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Putin’s Women Run the Show – But Germany’s Touted Wehrmacht Wear Dresses Too

It was late in the afternoon, the day before International Women’s Day, and Der Spiegel editor Solveig Grothe could not come up with a way to degenerate Russia. Then it hit her like a Hugo Boss bag full of swastikas! “Russian women are the cause of all the world’s calamities,” she thought. So, she sat […]

Activist Mom Dresses Like Cat to Highlight Trans Insanity at School Board Meeting

Activist Mom Dresses Like Cat to Highlight Trans Insanity at School Board Meeting [size=16]Date: December 15, 2022Author: Nwo Report  [/size]   Activist Lindsey Graham calls out a ’70-year-old male member who dresses like a woman in front of students. Posted BY: Adan Salazar Activist mom Lindsey Graham, known as the Patriot Barbie, donned a cat […]

Wife Dresses In Bomb Suit To Open Pressurized Biscuit Canister

GREENVILLE, SC—According to sources, local wife Kaitlyn Vargas had to delay meal preparation at her home this evening in order to don a military-style bomb suit before opening a pressurized can of Pillsbury biscuits.  “Yeah, I’ve been opening these things for years. I take no chances when it comes to opening a can of biscuits,” she […]

Hillary Clinton Dresses Up As President For Halloween

CHAPPAQUA, NY—According to sources, former First Lady and skilled assassin Hillary Clinton is joining the Halloween festivities this year by dressing up as a real live president.  “I really wanted to show little girls everywhere that if you believe in yourself and kill a lot of people, you can be president of the United States someday,” […]

“Do Not Touch My Clothes”: Afghan Women Post Selfies in Colorful Dresses to Protest Taliban Dress Codes

Fatima Kakkar, MD, MPH (@DrFatimaKakkar) wrote: Proudly wearing in our traditional, colourful, vibrant Afghan clothes #DoNotTouchMyClothes #AfghanWoman #AfghanistanCulture #AfganistanWomen Afghan women are protesting Taliban imposed women dress code. At the same time, Taliban organized a head to toe veiled women gathering at the Shaheed Rabbani Education University in Kabul on September 11, 2021 attended by […]

Justin Trudeau Dresses Up As A Saudi Sheik So Biden Will Approve His Pipeline

OTTAWA—Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (he/him, they/them) dusted off one of his old ethnic costumes today in hopes that President Joe Biden would approve his pipeline. “Hello, President Biden, much happy greetings from my Middle East country, good sir!” Trudeau said in a meeting with the president today. “I have many great pipeline for you […]

Odysseus – how the world’s master of contrivance dresses down today’s creepy, lying losers

Fudging on truth is an art form: Odysseus was a master; Trump and company, appalling amateurs What is more pathetic and more revealing than bad lies that implode? Consider a dodgy youngster, dripping with spilled milk, whining “Don’t look at me, blame them.” Or a brighter bulb who blames magic, a ghost, maybe that invisible mystery called gravity. A failed lie instantly exposes one real truth: behold a dolt trying to pull a fast one. As with hapless grifters, whose scams trigger guffaws or jeers, even physical rebukes, we relish the relief of not getting played. In short, there are “good” fabrications that engage to some good end– and there are woeful lies that speak […]

Australia primary school boy dresses up as concentration camp inmate

An elementary school in Melbourne, Australia, sparked controversy when one of its students dressed up as a concentration camp inmate for Book Week.Taking place in mid-November at St. John Vianney’s Primary School, the student was dressed as the titular character in the Holocaust novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. His mother posted the picture on […]

Captain Cringe! Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Dresses As “Rona Destroyer”

In what may be the cringiest video you’ll see all day, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot dresses up as “Corona Destroyer” during a press conference announcing the city’s Halloween coronavirus guidelines. Lightfoot, who also role-plays as the leader of one of America’s most historic cities, revealed a series of “rules” to be enforced during the upcoming […]

Going Underground – John Simons – The man who changed they way every man in Britain dresses today

Going Underground – John Simons – The man who changed they way every man in Britain dresses today Going Underground with Afshin We speak to John Simons, the designer who dressed Mods like Paul Weller about class and the story of British modernism. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on […]

NYC: Tranny School Official Dresses Like a Streetwalker and Does Erotic Dance for Elementary School Children (Real Thing)

SpartacusDaily Stormer June 3, 2017 He’s just like all the other goyim, except more FABULOUS! So yeah, this happened in front of a bunch of elementary school children: I thought it was Kathy Griffin too, at first Since I’m not from the Anglozone, I had to check to make sure “elementary school” […]

For The First Time In 1,000 Years, The Public Has Access To This Secret Cave. What’s Inside?

China has a rich history reaching back to prehistoric times, and every year more and more gets discovered about this amazing civilization, and the stories beneath it. Recently, a temple which is believed to have been constructed during the  Tang Dynasty in the 7th century, was voted to be opened up after being sealed for […]

Iraqi Newspaper Reportedly Calling for "A Hitler To Stop The Jews Planning A Takeover Of Iraq"

“Hitler said: ‘I could have killed all the Jews, but I kept some [alive] so the world would understand why I killed them.’ “When I read Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, I discovered that the situation from which Germany suffered is identical to that which has beset Iraq ever since the 2003 replacement [of […]

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