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Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei says country won’t join BRICS group… instead, he will embrace the collapsing DOLLAR

Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei says country won’t join BRICS group… instead, he will embrace the collapsing DOLLAR Argentinian President-elect Javier Milei has done a complete 180 on Buenos Aires joining BRICS, saying the South American nation won’t be joining the five-nation group. Diana Mondino, senior economic adviser to Milei, confirmed this development to Sputnik Brazil […]

‘The Last Election We Would Ever Have’: Jim Garlow (Again) Prophesies Doom if Voters Don’t Elect Candidates Dedicated to ‘Biblical Governance’

Heading into the 2012 election, right-wing pastor Jim Garlow warned that if then-President Barack Obama was reelected, the United States would be “unsalvageable.” We have about ten months left to save this nation. It’s not that the nation will cease to exist after November, it’s just that the die will have been cast in such […]

Rep.-Elect George Santos Under Investigation After He Had Misrepresented Education, Work Background

Republican Congressman-elect George Santos (R-N.Y.) is being investigated by prosecutors after he said he had embellished his professional biography during his campaign to represent the state’s 3rd Congressional District. Nassau County District Attorney Anne T. Donnelly, a Republican who took office at the start of 2022, said in a statement on Dec. 29: “The numerous […]

Israel vote to elect Knesset Speaker delayed

The right-wing Likud Party and the opposition agreed, on Monday, to postpone the election of a temporary Speaker for the Knesset (Israel's parliament) until Tuesday, according to Israeli media. Israeli public broadcaster, KAN, said the move came after opposition parties threatened to obstruct the vote, Anadolu News Agency reports. The election was scheduled to take […]

No clear winner predicted as Slovenians elect new president

Voters in Slovenia on Sunday are out to vote and elect a new president of the small Alpine nation, with no clear winner in sight among the three main contenders. Though the office is largely ceremonial in Slovenia, Sunday’s vote is still seen as a way to gauge the popularity of its liberal government that […]

Kathy Griffin Warns ‘Civil War’ If Voters Elect Republicans in November Midterms

Kathy Griffin is doing her part to help Democrats escalate political rhetoric to dangerous levels ahead of the November midterms, saying they’ll be “civil war” if voters elect Republicans.

OMG!!! A Decent Politician Exists in Californication! If Californians Do Not Elect This Guy They Deserve What’s Coming.

Nothing Raths said is wrong. Jews absolutely use their money to control politicians in America. This is just a statement of fact. We will undoubtedly see Jews do everything they can to derail his political campaign over this.

Gabriel Boric, Speech as President-elect

We publish here in full the speech with which Gabriel Boric Font thanks the people of Chile for the enormous vote received, which makes him the youngest President the country has ever had in its history. This act took place in Santiago, with the most massive concurrence that has ever taken place in the Alameda […]

Man Showing No Signs Of Repentance In His Life Still Pretty Sure He’s One Of The Elect

Man Showing No Signs Of Repentance In His Life Still Pretty Sure He’s One Of The Elect GRAND CEDAR, OR—Local man Henry Paulson is pretty sure he’s one of the elect despite showing no signs of repentance, faith, love for the believers, love for God, desire to read God’s Word, or sanctification. “Yeah, I’m a […]

Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Choice Groups Mobilize to Elect Glenn Youngkin Virginia Governor

Anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice religious-right groups and leaders are mobilizing to help Republican Glenn Youngkin win this year’s Virginia gubernatorial election in which voting is already underway. Youngkin has bragged about endorsements from national religious-right groups, including the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List and National Right to Life. Another right-wing anti-choice group, CatholicVote, told supporters in an […]

Qatari FM visits Tehran, meets President-elect Raisi

Qatari FM visits Tehran, meets President-elect Raisi – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani, the deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs of Qatar, visited Tehran on Sunday and held talks with Iran’s President-elect Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi. The sides discussed the latest developments in bilateral relations and important regional and international […]

Araqchi briefs President-elect Raisi on JCPOA talks

Araqchi briefs President-elect Raisi on JCPOA talks – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Top Iranian nuclear negotiator has provided a thorough report on the Vienna nuclear talks to the new president of Iran in preparation for the transition of power. Deputy Foreign Minister Seyed Abbas Araqchi, who is leading the Iranian negotiating team in the Vienna talks, […]

President-elect Raisi invited to UN climate change meeting

TEHRAN — Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, the president-elect of Iran, has been invited to attend the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland. COP26 will be held from November 1 to 12 under the presidency of the UK. Raisi, who won the June 18 elections by a landslide, will take […]

Foreign regional leaders congratulate Iran’s president-elect Raeisi

Foreign regional leaders congratulate Iran’s president-elect Raeisi – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a message on Saturday congratulating the election of Ebrahim Raeisi as the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran. “Dear Mr. Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, the president-elect of the Islamic Republic of Iran, accept my sincere congratulations on the election […]

Zarif says all must back President-elect Raisi, predicts JCPOA would be revived in Rouhani admin.

Zarif says all must back President-elect Raisi, predicts JCPOA would be revived in Rouhani admin. – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says every Iranian must support President-elect Ebrahim Raeisi and all administrative affairs must be in accordance with his decisions. Speaking on the sidelines of Antalya Diplomacy Forum on Saturday, Zarif also […]

Parents Take Over School Board, Elect New Members, Immediately Vote to End Mask Mandate

By Matt Agorist On Tuesday, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey enacted a new executive order that lifted the state’s mandate which required school children to wear masks. In Vail, Arizona, the Vail School District scheduled a meeting on how to move forward. A massive crowd of parents — tired of their children being forced to wear masks — […]

Gunmen Raid Home of Bishop-Elect in South Sudan, Shooting Him Twice

Two gunmen broke into the home of Bishop-elect Christian Carlassare in Rumbek, South Sudan, early Monday, shooting him twice in the legs. The assault occurred sometime between midnight and 2:00 a.m. and is believed to have been meant as a warning to the prelate, who is being transported to Nairobi for treatment. On March 8, […]

Pakistan lawmakers elect new Senators in test for Imran Khan

Pakistani lawmakers were choosing Wednesday new members of the country’s Senate or upper house of parliament — a vote that is seen as a test for Prime Minister Imran Khan s government. Khan’s ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party is seeking to improve its standing in the 104-member Senate, where it lacks majority. Votes are cast by […]

ICC to elect new prosecutor as controversial Bensouda set to step down

The International Criminal Court’s member countries were set to elect a new chief prosecutor for the war crimes tribunal on Friday, a grueling job whose current holder is under US sanctions. Four candidates from Britain, Ireland, Italy and Spain are vying to replace outgoing prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, who has led controversial probes into the Israeli-Palestinian […]

EU backs away from Venezuela’s Guaido, joining US president-elect to suggest opposition leader is done

The EU has made a point of not calling former Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido by his adopted title, fueling speculation that the US might relax sanctions without requiring President Nicolas Maduro’s exit. Europe will continue its “engagement” with all Venezuelan “political and social actors,” High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security […]

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