


SYRIZA: Mitsotakis’ policy can be described as deceptive and plunder

Spokesperson of the main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Nassos Iliopoulos, said on Thursday that “Prime Minister Mitsotakis’ policy can be described with two words: Deception and plundering.” While speaking to Thessaloniki radio station “Sto Kokkino”, he said that “Kyriakos Mitsotakis claimed that he is supporting the citizens with 10 percent for purchases, equal to the rate… […]

Corporate Australia a ‘deceptive’ site, really?

The claim is that the website address is deceptive in nature. The further claim is:  “because it may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing personal information like revealing passwords or credit cards.” That’s funny, as there are zero design elements that could carry out these tasks. There is no facility […]

Report to the President: The Psychotic and Deceptive jewish Manipulations of Elie Wiesel

From USHMM – On November 1, 1978, President Jimmy Carter established the President’s Commission on the Holocaust and charged it with the responsibility to submit a report “with respect to the establishment and maintenance of an appropriate memorial to those who perished in the holocaust.” The Commission, chaired by Elie Wiesel, consisted of 34 members […]

Deceptive Linguistic Structures in the jewish Phrase ‘The Holocaust’

Deceptive Linguistic Structures in the Phrase ‘The Holocaust’ Robert A. Hall, Jr. At present, the phrase the Holocaust is almost universally used to refer to various aspects of the situation in which jews “found” themselves under the National Socialist government from 1933 to 1945, in Germany and occupied territories. In this usage, there are several […]

Counting Covid’s Deceptive Deaths: Numbers Don’t Add Up!

A look at the unorthodox way in which Covid-19 deaths are registered shows the numbers don’t add up. by Bernard Marx Photo credit – Asian Delight, licensed via Adobe Stock Four-thousand, nine-hundred and forty one. And rising. This number can only increase or, at best, stay the same. It can never go down. Of all […]

Deceptive Language (Legalese) and the UN Corporation

From the Vatican to vaccines, the global corporation sees us as consumers and even as merchandise . Australia is a corporation run via Admiralty Law by the Rothschilds. [embedded content] Deceptive language rules the world. History of admiralty law.   Is a Proctor in Admiralty the same as a proctologist? [embedded content] Stay tuned to EFR […]

Massachusetts activists defeat "deceptive" anti-BDS measure

Nora Barrows-Friedman Activism and BDS Beat 13 February 2018 Graffiti on the Israeli-built separation wall dividing the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem promotes the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights, June 2014. Ryan Rodrick Beiler ActiveStills Activists in Massachusetts successfully pressured state lawmakers to stop a bill on 8 February that […]

The Las Vegas Massacre: The Media Narrative is Deceptive

Trump anti-Iran remarks false, deceptive: Senior cleric

IRNA – The anti-Iran claims by the US President were ‘false’, ‘deceptive’ and ‘an indication of his anger and empty mindedness’, Tehran interim Friday Prayers leader said. ‘The caustic, deceptive remarks with obvious lies in them’ were the signs of ‘anger, frustration and lunacy’, Kazem Seddiqi said, echoing Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s […]

COMMENTARY: There’s A War For Your Soul – Churches Are Being Infiltrated By ‘Deceptive Cults’

  Parachristo, the organization, being labeled as a cult, is a registered charity that runs Bible study courses at an anonymous industrial unit under a Botox clinic and a personal training company in London Docklands. The cult is linked to a controversial South Korean group known as Shinchonji (SCJ) – or the “New Heaven and […]

Jewish mentality: israel steals money of Palestinian workers

Israel steals money of Palestinian workers Although Israeli law equates Palestinian workers with Israeli workers, the Israeli authorities ignore the rights of the Palestinians, he said. Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip -Israeli treasury withheld NIS31bn ($8bn) from Palestinian workers in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Authority (PA) Working Minister Mamoun abu-Shahla […]

Note to Progressive Jews: The right of return is not the ‘i’m-doing-you-a-favor’ of return

Speaking as a “former Zionist” is no longer strange. In fact, it’s become quite common within some Jewish circles. Yeah, it goes, I used to be a Zionist—a socialist Zionist; a two state Zionist; a Zionist who believed in giving back the occupied territories from ‘67, etc., etc., etc. But a Zionist. Self-determination for both […]

This Horrifying Creature Is Called A Bobbit Worm… And It’s Your Worst Nightmare

Parents always assure their children that there aren’t any real monsters in the world so they can go back to sleep. But unfortunately, that just isn’t true. Lurking underneath the sand of the ocean floor is a particularly hellish and abominable creature known as the Bobbit worm. When you see what it does, you’ll never sleep […]

BREAKING: Corrupt Baltimore D.A. Just Got BAD News From Judge In Freddie Gray Case

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– It looks like State Attorney Marilyn Mosby, the #BlackLivesMatters supporting prosecutor just got some bad news in her witch hunt against the six Baltimore police officers involved in the case of Freddie Gray who died while in custody. Anyone that witnessed the events unfold knows that the only reason these charges […]

Academics both ‘pleased and concerned’ with Salaita settlement with University of Illinois

Yesterday a settlement was announced in Professor Steven Salaita’s lawsuit against the University of Illinois for violating his academic freedom and right to free speech when it rescinded a position at the University following Salaita’s criticism of Israel on social media. In the settlement Salaita will drop his lawsuits against the school and receive $875,000 while […]

Darkness Behind Deceptive Screen of India Shining

by Asif Haroon Raja   On one hand India claiming to be champions of democracy, secularism and human rights propagates that India is shining, on the other it suffers from highest rate of poverty, illiteracy, infant mortality, inequalities in society. There is unbounded poverty, mass illiteracy and entrenched social divides. Social system of India is […]

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