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Hawaiian Drama Over ‘Yellow Brick Road’ Geology and Atlantis!

Deep sea scientists have released a video showing a ‘bizarre’ geological formation that they have already named the Yellow Brick Road. However, the section of seabed making the headlines is nowhere nearly as strange Read more Section:  News General Read Later 

Smiles as Ukrainian orphans find refuge amid their deepest drama

Rostyslav smiles broadly as he holds a cake and a group of children sing happy birthday. It’s a welcome moment of happiness in what has been an extremely depressing period for these already vulnerable Ukrainian orphans. More than a dozen have made it out of the country to safety at a specialist facility in the […]

Biden—the grinder president—gets whacked for not enough drama, charisma, or entertainment

One need not like Biden to appreciate that more self-absorbed Entertainers-in-chief represent a future of dangerously inept, indeed immoral chief executives. Source

Nativist Drama

The Assam Human Rights Commission closed on 10.3.2021 the case filed by Hirak Jyoti Bora,former General Secretary,Cotton College Students’ Union and now a member of the Assamese nationalist party AJP ,against the allegedly unprovoked police firing during the night of 12 December 2019 in Assam that had killed Sam Stafford and four other youthful protesters […]

Vote-a-rama drama and the national debt

On the upcoming fight over raising the debt limit “This is the biggest story of the fall. It’s major. And it’s going to affect every single major negotiation for months to come. “The president’s legacy is on the line. He wants to move the two tracks forward. He wants to get to final enactment [the […]

The Art Of Noh: 14th-Century Japanese Dance Drama

Since the 14th century AD, Noh has been a major form of classical Japanese dance-drama. It is the oldest major theatre art form that is still performed on a regular basis to this day. Noh, which is written in late-middle Japanese, incorporates masks, costumes, and various props in a dance-based performance. The masks represent roles […]

Jen Psaki compares Trump White House drama to ‘Game of Thrones’

Perhaps it’s not too surprising that there’s less drama in the Biden administration, given that its predecessor was a literal reality TV star before becoming the political equivalent of one. Still, it is notable just how much less gossip is flying out of the West Wing these days, according to press secretary Jen Psaki. “There’s […]

York Films To Produce New Indie Drama “Viral”

Greek American producers Joanna Kalafatis and John Kalafatis with actor Keanu Reeves. Photo by Thanassis Karageorgiou Sarah Silverman and Blair Underwood were announced on Monday to be starring in a new Indie drama called “Viral” which is being created with the help of three Greek-American producers. Viral is written by Joe McClean, the producer behind […]

#QTard Drama Theater- ‘Q Is the Truth,’: Lin Wood Promotes QAnon at Bible College to Cheering Crowds

‘Q Is the Truth,’: Lin Wood Promotes QAnon at Bible College to Cheering CrowdsDate: April 21, 2021Author: Nwo Report    Source: Michael Foust | ContributorAn Oklahoma Christian college hosted a conference over the weekend that featured a well-known attorney promoting QAnon conspiracies, as hundreds of attendees cheered.Lin Wood, a former attorney for President Trump, made […]

‘Colorful, romantic’ drama of pre-state Israel to air this summer

“The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,” an ambitious, historical, multigenerational costume drama series distributed by Yes Studios, the Tel Aviv producer of “Fauda,” “Shtisel” and “Your Honor,” unveiled its trailer Monday, ahead of its early summer release in Israel. Adapted from the bestselling novel of the same name by Sarit Yishai-Levi, the series begins in 1917, […]

Humanity’s 5D Ascension: Punching Holes in the Globalist’s Control Drama

March 11th, 2021 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World I’ve just completed my third tour of Great Britain in lockdown. Britain feels like it’s a key bell-weather in the worldwide plandemonium, and a central tenet of the shadowstate agenda, with a raft of draconian control measures instigated. Of course it’s all an excuse to shut […]

Curious Times Episode 11: The Royal Drama and Other Hot Issues

David Suissa is President of Tribe Media/Jewish Journal, where he has been writing a weekly column on the Jewish world since 2006. In 2015, he was awarded first prize for “Editorial Excellence” by the American Jewish Press Association. Prior to Tribe Media, David was founder and CEO of Suissa Miller Advertising, a marketing firm named […]

‘Huge Drama:’ Israeli experts excited about publicised Netanyahu meeting in Saudi Arabia

Browse > Home / News / ‘Huge Drama:’ Israeli experts excited about publicised Netanyahu meeting in Saudi Arabia November 24, 2020 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article Israeli reporters with an intimate knowledge of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s close ties with the Arab world defined his publicised meeting with Saudi Crown Prince […]

Tiermes: Spain’s Ancient City Beset By Drama and Conflict

The culture of the Iberian Peninsula has always been complex and multifaceted. Traces of many previous civilizations are ubiquitous in the archaeological record. One example of this is the archaeological site of Tiermes, a Celtiberian hillfort which later became a Roman city and then a Christian religious shrine. Archaeological Remains of a Major Ancient Settlement […]

New Developments In The Skripal Drama – Police Statement, OPCW Report Release

There are a few notable developments in the Skripal case about the poisoning of a former British secret agent from Russia and his daughter in Salisbury. (If you are new to the issue please refer to our older pieces listed below. You may want to start with The Best Explanation For The Skripal […]

Passionate Drama and Sinister Tensions: Some reflections on Nicolas Flagello around his 90th birthday

Christoph Schlüren (nsnbc) : Born in New York City on 15 March 1928, the Italo-American composer and conductor Nicolas Flagello would have celebrated his […]

It’s a miracle, Last Act Of ‘Novichok’ Drama Revealed – ‘The #Skripals’ Resurrection’

It seems that the ‘Novichok’ fairy-tale the British government plays to us provides for a happy ending – the astonishing and mysterious resurrection of the victims of a “military grade” “five to eight times more deadly than VX gas” “nerve agent” “of a type developed by” Hollywood. Happy Easter! Yulia Skripal no longer in critical […]

Russian MoD takes drama out of US Air Force’s video report on ‘intercepts’ near Baltics

In a statement released on Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense acknowledged that NATO F-15 jets had “approached” Su-30 fighter jets in two separate incidents – on November 23 and December 13 – near the Baltics, but said “the route of Russian fighter jets was agreed with the air logistics control units and was carried […]

Overview of the ‘drama triangle’ and the three faces of victimhood

     Whether we know it, or not, most of us react to life as victims. Whenever we refuse to take responsibility for ourselves, we are unconsciously choosing to react as victim. This inevitably creates feelings of anger, fear, guilt or inadequacy and leaves us feeling betrayed, or taken advantage of by others. Victim-hood can be […]

VIDEO: Ken O’Keefe’s Latest Drama Update – 20/7/2017

Hello Zionist Report Followers! As you know, our mission is to EXPOSE THE TRUTH. And, we need your help to achieve it. We are a team of two journalists that are tirelessly working on this mission. We have grown tremendously since we launched in January. And now we are looking to take our growth to […]

BBC Predicted Grenfell Tower Disaster In 1993 Drama

An old 1990’s BBC drama called House of Cards features a storyline that bears a startling similarity to the Grenfell Tower fire that left hundreds of people dead. In the show, which was originally aired in 1993, a gas explosion occurs in a poor run-down tower block in London, killing 70 people. At one point […]

Jeremy Corbyn responds to Chilcot: "The Iraq war was an act of military aggression launched on a false pretext"

     [The following is a transcript of Jeremy Corbyn’s remarks today in the House of Commons.] Before addressing the issues raised in the Iraq Inquiry report, I would like to remember and honour the 179 British servicemen and women killed and the thousands maimed and injured during the Iraq war, and their families as well […]

Maduro: Obama’s Latest Comments Reveal “Anti-Bolivarian Obsession”

Rachel Boothroyd-Rojas (VA) : Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro hit back at his US counterpart Barack Obama on Tuesday, accusing him of having an “obsession” with undermining the South American country’s leftist government.  The retaliation comes as a response to a CNN Español interview with Obama aired on Monday, in which the US president claims to be “worried” […]

Clarification on Religious Flame Wars on the Forum

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer March 1, 2016 Yesterday, I made a post announcing some changes on the forum, and some people were triggered by the ban of religious flame war threads. It was pointed out that the language was vague. I should have been more clear. What I am banning is religious flame war threads. People […]

Merkel Being Pushed as Leader of the UN

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer February 18, 2016 Angela Merkel will go down as the most successful politician in history. She has single-handedly put into action the complete Islamization of Europe and the extermination of the European race. Why not make her head of the UN? New York Times: Yet some United Nations insiders speak of a […]

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