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Watching The Hawks – Arming ISIS & Disarming the Web

Watching The Hawks – Arming ISIS & Disarming the Web Watching The A new report reveals the ease with which US lethal aid to rebels in Syria falls into the hands of ISIS. The FCC takes a critical vote on the future of the Internet. How does the Me Too movement translate on Wall […]

FROME MEDIA EVENT: Disarming the #FakeNews Media Giants – Media on Trial

21st Century Wire says… A ground breaking event has been organised by UK’s Frome Stop War on the 11th June 2017.  #FakeNews has become the catch-all for the corporate media battle against the swelling ranks of independent journalists and media outlets who threaten to dismantle their well constructed tower of lies surrounding international and domestic […]

After disarming its citizens, Venezuelan government now uses armored vehicles as weapons to ram into crowds of protesters

(Natural News) Tensions continue to rise in Venezuela, where a defenseless population stripped of its right to bear arms is facing the heavy hand of a socialist government hellbent on eradicating freedom. Reports indicate that demonstrators throughout the destabilized country are now being assaulted by government military vehicles simply for making their voices heard, and […]

Russian escapes Colombian guerrillas by disarming, shooting his abductors

The man, identified as Arsen (Levon) Voskanyan, a dual Russian-Armenian citizen, took his rescue operation into his own hands and broke free from Colombia’s second largest militia, the National Liberation Army, which is more commonly known by its Spanish acronym, ELN. At the time of Voskanyan’s heroics a convoy was actually on its way to […]

The era of most humans being employed is nearly over… What happens next?

(NaturalNews) The advancement of the Technology Age continues, and with it stunning discoveries and a plethora of new capabilities. But all of this advancement […]

Selected Articles: “Lie Big or Go Home”. What is Going on in Syria?

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When technology becomes religion and science becomes God

(NaturalNews) Are we in love with how smart we are? In America today, there are technology companies that have a much larger “cult following” than any religious organization. And there are millions upon millions of Americans that freely confess that they “believe in science”. So what does this say about us? Does it […]

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