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Brand loyalties dominate our life choices – but party brands are hardly created equal

Sorry, but a convicted scoundrel struggling to stay out of jail only to become a fascist commando sounds like a miracle way to lose. Source

Democrats dominate airwaves in race to replace Santos

House Republicans have a crucial special election just weeks away that could buoy their hopes of keeping their narrow majority. But they aren’t acting like it when it comes to television ads. Democrats are funneling over $8 million into the airwaves to recapture the Long Island seat they lost to George Santos, according to AdImpact, […]

North Korea & Eritrea Dominate The Global Hotspots Of Modern Slavery

Approximately 10.5 percent of North Korea‘s population, including migrant workers and human trafficking victims, are categorized as modern slaves, according to data by the Walk Free Foundation. While this only amounts to roughly five percent of the total of estimated modern slaves worldwide, Statista’s Florian Zandt shows in the chart below that only one other country […]

Ukraine’s accession to EU set to dominate talks at historic summit in Kyiv

In an unprecedented sign of solidarity and support, the European Union delegation will travel to Kyiv this week for a historic summit in the war-battered nation. Source

China seeking to build military that will dominate American systems

The Pentagon has issued a report that comes to a fairly obvious conclusion: China is looking to build a military that is second to none, including that of the United States, though clearly, the Chinese have some way to go before that happens. “The 2022 National Security Strategy identifies the People’s Republic of China (PRC) […]

Google, Meta Dominate as Digital Propels Global Advertising Growth: Forecasts

The global advertising industry will notch higher growth this year than previously expected as brands are relying more heavily on search engine and social media companies such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Meta Platforms Inc. to reach customers during the pandemic, according to two ad industry forecasts released on Monday. Despite a year marked by […]

Secret Societies Dominate Politics & Government

by Admin · Published October 12, 2021 · Updated October 13, 2021 [embedded content] Comment: What he left out was that Bush is a Talmudic Jew and the Soviet Union was run by them. They work together in Secret Societies against everyone. One Big ZIONIST/Talmudic Jewish network aka British Empire which is a bunch of […]

Child Lovers Dominate Political Arena & Entertainment (Hollywood); Murdering Children For Entertainment.

PART 4 of 10 – CHILDLOVERS EVERYWHERE ( PART 5 of 10 – CHILDREN, ART & PIZZA ( Comment: Disney was a member of the Secret Societies as are all our upper level politicians and A list actors who are ALL GAY and Politicians are pretty much all compromised with videos of them with minors. […]


December 22, 2019 THE MENES-HEH DOMINATE THE WORLD NOT JESUITS By :The-Unhived:Mind @ 22nd December 2019In response to words from Eric Jon Phelps On July 1st 1875 mother Russia no longer existed as a Country as it became captured on the same day as Britain, America and Germany.  This means that the Sabbateans through the Rothschild family took control […]

UK Government model states the fully Vaccinated will dominate Deaths in 3rd wave and they will blame Children and Unvaccinated for it

A document produced for the UK Government entitled ‘Summary of further modelling of easing of restrictions – Roadmap Step 2’ advising them on the consequences of reopening the country has declared that a third wave is inevitable and that it will be the fault of children and those who refuse the experimental Covid-19 vaccines. It […]

Investigation – UK Government model states the fully Vaccinated will dominate Deaths in 3rd wave and they will blame Children and Unvaccinated for it

Investigation – UK Government model states the fully Vaccinated will dominate Deaths in 3rd wave and they will blame Children and Unvaccinated for it David Icke / Gareth Icke – memes and headline comments by David Icke A document produced for the UK Government entitled ‘Summary of further modelling of easing of restrictions – Roadmap […]

Trump makes cash grab in bid to dominate GOP

The offensive underscores Trump’s determination to maintain his hold over the GOP, even out of the White House. By urging givers to route his money through his political vehicle, the former president is attempting to monopolize the Republican Party donor base — and bend the GOP to his will by depriving it of cash. According […]

Transgender Athletes Now Dominate Women’s Sports

As the world’s ruling class become more “woke,” growing numbers of transgender athletes are entering female sports and conquering women’s events. One of Joe Biden’s first acts after becoming President was to sign an executive order on “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.” The order declares that “children should […]

Despots Dominate the WHO and the UNHRC

The Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room of the Palace of Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland. The room is the meeting place of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Photo: Ludovic Courtès via Wikimedia Commons. – I understand why Joe Biden wants to rejoin the World Health Organization and the UN Human Rights Council. […]

Jen Psaki: Joe Biden’s Cat ‘Is Going to Dominate the Internet’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki predicted Sunday that President Joe Biden’s first cat would “dominate the internet” when it is publicly revealed for the first time. Psaki responded to questions about the cat in a video posted to social media where she answered questions from users on Twitter. Last week I asked you for […]

Non-Jews, anti-Israel activists dominate ‘antisemitism’ panel – analysis

It must be a story from the Onion, the satirical newspaper, people thought as they reacted to news that a new panel on “dismantling antisemitism” would include leading anti-Israel commentators, some of whom had been slammed in the past for extreme anti-Israel views or even accused of making antisemitic comments. Others thought it was “gaslighting,” […]

Donald Trump Returns to the White House: Don’t Let Coronavirus Dominate You

President Donald Trump urged Americans to stop being afraid of the coronavirus after he returned to the White House from receiving treatment for the virus. “I learned so much about coronavirus and one thing that’s for certain: don’t let it dominate you, don’t be afraid of it,” Trump said. “You’re going to beat it.” The […]

“Don’t Be Afraid Of Covid, Don’t Let It Dominate Your Life” – Trump Leaves Hospital

The Facts: Donald trump recently tweeted that he will be leaving the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. He urged citizens not to fear covid or “let it dominate your life.” Reflect On: Has there ever been a major global event where so many people are split and separated in their thinking? Why is research, […]

How Nazism Came to Dominate Both of America’s Political Parties

July 26, 2020 by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog The following 11-minute youtube video is a good introduction to this article: Ukraine Crisis — What You’re Not Being Told On July 20th, Moss Robeson headlined at TheGrayZone, “Influential DC-based Ukrainian think tank hosts neo-Nazi activist convicted for racist violence”, and he reported the inescapably visible […]

Cosmic Capitalism: Why The US Wants To Dominate Outer Space

Cosmic Capitalism: Why The US Wants To Dominate Outer Space Above Photo: President Donald Trump holds a toy astronaut as he participates in a signing ceremony for Space Policy Directive at the White House. (Reuters Photo) WASHINGTON – What does the United States do when it’s faced with hegemonic decline, ascendant rivals, and an inability to use […]

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