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The 9/11 28 Pages Snorefest and “Transparency”

The 9/11 28 Pages Snorefest and “Transparency” July 15th, 2016 I hesitated posting this at all, but here you go. My guess is that this document has very little to do with what actually happened, but it does represent comedy gold in terms of […]

Incredible waterspout filmed in Big Pine Key, Florida

     Watch as this extremely large Waterspout threatens waterfront homes in Big Pine Key, Florida. This video was shot by legendary storm chaser Jim Leonard. Source Article from 00

FBI Agents Confirm They Were Silence By Hillary Clinton Campaign

Unnamed FBI agents have told the New York Post that Hillary Clinton forced them to sign an unusual non-disclosure form banning them from revealing the truth about the investigations.  According to the Post, the special form known as a “case briefing acknowledgement”, bans anyone connected to the case from testifying against Hillary. reports: “This […]

Bangladesh hostage crisis: At least 2 killed as ISIS gunmen storm capital’s diplomatic quarter

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack, Reuters said, citing the terrorist group’s propaganda website Amaq. The number of casualties, Amaq claims, stands at more than 20. However, the information hasn’t yet been officially confirmed. Four police officers have died, while the gunmen are holding approximately 40 hostages, including at least one Westerner, NBC […]

Two Good Cops Suspended For Failing to Report Bad Apple Choking Handcuffed Man in Waco

Three patrol officers were suspended after the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office previewed dashcam video of the arrest and determined that one of the officers grabbed the suspect, Qualon Deshon Weaver, 35, by the neck, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said in a press release Friday. Street Crimes Unit Officers Kevin Spicer, Adam Beseda […]

NASA: Unexpected discovery on Mars may revolutionize planet’s history

“Analyzing data from an X-ray diffraction instrument on the rover that identifies minerals, scientists detected significant amounts of a silica mineral called tridymite,” NASA said on Wednesday. A silicon dioxide mineral, the tridymite found by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover in the Gale Crater is a truly baffling finding since on Earth such elements originate from extremely […]

Rabbi Lerner Watch Your Language

By Gilad Atzmon Can you imagine the Archbishop of Canterbury using the word ‘asshole?’ Can you imagine a supreme Islamic cleric referring to an intellectual in this manner? Rabbi Michael Lerner, the man who used Muhammad Ali’s funeral as a Jewish propaganda podium, wrote to me yesterday: “Wake up, asshole–you are spreading lies and deceit […]

SA Firemen Strike in Canada

After only five days on the job, a group of 300 black South African firemen sent to help Canada fight the ongoing Alberta wildfires, have gone on strike. The firefighters garnered international media attention when they touched down in Canada last month, singing and dancing as they landed, as part of a “payback for Canadian opposition […]

ALERT! Everyone who lives in these states needs to contact their governor and representatives to encourage this action to stop Obama’s invasion…


Glyphosate testing in Portugal detects highest levels ever recorded in people with no professional exposure

(NaturalNews) Worldwide, glyphosate contamination is rampant. Around 650,000 tons of the chemical, the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, were applied globally in 2011. Unsurprisingly, the widely used weed killer is in our water supplies, soil and conventionally grown crops. Now, thanks to independent testing, we’re beginning to understand how glyphosate, a probable carcinogen, […]

Glyphosate testing in Portugal detects highest levels ever recorded in people with no professional exposure

(NaturalNews) Worldwide, glyphosate contamination is rampant. Around 650,000 tons of the chemical, the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, were applied globally in 2011. Unsurprisingly, the widely used weed killer is in our water supplies, soil and conventionally grown crops. Now, thanks to independent testing, we’re beginning to understand how glyphosate, a probable carcinogen, […]

Antikythera Mechanism: Ancient celestial calculator

     The Antikythera Mechanism has been called an “ancient calculator,” but there is so much more to it than meets the eye. The shoebox-size device has a complex gearwheel system of 30 intricate bronze gear wheels used to run a system that displayed the date, positions of the sun and moon, lunar phases, a 19-year […]

Turkish ground op in Syria unlikely due to presence of Russian air force – Lavrov

“I do not think that anyone will decide to play dangerous games and carry out any provocations due to the fact that there are Russian Aerospace Forces stationed [in Syria],” Lavrov said when asked about the possibility of a Turkish or Saudi Arabian incursion. The Foreign Minister stressed that “it’s necessary to educate, those who […]

Experiment Will See Clinically Dead Humans Brought Back To Life

The US have granted a biotech company permission to regenerate the brains of dead people, in a groundbreaking new trial set to begin this year.  Bioquark Inc. are looking for 20 patients who have been declared clinically dead from a traumatic brain injury, in order to test whether they can successfully regenerate parts of their […]

47-Year-Old Officer Arrested For The Sexual Assault Of A 15-Year-Old Girl

San Antonio Police Officer Juan Ruiz-Carrillo, 47, has been arrested for the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl.  Officer Ruiz-Carrillo was arrested on Monday night on several felony charges, and has been suspended pending the outcome of his case. The victim of Officer Ruiz-Carrillo, had reached out to a youth pastor on May 1, telling him that Ruiz-Carrillo had […]

Prince: Speaker of Dangerous Truths, Silenced By The New World Order

It’s a sad day. We have lost Prince, one of those rare, fearless people, an advocate for truth, prepared to stand up to the powers that be and expose them for what they are. Prince knew the score.  He famously walked around at the Grammys with SLAVE written on his cheek to protest against the […]

Obama – The CIA’s Communist Candidate

  April 21, 2016 In this article, Victor Thorn makes the case that Barack Obama   was a CIA asset from his college years. Our “leaders” may be actors (or MK-Ultra mind controlled slaves)  in a charade legitimized by the mass media.   This article is based on an interview with Texe Marrs which appears in The CIA, […]

Nebraska Just Abolished Civil Forfeiture, Now Requires A Criminal Conviction To Take Property

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts signed a bill on Tuesday that eliminates civil forfeiture, which allows law enforcement to seize and keep property without filing charges or securing criminal convictions. The bill, LB 1106, passed the unicameral legislature last week by a vote of 38 to 8. Civil forfeiture has ensnared a wide […]

"Unequivocally" Great News America – Gas Prices Are Soaring

Judging by the exuberant equity market, it is not ‘low’ gas prices, but high gas prices that are “unequivocally good” for America – after all the market is ultimate arbiter of how the average joe feels, right? However, if you drive a car – or gas-hungry truck – you may have noticed something […]

What is the reason behind Iranians disgust with America?

Many reasons justify that lack of confidence Iranians have in America: Some of these reasons include its support of the [August 15] 1953 coup, not to mention its undying support of the Shah; its support of Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s regime, and Iraq’s use of chemical weapons (which the American administration knew of) against troops […]

Living In Hitler’s Germany

This is one man’s account of how great it was to live in Germany during the peaceful years of the Third Reich, and how his experiences differ so much from what we are told about it. Source Article from 00

The Vikings Uncovered: Excavating the Most Westerly Viking Settlement Ever Discovered

From: Youtube description: Dan Snow uncovers the lost Vikings in America with space archaeologist Dr Sarah Parcak. Sarah uses satellites 383 miles above the earth to spot ruins as small as 30cm buried beneath the surface. As Sarah searches for Viking sites from Britain to America, Dan explores how they voyaged […]

What We Fight For

Youtube link Our task may seem monumental so it is important to remember what we fight for. This is what the Jews seek to destroy. Source Article from 00

Untold Tales: Mike Walsh – An Honest Look at Germany in the 1930s Download From Sencha MacRae interviews our very own Mike Walsh about National Socialism in the 1930s and how we can fix our societies today by learning from their successes. Source Article from 00

Health Ranger: ‘We will never fix health care until we take the profit out of disease’

About the author:Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is the founding editor of, the internet’s No. 1 natural health news website, now reaching 7 million unique readers a month. In late 2013, Adams launched the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, where he conducts atomic spectroscopy research into food contaminants using high-end ICP-MS […]

New York Times Documentary on the National Front

Daily Stormer March 31, 2016 From Ben Solomon of the New York Times! Perfectly non-biased, goyim! Source Article from 00

US agrees not to discuss Assad’s future: Russia

Russia says it has reached an understanding with the US over not discussing the future of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the time being. “To a large extent, the current political process became possible because in the long run Moscow found understanding in Washington of our basic thesis that deciding the issue of the future of Syria’s […]

Move over cigarettes! Excessive sugar and starch are also major causes of lung cancer

(NaturalNews) New research indicates that smoking isn’t the only high-risk activity when it comes to developing lung cancer. It would seem that a diet high in sugar and starches could be a major cause as well, NBC News reports, even for non-smokers. Researchers have discovered that people who remember eating more foods containing […]

Puerto Rico Rejects Gay Marriage, SCOTUS Ruling ‘Doesn’t Apply Here’

From: Because of Puerto Ricos ambiguous political status vis–vis the United States, a federal judge in Puerto Rico ruled Tuesday that the Supreme Courts decision to impose gay marriage doesnt apply on the island, which is a commonwealth with a unique constitutional status. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has its […]

The Psychology Of Social Media: How Our Online Lives Are Harming Real-Life Happiness\

In the age of the internet and smartphones, there is no denying that technology continuously shapes our everyday lives. Ours is an ever-connected society, and social media in particular has transformed human interactions well beyond the confines of our immediate circles. We can now communicate with friends, family, and likeminded communities regardless of […]

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