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FBI Targeted News Media, Used Geo Tracking Devices

A source within the Federal Bureau of Investigation has come forward to expose the FBI’s targeting of members of the “news media” including information about what the FBI calls a Special Investigative Matter (“SIM”) regarding their investigation into Project Veritas over Ashley Biden’s abandoned diary. 

At least 16 injured in Brooklyn subway shooting, undetonated devices found

At least 16 people were injured, including 10 who were shot, when a suspect set off a smoke grenade and unleashed gunfire on a Brooklyn subway train during Tuesday morning rush hour, the NYPD and law enforcement sources told The Post. The gunman — possibly disguised as an MTA construction worker and wearing a gas […]

“Alexa, You’re Fired” – A Quarter Of Users Abandon Spying Devices Within 2 Weeks

According to internal data obtained by Bloomberg, 15% to 25% of new Alexa users during 2018 through 2021 completely abandoned the device in the second week of ownership.  Amazon concluded that the market for smart speakers had “passed its growth phase” last year and would only grow 1.2% annually moving forward.  The company lost $5 on […]

Nano BioChips From DARPA in Covid “Vaxx’s” Which Are Tracking Devices, DNA Barcoding and Branding of Humans, Etc. Creating New Artificial Molecules & Creating a New Species From Humans: GMO Patentable Humans Comment: Directed Energy Weapons are used by the MILITARY. Quantum dot uses CRISPR based technology. For more on this gene editing I have a research paper link. 🙂 Page 6…………………………… Genome Editing: CRISPR-Cas9Relatedly, genome editing technology improved. CRISPR technologymakes genome editing cheaper, faster and more efficient. CRISPRs are specialized stretches of DNA.18 The CRISPR-associated […]

New Studies on High Risks of Wireless Devices and Non-Ionizing Radiation

            A recent peer reviewed study by the Environmental Working Group (USA) has made an important addition to the growing number of warnings by experts  regarding the high possibility of risks from radiofrequency radiation emitted by wireless devices including cell-phones and tablets. This study,  published in  Environmental Health journal, has made an important plea for […]

Lebanon: Medical Equipment & Devices Importers Syndicate warns that medication and baby formula will run out within weeks

Lebanon’s Medical Equipment & Devices Importers Syndicate warned on Friday that stocks of medication for chronic diseases and infant formula will run out within weeks. This came in a statement issued by Head of the syndicate Karim Jbara during a press conference in the capital, Beirut. Jbara stated: “The stock of medications, medicines for incurable […]

Smart IoT Devices Can Be Weaponized By Hackers To Launch Even Larger DDoS Attacks

The internet of things (IoT) has increased the prevalence of intelligent objects at home. These devices can be anything from smart light bulbs to televisions, appliances to cameras, and even water heaters – can be hacked and weaponized to create an army of smart devices to scale up attacks against corporations and governments, according to Bloomberg.  Researchers […]

Ashdod will become the first city in Israel with MDA smart defibrillator devices in every apartment building

Browse > Home / News / Ashdod will become the first city in Israel with MDA smart defibrillator devices in every apartment building March 11, 2021 by Zaki Heler Read on for article A life-saving project initiated by Ashdod City Council member Adv. Hanoh Drach Erlich kicks off on Sunday and as part of it, […]

Israeli soldiers uncover explosive devices on Syria border, army says

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Mother finds alleged tracking devices in her daughters Pink bras (Video)

🚨🚨🚨Mother finds alleged tracking🚨🚨🚨🚨devices in her daughters Pink bras🚨🚨 — 17grasshopper17 (@grasshopperxcc) August 27, 2020

Israeli soldiers placed explosive devices in West Bank village for ‘deterrence’

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“Unplug Your Alexa Devices Right Now… You’re Being Hacked”

Unplug your Alexa devices right now…You’re being hacked.” That was the disturbing message that a Portland family received just weeks after installing the Amazon listening devices throughout their home. As KIRO7 reports, Danielle, who did not want us to use her last name, contacted Amazon to investigate after they say a private conversation […]

Family Removes Alexa Devices After A Stranger In Another Town Heard Everything They Were Saying

A concerned family is speaking out after they claim that their Amazon Alexa device recorded a conversation they were having in their home, and sent it to a random contact who alerted them to the fact that he had heard everything they said. A homeowner named Danielle, who asked for her last name to remain […]

A.I. Takes Over Hospital Jobs In London, Implantable Smart Devices In Soldiers, And Growing Organs

By Aaron Kesel University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and the Alan Turing Institute aim to bring ‘game-changing’ benefits of artificial intelligence to NHS patients and replace some workers, The Guardian reported. The tasks traditionally performed by doctors and nurses, from diagnosing cancer on CT scans to deciding which A&E patients are seen first, […]

Rogue Spying Devices Found In U.S. States Cause Call For Concern

By Aaron Kesel Rogue unknown cell-site simulators are being actively used in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia according to News4 I-Team who worked with a mobile security expert to determine the usage of the devices. Last month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said it had seen activity in Washington, D.C., of what appear to be rogue […]

War Is Coming: $97 Million For Soldiers To Receive Futuristic Devices That “Shoot Around Corners, See-Through Dense Vegetation & Smoke…”

BAE Systems ENVG III/FWS-I integrated system uses a wireless connection that transmits the weapon sight’s aim point and surrounding imagery directly into the soldier’s goggles. (Source: BAE) ZeroHedge| The United States Army recently awarded BAE Systems $97 Million in orders for new night vision goggles and thermal weapon sights for the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle […]

If Your Cell Phone and Other Devices Were Making You Fat, Would You Cut Back on Using Them? WiFi Exposure Causes Blood Sugar Fluctuations, Weight Gain, Obesity.

May 3, 2018 By B.N. Frank Have you ever seen those Sono Bello ads on TV?  Some of those people seem to have tried everything and they still can’t lose weight. Decades of research on cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation as well as Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) has proven that exposure […]

Chinese Firms Use ‘Mind-Reading’ Devices to Monitor Workers’ Emotions

Chinese Firms Use ‘Mind-Reading’ Devices to Monitor Workers’ Emotions April 30th, 2018 As I’ve always said (recent example) re: EEG data and these sorts of claims: I doubt it works at all, but the fact that they’re trying is disturbing enough. Via: Sydney Morning […]

Two More Explosive Devices Rattle Texas After Austin Bombings

Two more explosive devices in Texas, one that blew up inside a FedEx Corp. facility outside San Antonio, and another found unexploded at a FedEx site in Austin, kept the region on edge Tuesday as the investigation intensified. Austin Police said Tuesday evening they were responding to an explosion in the city’s south. A call […]

How long are YOUR electronic devices programed to last? Proposed “durability” labels may help you make greener choices

(Natural News) If you ask Brune Poirson, the discerning French consumer should know exactly how long a product is expected to last. According to a Deutsche Welle article, he’s proposing for the adoption of a labeling system that will rate a product on its durability, ability to be recycled, and ecological footprint. The Secretary of State […]

Trolls crash Apple devices with ‘killer symbol’ from South Indian language

The latest bug causes application meltdown when it tries to render two characters in Telugu, a language from south India. Telugu is the country’s third most-spoken language, with roughly 75 million native speakers, and the fifteenth most-spoken language in the world. READ MORE: Apple downgraded over ‘dramatically’ slowing iPhone X demand While many can simply […]

Technology blurs lines: Study finds use of mobile devices contributes to a blending of work and personal time, negatively impacting both

(Natural News) Put your phones down— it looks like even adults can benefit from a “timeout” from their gadgets. According to the results of a recent study, employees who use their mobile devices to continue working at home often face conflicts in their work life. Wayne Crawford, assistant professor of management in University of Texas at […]

WD My Cloud NAS Devices Have Hard-Wired Backdoor

WD My Cloud NAS Devices Have Hard-Wired Backdoor January 8th, 2018 Via: Register: If you have a Western Digital My Cloud network attached storage device, it’s time to learn how to update its OS because researcher James Bercegay has discovered a dozen models possess […]

Beyond Digital Addiction: Your Kids May Be Affected by Wi-Fi and Electronic Devices Even If You Aren’t

By Hope S. Good Emotional, Mental and Physical Health may be affected.  Symptoms May Not Be Immediate.  Misdiagnosis is Common.  Medication offers no cure.  Just last week, The California Department of Public Health’s decision to issue formal warnings and guidelines in regard to cell phone radiation made international news: In 2011, The […]

Your Pets May Be Affected by Wi-Fi and Electronic Devices Even If You Aren’t

By Hope S. Good Symptoms May Not Be Immediate. Some are Behavioral.  Misdiagnosis is Common.  Over the last 20 years, electrical pollution (sometimes referred to as “Electrosmog”) has increased significantly.  Cell phones, Cordless Landline Phones, CFL Lightbulbs, LED Lightbulbs, Wi-Fi Routers, “Smart” Appliances, “Smart” Watches, Fit Bits, Broadcast Towers, Cell Towers, Antennas, “Smart” […]

Turn off cameras and tracking devices in children’s Christmas presents to prevent hacking, Information Commissioner tells parents

Parents should turn off the cameras and automatic tracking devices in their children’s Christmas presents because of the risk of hacking, the Information Commissioners’ Office has warned. With a rise in the number of ‘smart’ toys and devices gracing the wish list this year, parents should consider the safety of them being connected […]

Mobile App Flaw Allows Hackers To Control Smart Home Devices and Spy on Owners

October 27, 2017 By Nicholas West As people begin acquiring greater numbers of smart tech gadgets to manage their lives and homes, each one of these items is being revealed as an open invitation to be spied upon. We’ve heard about vulnerabilities being exposed in children’s toys, baby monitors, smart TVs, smartphones and […]

Severe vulnerabilities affect virtually all Wi-Fi devices and encryption

nsnbc : Researchers in Belgium discovered on Monday that a major Wi-Fi vulnerability affects absolutely every device that supports Wi-Fi. The vulnerability allows attackers to decrypt […]

Smart Devices Are Snitching on Owners and Rewriting the Criminal Justice System

By Nicholas West A new type of court case is slowly but steadily emerging within the American legal system: alleged crimes being detected from data supplied by smart devices. Several cases over the last few years have focused on data transmitted within the modern smart home, while a couple of others add an […]

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