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Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Biden’s UAW remarks

Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Biden’s UAW remarks lead image Source

Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Biden rally in Virginia

Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Biden rally in Virginia lead image Source

Insiders warn shifting to green energy could disrupt power grid reliability

(NaturalNews) A major power grid operator that supplies energy to millions in the mid-Atlantic region has raised concerns about the impending shutdown of the… Source

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Briefly Disrupt Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

At HuffPost, we believe that everyone needs high-quality journalism, but we understand that not everyone can afford to pay for expensive news subscriptions. That is why we are committed to providing deeply reported, carefully fact-checked news that is freely accessible to everyone. Our News, Politics and Culture teams invest time and care working on hard-hitting […]

Israel-Hamas protests disrupt life in Democrats’ convention city

Police arrested 106 demonstrators last week when hundreds of mostly Jewish American protesters gathered near the Israeli Consulate in Chicago. And in one demonstration, a gunshot erupted during a clash last month between pro-Palestinian activists converging on a gathering in support for Israeli hostages at a suburban Chicago community center. No one was injured, but […]

Long Lines At Gas Pump Unlikely, But Middle East Crisis Could Disrupt Supply, Raise Prices

Fifty years after the 1973 Arab oil embargo, the current crisis in the Middle East has the potential to disrupt global oil supplies and raise prices. Source

Six women who could disrupt the 2024 presidential race 

Their only common ground is a “relationship” with Donald Trump, who either loves or loathes them. Source

WATCH – ‘Overthrow This System’: Communists Disrupt California School Board Meeting on Parental Rights

A school board meeting got heated when communists went up against parents’ rights acivists Thursday in Orange County, California. Source

UK, Turkiye strike deal to ‘disrupt and dismantle’ human smuggling gangs

The UK and Turkiye have struck an agreement to "disrupt and dismantle" human smuggling and trafficking gangs across Europe, as well as the supply of small boat parts. The British Government announced its support for establishing an operational "centre of excellence" by Turkiye's national police last night, which aims to strengthen collaboration between Turkiye-based staff […]

China Making Neurostrike Weapons, “To Disrupt Brain Functions and Influence Government Leaders or Entire Populations”

China‘s People’s Liberation Army is developing high-technology weapons designed to disrupt brain functions and influence government leaders or entire populations, according to a report by three open-source intelligence analysts.

Before Lost Sub, OceanGate Promised To Disrupt the Sea

OceanGate Expeditions, the exploration company behind the submersible now apparently lost beneath the Atlantic Ocean, spent years positioning itself as a boundary-breaking firm that existed outside the “industry paradigm” and prioritized “rapid innovation” above approval from outsiders. While it’s not clear what, if anything, has gone wrong with the company’s submersible, it is clear that […]

EPA Still Hasn’t Studied How Pesticides Disrupt Human Hormones 27 Years After Congress Demanded It

EPA Still Hasn’t Studied How Pesticides Disrupt Human Hormones 27 Years After Congress Demanded It The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s failure to implement the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program, testing of the affect of pesticides used in food production on human hormones, led to a lawsuit filed late last year by a group of nonprofits. By  […]

Proud Boys Promise to Disrupt More Drag Story Time Events

A holiday drag story time event was canceled in Columbus, Ohio, after the Proud Boys and other right-wing extremist groups showed up in force. Red Oak Community School and the First Unitarian Universalist Church had advertised its “Holi-Drag” story time charity event for kids last month. Shortly after, members of the Proud Boys announced plans […]

Proud Boys Plan to Disrupt Drag Story Event in Columbus, Ohio

A local chapter of the far-right Proud Boys plans to disrupt a Dec. 3 drag story event in Columbus, Ohio, just two weeks after the killings at a LGBTQ night club in Colorado Springs.   The Columbus Proud Boys announced their plans to disrupt the kids story time event held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church […]

FBI reports that China’s Huawei telecom equipment installed in USA can disrupt nuclear capability

READ HERE: The US government has stalled in its efforts to remove Huawei telecom equipment that the FBI claims could have spied on and disrupted communications at US military bases, including those housing nuclear missiles, CNN reported on Saturday.   Source

UPS Has New Ghost Gun Shipping Rules That Could Disrupt the Industry

Corporate shipping giant UPS has stopped delivering for some American retailers that sell parts for unserialized firearms known as “ghost guns” after pressure from Democrats and the rollout of new federal rules aimed at cracking down on the weapons. A letter from UPS to a Florida business called Ghost Firearms, which sells components to build […]

Activists Disrupt Business As Usual In Toronto’s Financial District

Above Photo: Greenpeace media library. Calling on Canadian banks to stop funding climate chaos and injustice. Toronto – Greenpeace Canada activists blocked entrances to the RBC’s corporate headquarters today by suspending climbers from fifteen foot high tripods as part of a call for Canada’s big five banks to stop funding fossil fuels and to respect […]

WEF Warns: Global Warming to Disrupt Financial System, “Freeze” Bank Accounts

In its latest predictive propaganda, the World Economic Forum asks, “What if extreme weather FROZE your bank account?” It is clear that deliberate interruptions to critical infrastructure are coming. And these well-structured problems will be blamed on climate change. In order to make the case that an imagined “climate disaster” requires carbon lockdowns and the […]

‘We Won’t Go!’: Protesters for Amnesty Disrupt Joe Biden Rally for Terry McAuliffe

President Joe Biden was immediately disrupted by amnesty protesters on Tuesday as he took the stage to campaign for another term for former Democrat Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. The protesters raised “citizenship now” signs and shouted, “We won’t go! We won’t go!” when Biden began speaking. “Why don’t you hang out and talk to me […]

A call to disrupt Israeli and American violence on Gaza

The Peoples’ Inquiry held on October 7, 2021 was an opportunity for the American public to hear the unfiltered accounts of Palestinians from Gaza on the massacres carried out by Israel in May 2021. It culminated in a call to action for people in the U.S. to exercise their influence to disrupt Israeli and American […]

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