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While The World Was Distracted By Will Smith, The International Elitists Met At The World Government Summit

While much of the “mainstream” world has spent the last few days obsessing over and debating the celebrity spectacle surrounding American actor Will Smith slapping American comedian Chris Rock, the international elitists were meeting in Dubai for the 2022 World Government Summit. From March 28th to the 30th, corporate media journalists, heads of state, and CEOs […]

Don’t be distracted Says Katie Hopkins -The Same B*stards Who Locked Us Down, Now Cry Freedom

Media personality, columnist and political commentator Katie Hopkins reminds us not to get sucked into the ‘next big thing’ So whatever happened to covid? BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your inbox. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use Just days ago […]

Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia’s invasion, the UK Gov. published data confirming the Fully Vaccinated are now up to 3.2x more likely to die of Covid-19 than the Unvaccinated

Rights and Freedoms BYTHE EXPOSÉON The latest data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms fully vaccinated individuals in England are up to 3.2 times more likely to die of Covid-19 than unvaccinated individuals based on Covid-19 death-rates per 100,000 population. This means, based on Pfizer’s vaccine efficacy formula, that the Covid-19 injections are […]

Whilst you were distracted by a Christmas Party the UK Gov. released a report confirming the Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths in England since August

By The Exposé on December 11, 2021 Serious questions need to be answered as to why Boris Johnson’s Government have decided to restrict the freedoms of the unvaccinated population through the introduction of Vaccine Passports, when the latest official data shows that the vaccinated population have accounted for 3 in every 5 Covid-19 cases, 3 […]

FULL (OF IT) Benjamin bla bla blah Fulford – 9-6-21… “As World is Distracted by Afghanistan, Germany and Japan Declare Independence”

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 9-6-21… “As World is Distracted by Afghanistan, Germany and Japan Declare Independence”Posted on September 9, 2021 by kauilapele2 Full weekly report from Ben. “The collapse of the post-war Western “globalist” regime is accelerating. The U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan and much of the rest of the Middle East is just the […]

Whilst you’ve been distracted by the video of Chris Whitty the ONS admitted the Covid Vaccines have been listed as an official cause of death multiple times

BY THE DAILY EXPOSE ON JULY 3, 2021 • Listen Now  The Office for National Statistics has finally listed the Covid-19 vaccine as an official cause of death multiple times in England, contradicting claims made the MHRA that no link has been made between the Covid Vaccines and fatalities which have been reported to the Yellow Card scheme. The […]

Everyone’s Life is at Stake Now: Don’t Get Distracted by Politics

by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News As Americans are fixated on the U.S. elections, which it appears will dominate the corporate news cycle for days on end now, the truly big story is not what is happening here in the U.S., but across the pond in the U.K. where the medical tyrants try to force […]

Anonymous Christmas Message: “Warning, You Are Being Distracted”

Next Story Anonymous has released a couple of interesting videos over the past couple of days, and we’ve written about them here and here. Last year, they released a message prior to Christmas that is still very relevant this year. It touches on a lot of important points that, judging by the views, obviously resonate […]

While Everyone Was Busy Being Distracted by Made-For-TV Mass Shootings…

November 7, 2017 Activist Post Daily Newsletter Subscription is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Free Report: How To Survive The Job Automation Apocalypse with subscription Source Article from

New “Distracted Walking” Legislation Will Outlaw Texting, and Even Talking, While Walking

By Rachel Blevins The heinous “crime” of “distracted walking” has become the latest trend that cities in the United States are looking to legislate into nonexistence—relying on tax dollars and the extortion of citizens to solve the problem instead of common sense. Stamford, Connecticut, is the most recent city to join the bandwagon, […]

Erdogan Announces State Of Emergency In Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared a three-month state of emergency in Turkey amid widespread purges. It follows in the aftermath of an attempted coup last Friday. The BBC reports: Recep Tayyip Erdogan said citizens should not have “the slightest concern with regards to democracy, rule of law, fundamental rights and freedoms”. The state of […]

Is Time Travel Real? Is Time An Illusion? Hypnosis Weighs In…

If you could travel in time, would you? You’re probably thinking I’m talking about time machines, which would be cool in theory but not really practical. Considering we live on a tiny planet that is hurtling through space and being pulled by the force of the sun — which is blazing its own path — […]

France & Germany plan to lead post-Brexit EU reform – leaked memo

A common French-German memorandum entitled ‘A strong Europe in the world of uncertainties’ was released by Poland’s TVN broadcaster on Monday. The document is said to be authored by French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier.  The nine-page memo comes after the British voted in a referendum to leave the EU, a […]

Lasers uncover hidden city near Angkor Wat in Cambodia

     Unprecedented new details of medieval cities hidden under jungle in Cambodia near Angkor Wat have been revealed using lasers, archaeologists said Sunday, shedding new light on the civilisation behind the world’s largest religious complex. While the research has been going on for several years, the new findings uncover the sheer scale of the Khmer […]

U.S. government denying claims to cancer-stricken employees of California nuclear site to cover-up radiation dangers

     Cancer-struck workers at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory in California have been denied state compensation in order to keep the danger posed by the nuclear site to nearby residential areas out of the public eye, a former employee told RT. Hundreds of workers at the nuclear and aeronautical facility in Simi Valley, which was […]

It’s Not A Weed! This Health-Boosting Plant Can’t Be Found In A Grocery Store

In a world increasingly governed by our desire to eat more nutritiously, live more healthfully, and consume more responsibly, deciding what’s for dinner can be a tricky endeavor indeed. Health food trends, like fashion trends, rise and fall at increasing speeds, so that yesterday’s humble leaf becomes today’s kingly kale, seemingly overnight. We wait for […]

Before passing vaccine mandate, pro-eugenics California forcibly sterilized 20,000 Latina women … Is that a microaggression?

(NaturalNews) 2015 will go down in history for a number of things, including being the year that college campuses went crazy with Marxism. For instance, the concept of “microaggressions” – that is, uses of once-normal speech that the PC Police within school administrations and student body leadership have deemed harmful to select demographic […]

Sinkhole swallows garbage truck in New York

     There was an unusual sight in Latham on Thursday. A garbage truck was caught sinking through the pavement in a parking lot on Troy-Schenectady Road in Colonie. A crane had to come and lift the truck up so the tire could be freed. The truck drove off undamaged, but there was a huge hole […]

When You Can’t Pay Your Bills… How To Survive

Let’s talk about poverty. I don’t mean the kind you’re talking about when your friends invite you to go shopping or for a night out and you say, “No, I can’t. I’m poor right now.” I don’t mean the situation when you’d like to get a nicer car but decide you should just stick to […]

Earphones may have distracted girl hit by train

A 15-year-old schoolgirl hit and killed by a train may have been oblivious to onlookers’ warning screams because she was wearing earphones. About 15 witnesses at the level crossing and on the platforms at Ginifer station in Melbourne’s north watched as the girl ran out in front of a city-bound V/Line train on Monday morning. […]

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