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Natural health advocate and mother of three stopped vaccinating children following adverse reactions; boosted immunity with organic food instead

(NaturalNews) It’s a tragedy that happens more often than we’d like to admit: a mother, pressured to do what’s “right” for her kids by her pediatrician or doctor, agrees to vaccinate her healthy little ones, only to watch their health spiral into a vortex of chronic disease right before her very eyes – […]

#StandWithMilo … Natural News issues ‘Most Dangerous Faggot of the Year Award’ to Milo Yiannopoulos

(NaturalNews) On behalf of all Natural News editors, writers and researchers, we hereby issue Milo Yiannopoulos the prestigious Dangerous Faggot of the Year Award, respectfully titled in honor of his self-named speaking tour (the “Dangerous Faggot Tour”). #StandWithMilo. For those who don’t know Milo, he’s an openly gay editor who combines sharp […]


Submitted by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog: The statistics in the chart below are representative of every Democrat controlled urban shithole city in America. Obama and his anti-gun activist minions are peddling a false narrative about guns because they understand most Americans are dumber than a sack of hammers and […]

Israeli Soldiers Attack Palestinian Detainees In Ramon Prison

IMEMC : The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported Sunday that Israeli soldiers attacked dozens of Palestinian detainees in Section 5 of the Ramon Israeli Prison. The PPS said the soldiers invaded room number 72, after completely sealing the entire sections, and repeatedly assaulting the detainees, wounding many of them. The attack is part of […]

The Illusion of Time and Space

Home > The Illusion of Time and Space Jeff Street, GuestWaking Times Like a lot of things about this reality we experience, linear time is simply a very convincing illusion. It is an illusion created by consciousness, in fact so is “space”. Closely related to […]

White Guilt Cringe Compilation

The retarded level of discourse in 2016 is absolutely astonishing. We have hordes of anti-Whites screaming about how privileged White people are, from the streets to the federal government. Youtube link: Source Article from

Totally hijacked by Big Food: Organic Trade Association turns against GMO labeling

(NaturalNews) A number of farmer and consumer advocacy groups are breaking ties with the influential Organic Trade Association (OTA), after it was discovered that the membership-based organization, which represents the entire organic industry in both Canada and the United States, sold out to Big Agribusiness by extending its support to the Stabenow-Roberts Bill, […]

94% of Blacks Murdered by Blacks — Where’s the Outrage?

  July 12, 2016 In March, a black mob assaulted, knocked unconscious, disrobed and robbed a white tourist in downtown Baltimore. Black mobs have roamed the streets of Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angeles and other cities, making unprovoked attacks on whites and running off with their belongings. Source Article from

22 Ways Drinking Soda Will Shorten Your Life

Elisha McFarland, Green Med InfoWaking Times Numerous studies have shown the negative health effects of drinking soda on your waistline and your teeth. Drinking soda however, has far more serious health risks than many of us may realize.  According to Euromonitor, the average person in the United States consumes more than 126 grams […]

Hillary Clinton’s Libyan Fingerprints

Leftist riot in Berlin: Radicals clash with police, torch cars

An estimated 2,000 far-left radicals clashed with police in the Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg neighborhoods on Saturday and during the night that followed. They were opposed by some 1,800 security personnel. Police units came to the German capital from at least four different federal parts of Germany. Other sources suggest there were up to as many […]

Bahamian government cautions male citizens on travelling to the US; urges caution in interacting with police

     The Bahamas government Friday urged nationals to exercise caution if they intend on travelling to the United States following the shooting deaths of five police officers in Dallas on Thursday night. The US authorities said that seven other police officers were shot and wounded as the lone sniper shot at white police officers in […]

A Dollar a Day

Editor’s note: Digger was not asked to make this suggestion. His support is appreciated. Polite Proposal: How about on the 14th of each month, each and every one of us sends off equivalent of $30 to the Renegade production team. My approach to donating is exactly like doing activism. We are far better off as […]

Cops Shoot Man 7 Times, Execute Because He “May Have” Hurt Police K9 That Was Attacking Him

Sabrina Canfield | Courthouse News Service NEW ORLEANS (CN) – A dead man’s father claims in a federal lawsuit that his son was shot seven times by cops because they believed he “may have hurt” a police dog. As recounted in a complaint filed Tuesday in New Orleans, Darien […]

Austrian court cancels presidential election result, orders re-run

Hofer, who was running for the Freedom Party (FPO), lost an incredibly tight election by just 31,000 votes, with Alexander Van der Bellen, a former economics professor endorsed by the Green Party, claiming victory. READ MORE: Austria’s far-right Freedom Party challenges presidential election result – court The final count showed that Van der Bellen had 50.3 […]

Nasal spray flu vaccine given to 30 percent of children is completely ineffective, experts say

(NaturalNews) It’s bad enough that annual flu vaccines are often ineffective, but now we learn that the more popular, needle-free “FluMist” influenza vaccine has not provided protection for kids or adults for several years, and therefore should not be used in the coming flu season, say experts. As reported by NBC News, the […]

USA Today publishes hit piece on natural medicine by quoting discredited vaccine charlatan Paul Offit

(NaturalNews) Like no other place on Earth, corporations in America hire shills and charlatans to sell their toxic food and toxic medicine, using brain-washing language and advertisements only the already-drugged-up-brains would soak in, believe and obey. About 200 million Americans, or more, read the newspaper and watch television as if the news is […]

Rush to exit? Politicians clamor for EU membership referendums at home

The Netherlands should hold its own referendum on whether to leave the EU as soon as possible, according to the leader of the Dutch anti-immigrant PVV party, Geert Wilders.  “It’s a fantastic result! I congratulate the British people for beating the political elite in both London and Brussels and I think we can do the […]

The National Endowment for Democracy: Not National and Not for Democracy

Tony Cartalucci (NEO) : Using a front to hide illegal or immoral activities has been a feature of human criminality since the beginning of human civilization itself. Facades, both ideological and economical, have helped criminal enterprises conceal the true nature of their activities for centuries. In ages past, organized religion would often take systems of […]

You’ll Never Believe the Reason Why the Middle Class is Shrinking

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   Stephen Rose, labor economist with the Urban Institute, has released a paper on the real reason why the middle class is shrinking in America. Rose explains that the middle class has been going through a makeover and moving on up to […]

Australian defender Antony Golec set to join Iran’s Persepolis

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Croatian-Australian defender Antony Golec is on the verge of joining Iranian popular football team Persepolis.The 26-year-old left back has reached an initial agreement with Persepolis. Last season, Persepolis became runner-up in Iran Professional League. The Reds will represent Iran in the next season’s AFC Champions League. Golec was a member of the […]

The food revolution begins NOW… Send an unforgettable message to Big Food by voting for the Health Ranger’s new book ‘Food Forensics’

(NaturalNews) It’s not often that I ask for your help. But today, I need your help and your action to send an unforgettable message to Big Food that says, “We demand food transparency, honest ingredients and clean food!” How can you send that powerful message to Big Food? I’ve just released my first […]

Damascus Says German Special Forces Are In Syria

The Syrian government said that German special forces were present, alongside French and American military personnel, in northern Syria, condemning it as a clear act of “aggression”. On Wednesday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that French and German forces had been deployed to Ain al-Arab, also known as Kobani, and Manbij alongside US military personnel. Germany’s Defense Ministry has […]

French Senate supports resolution to lift EU sanctions against Russia

The vast majority – 302 senators – voted for the move, with only 16 being against the lifting of anti-Russia sanctions. In all, 335 politicians were present at the meeting in the Luxembourg Palace. The motion is non-binding, however. The initiatives of deputies and senators, aimed at pressuring the government, have “no binding force because […]

Over 20 killed, scores injured in Al-Nusra & Ahrar al-Sham shelling of residential Aleppo – MoD

Residential and administrative buildings in the Muhafaza and Meydan neighborhoods of Aleppo suffered the brunt of the terrorist onslaught on Tuesday, the Russian Center for Reconciliation said in a statement. Some mortars targeted and destroyed a busy shopping area, killing dozens of people. “More than 20 people were killed, and around 40 suffered injuries of […]

US Navy accused of ‘disappearing’ cats in Spain

The Rota base in Spain’s Cadiz province has been luring feral cats into “cage traps,” according to a local animal shelter Siempre Contigo. According to images shared online by the organization, the traps have signs which read, “US government property. Tampering or destruction is unlawful, under both Spanish and American law.” Siempre Contigo’s Carmen de […]

US effectively siding with Al-Qaeda in desire to get rid of Assad – former UK ambassador to Syria

The US “is effectively siding with a branch of Al-Qaeda” in Syria, Peter Ford told RT, speaking of Washington’s recent request to Moscow not to target Al-Nusra positions with air strikes for the sake of moderate opposition groups located in the same area. ‘Moderate opposition’ involved in ongoing attacks on civilians in Aleppo – Syrian […]

‘We need to help refugees nearer to their homes’: Migrant-refusing Swiss village to RT

Just as some 70 percent of Swiss backed a proposal to speed up the country’s asylum procedures, and as Switzerland is asked to play an increasing role in solving the crisis, one of its villages is running in the other direction. The municipality of Oberwil-Lieli would rather pay a fine of $300,000 per year to […]


WikiLeaks cable shows Clinton willfully abused confidential documents Earlier this month, online security expert Jacob Appelbaum said Hillary Clinton has a personal grudge against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and if elected she will work overtime to make his life a living hell. Clinton’s vendetta stems from the release of diplomatic cables by the journalism organization. […]

Canada approves genetically modified salmon for sale after claiming ‘rigorous scientific review’

(NaturalNews) The Canadian government has made the controversial and alarming decision to approve its first genetically modified food animal for sale in Canada. Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency made the announcement at a conference in Ottawa, explaining that AquaBounty’s genetically modified salmon has been approved for sale as food, as […]

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