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THAT Asteroid Only Accelerated Inevitable Dinosaur Extinction

A team of scientists have discovered dinosaurs were on a downturn about 76 million years ago, 10 million years before the asteroid hit Chicxulub in modern Mexico causing the mass extinction of non-avian  dinosaurs, about 66 million years ago. The new study published in the journal  Nature Communications  concludes that the reason for this decline […]

Australia’s Largest Dinosaur Revealed To Be As Long As A Basketball Court!

Australotitan cooperensis , nicknamed Cooper, was the largest dinosaur species to have walked the ancient land of Australia, a new study in the  PeerJ journal has revealed. This giant sauropod, unnamed and unidentified since its discovery between 2005 and 2007, was between 25-30 meters (82-98 feet) long, 5 and 6.5 meters (16.4-21.3 feet) tall, and weighed between […]

Australia’s Largest Dinosaur Discovered in Southwest Queensland

After 14 years of excavation, palaeontologists have officially confirmed that titan sized dinosaurs once walked across Australia after the discovery of dinosaur skeletons in 2007 by a couple in Eromanga of Southwest Queensland led to the findings. The dinosaur —now officially named Australotitan cooperensis—is as long as a basketball court (25-30 metres) and reaches 5-6.5 […]

Dinosaur in Mexico: New “Talking” Species Used Low Frequency Sounds

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), Mexico, a part of the Ministry of Culture, along with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), launched a project in 2013, to “recover a semi-articulated tail of a putative hadrosaur.” This fossil of a dinosaur in Mexico was discovered in 2005 and is now dated to […]

Does Ta Prohm Temple Depict a ‘Domestic’ Dinosaur?

Mainstream paleontologists say that dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years before the evolution of modern humans. This, however, has not stopped the suggestion that some dinosaurs may have survived as relict populations and have appeared in human artwork. An example of artwork put forward as evidence for this view is a cryptic carving at Ta […]

World First: Dinosaur Found on Fossilized Eggs with Babies Inside!

Scientists have made a major discovery in Ganzhou City in China’s southern Jiangxi Province. They’ve found the remains of a dinosaur sitting on its nest of fossilized eggs. The dinosaur, an oviraptorosaur (oviraptor), belongs to a group of bird-like theropod dinosaurs which peaked during the distant Cretaceous Period (145 to 66 million years ago). The […]

New Duckbill Dinosaur Evidence Shows That Dinosaurs Crossed Oceans

An international team of scientists claims that dinosaurs were able to migrate across oceans. This remarkable claim was based on the discovery of new duckbill dinosaur fossils unearthed in Morocco. Duckbill dinosaurs were a diverse group of herbivores that grew up to 15 meters (49 feet) long. The research could revolutionize our understanding of how […]

Rare Allosaurus dinosaur skeleton sells for €3 million at auction

A rare fossilized skeleton of an Allosaurus – ancestor of the T-Rex – was bought at auction for over €2.5 million in Paris on Tuesday. The total amount paid by the buyer, whose identity and location weren’t disclosed, was over €3 million ($4 million) with purchasing fees, Drouot auction house said. The remains of the […]

Missing Link in Dinosaur Evolution Discovered in the Gobi Desert

Buried beneath the sands of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert for 68 million years, multiple skeletons of a new species of feathered, two-fingered, toothless dinosaurs have been unearthed by a team of researchers. Dubbed the Oksoko avarsan, this remarkable creature is thought to be a key ‘missing link’ and is already helping to demystify dinosaur evolution. Two […]

Battle Of The Pterosaurs! Britain vs China In Dinosaur Wrangle

The word “pterosaur” translates to “winged lizard” and these creatures existed during most of the Mesozoic period : from the late Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous (228 to 66 million years ago). Pterosaurs are the earliest vertebrates known to have been able to fly. The largest of these flying reptiles weighed more than […]

World’s First Complete Dinosaur Skeleton Has Been Vividly Brought to Life

A team of English scientists have unboxed the first complete dinosaur skeleton ever discovered, and after over 150 years the remains have finally been fully studied and recorded. Previously unknown traits have been discovered, as well as giving it a new home on the evolutionary timeline. Rise of the First Terrible Lizard Sir Richard Owen […]

Egypt: Rare dinosaur discovery could signal more finds

     A skeleton has been unearthed in Egypt’s Western Desert, whose ancient sands have long helped preserve remains, but unlike most finds this one isn’t a mummy – it’s a dinosaur. Researchers from Mansoura University in the country’s Nile Delta discovered the new species of long-necked herbivore, which is around the size of a city […]

Humans wouldn’t exist if dinosaur-ending asteroid hadn’t struck where it did

That’s according to new research by Japanese scientists Kunio Kaiho and Naga Oshima, who published their findings Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports. They posit the asteroid, known as the Chicxulub Impactor, which smashed into what was then a shallow sea in modern day Mexico, would not have been so devastating if it hit about […]

Dinosaur-slaying asteroid metal can eradicate cancer, research suggests

Research by the University of Warwick in the UK and Sun Yat-Sen University in China found the dense metal, iridium, can be used to kill cancer cells by directly targeting them and filling them with a deadly ‘version’ of oxygen. A rare metal that is found in meteoroids, iridium has been discovered in large amounts […]

65ft tall and 125 million years old: Scientists unearth fossils of enormous dinosaur

     Researchers have uncovered the fossils of one of the largest dinosaurs to ever walk on the Earth – remains which they believe could belong to a previously undiscovered species. Paleontologists digging near the city of Morella in eastern Spain discovered the remains of a gigantic dinosaur which would have measured a staggering 20-meters (65 […]

Woman Jailed For Three Years Over ‘Cruel’ James Bulger Tweets

A woman has been sentenced to three years in prison after admitting to sending disturbing Twitter messages to the mother of murdered toddler, James Bulger. Chloe Cowan from Margate in Kent had pleaded guilty to stalking involving serious alarm or distress at an earlier hearing at Canterbury Crown Court. The BBC reports: She had posed […]

Miss Earth Switzerland 2016 Isn’t Swiss

Editor’s Comment: Miss Earth Switzerland is a Swiss beauty pageant for young women in Switzerland. Swiss is a European ethnicity that is part of the White race. Have you ever heard of a White European woman winning a pageant to become the new Miss Nigeria or Miss China? Of course not because only in White […]

Turkish govt shuts down Zaman newspaper following seizure

Zaman was taken over by Ankara in early March. Following the seizure, the government immediately appointed new trustees for Feza Media Group, which owned the paper. Police also raided the newspaper’s offices to enforce a Turkish court order stating that the media outlet must be brought under government authority. The newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Abdulhamit Bilici, was fired […]

"Don’t go out after sunset or you’ll be raped" – Swedish Police Chief…

From: Youtube description: Swedish police have given up trying to protect Swedish women from the exponential rise of rapes and gang rapes by newly arrived Arab and North African migrants. Police Chief of stersund, Stephen Jerand, advised all women to not go out after sunset because they are likely to be […]

West’s failure in Syria: ‘Empires all go down the same path’

     As Russia begins to withdraw its military forces from Syria, Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear spoke with writer and activist Dr. Tim Anderson to discuss the impact of Moscow’s intervention. “It was said from the beginning that the intervention would be until the mission was accomplished. In other words, it wasn’t a US-type intervention […]

Gates (NY) Police Officer Accused of Choking 15 Year Old While in Handcuffs

This afternoon a Facebook friend messaged me with a link to a Facebook post. This post, by Nicole Dioguardi-Beck, claimed that a Gates Police Employee (possibly the liaison to the school) tackled, handcuffed and then beat a 15 year old boy. According to Dioguardi-Beck: (structure edited for publication) On Friday my best friends son – […]

New technology selects high-affinity proteins

A species of trap-jaw ant has been found to exhibit a previously unseen jumping behavior, using its legs rather than its powerful jaws. The discovery makes this species, Odontomachus rixosus, the only species of ant that … Source Article from 00

Ancient mass extinction led to dominance of tiny fish, paleontologist shows

     When times are good, it pays to be the big fish in the sea; in the aftermath of disaster, however, smaller is better. According to new research led by the University of Pennsylvania’s Lauren Sallan, a mass extinction 359 million years ago known as the Hangenberg event triggered a drastic and lasting transformation of […]

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