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Prominent Jewish Tabloid Claims Charles Dickens May Have Been Part Sephardic Jew

(The Jewish Chronicle) Jews will never forgive beloved English author Charles Dickens for his timeless portrayal of the low-life child corrupter, Fagin in Oliver Twist — who just so happened to be Jewish — and part of that ongoing punishment appears to be casting suspicion on Dickens’ ancestry, basically claiming that he might have been […]

‘Tis The Season For Jews To Complain Charles Dickens’ ‘Christmas Carol’ Is ‘Wildly Anti-Semitic’

(Riverfront Times) Since their own ersatz version of Christmas — “Hanukkah” — is long over, Jews have nothing better to do than scrutinize every Christmas tradition to see how they can put a nefarious “anti-semitic” spin on it — and they haven’t spared Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol because — well — because they can’t […]

MP Geoffrey Dickens Speaking About Child Murder

Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens was a campaigner against child abuse who exposed high up paedophiles and satanists in the British establishment. He received death threats and his house was burgled twice by people searching for documents. Bitchute link

You can’t trust peer review: Top 10 retractions of 2015

     This was a year for splashy headlines about retractions, after some much-ballyhooed findings were pulled. Some prominent scientists each retracted multiple papers in 2015. And, of course, the last 12 months saw more and more cases of faked peer review. Here, in no particular order, are our picks for the top 10 retraction stories […]

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