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Japan Says “No Vaccination Will Be Given Without Consent” & “Do Not Discriminate” Against The Unvaccinated

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Leftists Upset As Business Refuses To Discriminate

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Leftists are outraged this week after a burger chain in San Francisco refused to discriminate against certain customers, instead treating everyone with equal respect and serving delicious food to all. “We can’t allow restaurants to serve unvaccinated individuals, as they are not actually human and therefore not entitled to human rights,” said local human […]

US scraps Trump-era proposal allowing homeless shelters to discriminate against transgender people

The US government has withdrawn a Trump-era proposal which would have given homeless shelters the right to refuse transgender people. The suggested policy – which would have been for taxpayer-funded shelters – was still being debated last autumn when Donald Trump was voted out of office. But on Thursday, the Department of Housing and Urban […]

How Christians Who Refuse To Discriminate Are In Disobedience To God

For your consideration we present Bertrand Comparet’s essay, God Discriminates — which is just as relevant today as it was when he wrote it in the turbulent 1960s when the so-called “Civil Rights Movement” was imposed on Christian America. Contrary to how it is portrayed in the history books, this “Civil Rights” movement was not […]

Biden: ‘Religion Should Not Be Used as License to Discriminate’ Against Homosexuals, Transgenders

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia In an interview published on Wednesday by the Philadelphia Gay News, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stated that, if elected, he will oppose religious exemptions in proposed laws prohibiting “discrimination” against homosexuals and transgenders and will undo current policies that make allowances for federal contractors/government funding recipients with conscience objections. “The […]

UK Tribunal Rules School Did Not Discriminate by Firing Woman Who Posted Against ‘LGBT’ Curriculum on Facebook

BRISTOL — An employment tribunal in the United Kingdom has ruled that school officials did not engage in religious discrimination or harassment when they fired an employee for posting objection on her personal Facebook page to teaching about homosexuality and transgenderism in the nation’s schools. “In short, this was an unexceptional disciplinary process. Whilst it clearly […]

Melinda Gates: We Must Discriminate Against All White People

Melinda Gates has called on governments and corporations to start discriminating against white people in order to redress racial discrimination. The billionaire founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation told Fortune magazine that she intends to begin sending money to people based purely on their sex and skin color, and encourages others to follow suit. […]

TOS Agreements Are a Sham Device to Discriminate: The Case to Be Made that the Internet Is a "Public Accommodation"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes A Federal suit alleging discrimination is long overdue as companies selectively enforce Terms of Service agreements as a sham device to discriminate against the rights of Americans to express their views. It is a demonstrable fact that jewry has openly advocated that TOS agreements be implemented and used for the purpose of […]

Trump Poised to Sign Exec Order Giving Christians a License to Discriminate

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show Donald Trump is preparing to sign an executive order this week that would allow Christians to discriminate against their fellow Americans because of their “deeply held religious beliefs”. The drafted order follows a bill that provides legal cover for businesses and individuals who […]

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