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Philippines Supreme Court Blocks Commercial Release of GMOs over Ecological Disaster Fears

Philippines Supreme Court Blocks Commercial Release of GMOs over Ecological Disaster Fears by Sustainable Pulse April 28, 2023   Genetically modified Golden Rice and Bt eggplant will remain off the market in the Philippines after the country’s Supreme Court (SC) issued a writ in favor of farmers and scientists who sought to stop the government […]

Solving the climate crisis requires traditional ecological knowledge

Native study of the natural world is exceptionally deep and nuanced at understanding and protecting ecosystems. Source

What A Peaceful Build-Up That Evades Ecological Breakdown Would Look Like

Above photo: Unsplash/Taha Mazandarani. Facing the coronavirus and climate crises, a shift in awareness to our interdependence offers a way to build back up peacefully. The pandemic has had and is still having a global impact, more than a year later. Was it a wake-up call for more people to realize that the consumerist lifestyle […]

Mussoorie Bypass Tunnel is Expensive, but Its Ecological Costs Will Be Even Higher

Many people cherish memories of visiting Mussoorie ( located near Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand ), even called the Queen of Hill Stations in India. The famous hill resort houses the L.B.S. IAS Academy where the country’s future top civil servants are trained. The Mussorie hills divide the Ganga and Yamuna river systems which have their […]

Container ship fire produces ecological catastrophe in Sri Lanka

Fire damaged X-Press Pearl just before it sank (Credit: Sri Lankan Air Force) In the second major container ship accident in Sri Lankan waters in the past year, the X-Press Pearl, which was awaiting entry to Colombo port, caught fire on May 20 after a chemical leak. All attempts to douse the fire failed and […]

PODCAST: Daily Briefing, Feb. 24 — Israel’s worst ecological disaster yet?

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing: Your 15-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world, from Sunday through Thursday. Today’s panel comprises Times of Israel senior analyst Haviv Rettig Gur and our environment reporter Sue Surkes, along with producer Raoul Wootliff in the host’s chair. On […]

Israel’s beaches hit be worst ecological disaster in decades

Browse > Home / News / Israel’s beaches hit be worst ecological disaster in decades February 22, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article 170km of Israel’s 190km coast were covered with tar and damaged in an ecological disaster in the past few days, the worst environmental disaster in decades. Photo: Gideon […]

Embracing Ecological Realism

January 11th, 2021 By Robert C Koehler Via Common Dreams Our post-election hope couldn’t be more fragile. Does Joe Biden see his mission as merely reclaiming situation normal from Donald Trump? How aware is he of the big, beyond-our-lifetimes future and the crucial need to address climate change? Is he able to acknowledge that human […]

Changing To An Ecological Way Of Valuing National Economies

The Global South is adversely impacted by the many crises that exist in this world – the climate crisis, pandemic, recession, war to name a few. Although the Global South is wealthy in terms of culture, biodiversity, knowledge and more, the way the Global North defines what is valuable contributes to economic inequality between the […]

The ecological impact of militarism

Against the Institution of War As we start the 21st century and the new millennium, our scientific and technological civilization seems to be entering a period of crisis. Today, for the first time in history, science has given to humans the possibility of a life of comfort, free from hunger and cold, and free from […]

Capitalism, Exterminism And Long Ecological Revolution

Capitalism, Exterminism And Long Ecological Revolution Above Photo: From Exclusive: teleSUR spoke to Monthly Review editor John Bellamy Foster about climate change & the need to fight for an ecosocialist, revolutionary alternative to the profit-driven world capitalist system. Even the most stubborn climate skeptics found the events of 2017 difficult to cope with. It wasn’t […]

‘On Course for Ecological Armageddon’ – Researchers Sound Alarm as Insect Die-Off Worsens

Alex Pietrowski, Staff WriterWaking Times Last year, the results of a German study on insect populations foretold of a massive global die-off in many inspect species. Now, scientists are sounding the alarm again following a new study, and warning that we are “on course for ecological Armageddon.” “Insects make up about two-thirds of all […]

Researchers Warn Massive Insect Die-off Is Harbinger Of “Ecological Armageddon”

NIJMEGEN, NETHERLANDS – Though the rapidly vanishing bee population has captured headlines in recent years, a new study suggests that the bees’ disappearance is merely a symptom of a much larger problem. According to a new, decades-long study conducted by researchers at Radboud University in the Netherlands, the insect population at large is in startling […]

Even a ‘minor’ nuclear war would be an ecological disaster felt throughout the world

David McCoy (TC) : President Donald Trump’s vow to hit North Korea with “fire and fury like the world has never seen” is an […]

Chemical pesticides, industrial pollution and ecological destruction causing sixth mass extinction on planet Earth

(Natural News) A peer-reviewed analysis published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences classified this age as one of “biological annihilation” — one that has prompted the planet’s sixth mass extinction event. Scientists behind the study threaten that should no policies be made to address this issue now, we may soon be facing catastrophic […]


Source: Natural Society Researchers at the University of California San Diego and Sapphire Energy have successfully grown genetically modified algae outdoors for the first time. They claim that the GM algae don’t harm native algae populations and, moreover, can fend off deadly bacteria. [1] Genetically modifying algae makes them grow more […]

Southern Cal Air Quality Board Sued Over Corporate-Friendly Smog Rules

Print Friendly Above Photo: A lawsuit aims to negate the South Coast Air Quality Management District board’s vote in December that adopted a proposal by the Western States Petroleum Assn. Above, thick haze hangs over Los Angeles in January. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times) Community groups and environmentalists filed suit Wednesday over Southern California air […]

Obscure Negress Attacks Other Negress for Oscar Boycott

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 19, 2016 An obscure Negress has come out and attacked the Negress Jada Pinkett-Smith for planning to boycott the Oscars because her Negro husband didn’t get nominated. Janet Hubert played “Aunt Viv” on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the show that made Will Smith famous. Interestingly – or perhaps not – […]

Vaccines, Are They Safe and Effective? The Greatest Medical Controversy of Our Time

The Vaccine Controversy, The Movie; a film by Richard P. Milner, Public Affairs Media, Inc. This virtual debate presents two opposing views of the safety and efficacy of vaccines. The film is a pilot for a larger project to educate the public about the vaccine controversy. Biochemist and pharmacy professor Dr. Boyd Haley disputes the claims […]

A Tangled Web: How the Media Misleads the Public on Terrorist Threats

Public perception about the so-called “Global War on Terror” is manipulated in various ways by a trail of misinformation and disinformation. This article is a case study on the October 22, 2015 lone gunman rampage Parliament Hill, Ottawa which was used by the  government of former  Prime Minister Steven Harper to justify Canada’s entry into the US […]

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