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SOUTH AFRICA RIOTS: A Destabilization Agenda for Global Control

By Helena Imagine fleeing, escaping South Africa in order to live in China? A video was just sent to me depicting the actual scenes and truth unfolding in South Africa …   it is beyond imaginable, it is beyond comprehension, it is far, far beyond Nazi Germany.  It is the unfolding of what is described as […]

Michel Chossudovsky Interview – Engineered Destabilization Of The Global Economy & The “Reimagining”

Joining us today is Michel Chossudovsky PhD, an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal, editor of Global Research. Michel is here today to discuss the many different ways in which the people of the world are being deceived […]

All Signs Point To Western-Backed Destabilization In Iran – U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia Implicated

January 9, 2018 By  Brandon Turbeville The signs that the protests in Iran are indeed a Western destabilization campaign are growing with each passing day. Regardless of whatever legitimacy these protests may have had at the beginning (agitation for greater freedoms and improved methods of handling the economy, etc.), they have now devolved […]

Death Toll Rises In Iran, Khamenei Blames “Enemies” As Signs Of Destabilization Campaign Become More Obvious

By Brandon Turbeville By now, it’s safe to say that the protests in Iran are, at the very least, being co-opted by Western powers in order to destabilize the Iranian government. Given the fact that the Trump administration and the Israeli government have recently agreed upon a plan to “counter” Iran’s influence in […]

The Kurds: Washington’s Weapon Of Mass Destabilization In The Middle East

Kurdish fighters from the People’s Protection Units, (Y.P.G), stand guard next to American armored vehicles at the Syria-Turkey border, Apri, 2017. (Youssef Rabie Youssef/EPA) SYRIA (Analysis)– PART I Historical accounts of the Kurds have been a subject of mystery and perplexity for years, and have been seldom discussed by major Western media outlets until recently. […]

PHILIPPINES: Washington is not Amused, Another CIA/ISIS Joint Destabilization Campaign Underway

ISIS flag being flown in Marawi. (Photo: Screenshot) William EngdahlJournal NEO The only word I find for it is cloddish. I refer to the latest CIA-instigated attempt to initiate regime change against outspoken Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The so-called ISIS terror attack in the minerals-rich southern Philippines island of Mindanao, a predominately Muslim part of […]

Selected Articles: US Foreign Policy = War Crimes, Destabilization and Regime Change


The Strategy Behind Washington’s Destabilization Of Venezuela

An anti-government protester wields a shotgun taken from security forces during clashes in Caracas, Venezuela, May 8, 2017. (AP/Ariana Cubillos) NEW YORK (Analysis)– The corporate media continues to churn out endless stories detailing repression, state violence and socioeconomic collapse in Venezuela. Conspicuously absent from their stories, however, is the fact that much of the turmoil […]

Destabilization Plots Against Syria and Venezuela


Hypocrisy or Democracy!: Turkey Blocks Access to WikiLeaks after Ruling Party email Dump

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 12:23 Turkey has blocked access to the WikiLeaks website, the telecoms watchdog said on Wednesday, hours after it leaked thousands of ruling party emails just as Ankara grapples with the aftermath of a failed military coup, according to Reuters. Turkey’s Telecommunications Communications Board said on Wednesday that an “administrative measure” had […]

Photographer Sneaks Into Fukushima Exclusion Zone

Photographer Sneaks Into Fukushima Exclusion Zone July 13th, 2016 Via: Daily Mail: More than five years after the devastating tsunami and the 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck north-eastern Japan, causing the explosion of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, the Japanese town remains abandoned. Since April […]

Human Shield Of Prayer Interferes Dakota Access Pipeline Construction!

Print Friendly Above Photo: Oceti Sakowin water protectors before they cross the Missouri River to create a human shield against Dakota Access pipeline construction. Today, in opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline and the illegal start of  its construction in North Dakota, a human shield of prayer has moved in front of the construction site northeast of […]

Egypt denies FM claim Regeni had engaged in S+M

TCP : The Egyptian Foreign Ministry denied Wednesday claims its top diplomat told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that Italian student Guilio Regeni had engaged in a sadomasochistic sex session. Giulio Regeni “Since the beginning of this incident, and others, we have been familiar with much tumult, exaggerations and rumors that are promoted in the […]

Chechen President Kadyrov says he is stepping down

     Ramzan Kadyrov, whose tenure as the President of the Chechen Republic expires in April, said he would step down from his office and end his political career. Earlier, Kadyrov leaked an opposition report that called him a threat to Russia’s security. “My time is past. Every human has a limit. I believe Kadyrov has […]

Vanished: 130,000 refugees missing after German registration

     Some 13 percent of all migrants who officially entered Germany in 2015 never turned up at the accommodation provided for them, Süddeutsche Zeitung reported Thursday. The news comes as Berlin tightens laws on asylum seekers. The newspaper’s report is based on Germany’s Federal Interior Ministry’s official response to a request filed by the Left […]

Americans Hate the U.S. Government More Than Ever

Americans Hate the U.S. Government More Than Ever January 27th, 2016 Via: CBS: A handful of industries are those “love to hate” types of businesses, such as cable-television companies and Internet service providers. The federal government has joined the ranks of the bottom-of-the-barrel industries, […]

Loretta Lynch Allegedly Threatens To Prosecute Dave Hodges for Opposing the Immigrantion of Unscreened Muslims

  The Denise Simon Experience. Denise Simon is a widely recognized terrorism expert who consults for and with several high profile clients.   I was told today that  Attorney, Loretta Lynch(Mob), has threatened to prosecute me for revealing the truth about the Refugee/Resettlement Program. The FBI states that approimately 10% […]

Clinton Testifies Before House Benghazi Committee

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton testified for more than eight hours Thursday before the House Select Committee ostensibly established to investigate the attack on US facilities in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, in which four Americans were killed, including the US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. As has been the case for the […]

NATO’s Grand Plan of Destabilization in Libya

  Patrick Henningsen October 4, 2011 The major mainstream media networks like CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera have been busy flooding the world’s TV sets and internet with the confabulation that NATO and its Libyan Rebels have already won their war in Libya, and that the country’s newly crowned  Trans National Council(TNC) is a […]

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