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‘In 1929, the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget found that children between two and four years old are inclined to attribute consciousness to everything around them. ‘A child can happily talk to a grasshopper and blame the pavement if they trip up, and it isn’t such an alien thought, at that age, to think a flower […]

President Trump: ‘Durham Probe Leads Back to Hillary – Big Things Are About To Happen’

Donald Trump has declared that Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe will lead back to Hillary, and has predicted that “big things are about to happen.” In an interview with Fox News, Trump weighed in on the recent indictment of Democratic operative Igor Danchenko, the primary source of former British spy […]

Durham’s Sussman Indictment Could Lead to Hillary Clinton Prosecution, Expert Says

Former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris says Hillary Clinton may be next on John Durham’s list following the indictment of her attorney Michael Sussman. “[I]t might be that we’ve finally caught up with Hillary,” Morris declared on Sunday’s WABC 770 AM radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,”. “We don’t know yet, but I’m going to probe it, […]

Dick Morris: ‘Some Chance’ Durham’s Sussmann Indictment Will Lead to Hillary Clinton Indictment

Sunday on New York WABC 770 AM radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris reacted to John Durham indicting former Hillary Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann for allegedly lying to the FBI in 2016. Morris predicted that the indictment would lead to Hillary Clinton’s indictment. “[I]t might be that we’ve finally caught up […]

Will the Durham Probe ‘Wither on the Vine?’—Interview With Matt Whitaker | Facts Matter

Will the Durham Probe ‘Wither on the Vine?’—Interview With Matt Whitaker | Facts Matter Matt Whitaker, who was the acting attorney general under former President Donald Trump, gives us an inside look into the Durham investigation—including his fear of what might be happening to it under the new administration. Stay tuned for our newsletter so […]

Ten police cars and one K-9 unit sent to Tim Hortons in Durham Ontario to deal with person legally not wearing a mask due to a medical exemption and arrest her | Citizens call out police Dylan Eleven | Durham Police arrest illegally a lady in Tim Hortons for not wearing a mask. She explained she has a disability and cannot breath with it on. Instead of agreeing with her and reprimanding the Tim Hortons employees for not following the bylaws and allowing her entry without a mask, they […]

Dems Panic as Durham Expands Team Due to ‘Excellent Progress’ on Trump-Russia Hoax

Special Counsel John Durham is expanding his team due to the “excellent progress” he is making in the Trump-Russia hoax probe. A federal law enforcement official familiar with the probe told Fox News that Durham is adding prosecutors to his team as his investigation ramps up. Durham was appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr in October as special counsel. […]

John “Dead End” Durham — The Duran

John Durham’s “dead end” career started after he moved to DC after a successful career prosecuting crime families and gangsters.  Then his ability to indict criminals started to dry up.  In November 2017 when answering the QUESTIONNAIRE FOR NON-JUDICIAL NOMINEES, Durham describes his 10 most notable litigation, all of those he chose were crime family… John […]

John Durham Investigating FBI Handling Of Clinton Foundation Pay-To-Play Allegations

US Attorney John Durham is investigating how the FBI handled their investigation of bribery and pay-to-play allegations against the Clinton Foundation. Notably, former FBI Director James Comey’s family supported Clinton in the 2016 US election, while the wife of his #2, Andrew McCabe, received roughly $700,000 from Clinton allies in her failed bid for Virginia […]

Report: Durham Clears Brennan In Russia Hoax Probe

U.S. Attorney John Durham has reportedly cleared former CIA Director John Brennan of wrongdoing in his ongoing investigation into the origins of the debunked Russia collusion hoax narrative. “Earlier today [John] Brennan was informed by [U.S. Attorney John] Mr. Durham that he is not a subject or a target of a criminal investigation and that […]

AG Barr discusses the latest in Durham probe and John Bolton’s book | Part 2

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How Durham, NC became the first U.S. city to ban police exchanges with Israel

Durham, North Carolina became the first city in the country to ban local police exchanges with Israel on April 16, when the city council unanimously passed a resolution opposing any international “military-style” training for police officers. During a heated discussion at City Hall, opponents of the resolutions expressed confusion over the policy’s relevance to Durham, […]

Listen: How Durham activists led city to ban police training in Israel

Nora Barrows-Friedman The Electronic Intifada Podcast 19 April 2018 In a unanimous vote by its city council on 16 April, Durham, North Carolina, became the first city in the US to ban training programs between its police department and foreign militaries, including Israel’s. The city council’s action was the result of steady grassroots campaigning led […]

Durham, NC votes for nation’s first ban on police exchanges with Israel

Late Monday evening, Durham voted unanimously to become the first city in the U.S. to prohibit police exchanges with Israel, after broad community pressure and popular petition by the Demilitarize! Durham2Palestine coalition, an affiliate of the Deadly Exchange Campaign. The policy, which states that, “the Council opposes international exchanges with any country in which Durham officers receive […]

Durham Cops Grilled Female Officer’s Suicidal Ex Instead of Taking Him to Hospital

Lawyer Peter Brauti is representing a Durham police sergeant who alleges officers interrogated her suicidal ex-husband instead of taking him to hospital. The Durham police officers said they would take the mentally unstable man to the hospital. He was suicidal and needed to see a doctor. Instead, the officers interrogated him in an attempt to […]

Rumors Of KKK March Lead To Rapid Mobilization In Durham

Above photo: By @cerebronas on Twitter. They said they were “dancing hate away.” Drumming at the counterprotest against the KKK in Durham, North Carolina on Aug. 18, 2007. #HowIFightForJustice #FridayFeeling — RiotWomenn (@riotwomennn) August 18, 2017 Durham, NC – 11:25 a.m.: In a recorded message to employees, Durham County closed office buildings and sent workers […]

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