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Elite Gold Pendants Unearthed in Norway Were ‘Sacrifices’ to the Gods

In separate discoveries  that occurred in 2019 and 2020, searchers found seven ancient gold pendants buried in a field near the Norwegian municipality of Råde in Østfold County. The first four gold pendants were found by a metal detectorist, and the last three by archaeologists from the University of Oslo who performed a follow-up excavation.  These highly-detailed, thinly-cast […]

Teacher Fired From Elite NYC School for Defending White Students From Demonization, Though Principal Agreed

Paul Rossi was a math teacher at Grace Church School in NYC before he was fired for expressing his concern over the way White students are being demonized. Standing up against literal and overt racism will see you severely punished in the Western world, as long as the people you are defending are White. As […]

Head of NYC’s Elite Dalton School Resigning After Pushing ‘Obsessive’ Social Justice Agenda

The head of The Dalton School — an elite private school located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan — is resigning after pushing what parents call an “obsessive” and “wildly inappropriate” social justice agenda, which even included reenactments of “racist cops” in science classes. The head of The Dalton School, Jim Best, announced on […]

EU Sanctions Elite Iran Commander, 7 Others Over 2019 Protests

BRUSSELS—The European Union has imposed sanctions on eight Iranian commanders and police chiefs, including the head of the elite Revolutionary Guards, over a deadly crackdown in November 2019, the bloc said in its Official Journal on April 12. The travel bans and asset freezes are the first EU sanctions on Iran for human rights abuses […]

Elite US military language school drops Hebrew

The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, the U.S. military’s elite language school in Monterey, California, is dropping Hebrew from its roster of languages due to low demand. Natela Cutter, a spokeswoman for the institute, said Tuesday that the current class underway would be the last in Monterey, but the language would still be available […]

French Elite Caught Violating Lockdown Rules by Attending Secret Restaurants

Even as Parisians continue to struggle under lockdown, members of the French elite, potentially including government ministers, have been caught attending rulebreaking secret restaurants in the French capital. French TV channel M6 aired secretly recorded footage of clandestine dinners taking place at an “underground restaurant located in a beautiful part” of Paris. The clip shows […]

7 ‘Lost Technologies’ From Nikola Tesla That Threatened the Global ‘Elite’

73 years after the FBI seized nearly TWO TRUCKS of papers of one of the world’s most famous inventors, the Federal Bureau of Investigations released the documents to the public. The batch of documents made available through the Freedom of Information Act also reveal Tesla did not die on January 7, 1943, as previously believed, […]

Trump Budget: Serfs Ruled Over By Megalomaniacal Elite (ZIONIST El-ite)

by Admin · Published March 21, 2021 · Updated March 22, 2021 Comment: If you do not believe me ask any CPA who is a Tax Accountant. Source 00 Hits: 0

Nine Signs That Prove the Elite Are Planning a Major Middle East War

The Biden administration and globalist elites are setting the stage for a massive holy war in the Middle East at some point next year. Most Americans aren’t aware of the obvious warning signs that World War 3 is being planned under their very own noses. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to […]

COVID Vaccine a Huge Success for the Satanic Elite

March 3, 2021 | Categories: Guest Contributions | Tags: | Print This Article Israeli Health Ministry Concludes Pfizer Covid Vaccine More Deadly than Covid New analysis from the Israeli Health Ministry concluded Pfizer’s COVID vaccine killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period, and 260 times more younger people than […]

The Life Of Lysimachus, The Elite Bodyguard Of Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great is without a doubt one of history’s greatest and most famous figures. His deeds and the enormity of the empire he created were certainly a hard achievement to surpass. However, upon his death, his closest associates and generals began a bitter rivalry and a fight over territory and power in the vacuum […]

‘The American People Are Sick and Tired’ – Gen Flynn Says GOP Elite Are in for a Rude Awakening

Gen. Michael Flynn has issued a stark warning to the GOP establishment who think things are going to go back to normal now that Trump is out of office. In an exclusive interview with The Western Journal, Gen. Flynn warned that the 70 million+ group of loyal Trump voters are prepared to turn their backs […]

MKUltra is a Military/CIA Tortured Assassin for the Criminal Elite (Secret Societies)

Number of words: 2496Posted: November 23, 2016Last change: October 2, 2018 Described as Ultimate Warrior and as Psychic Warrior by Kerry Lynn Cassidy. Described as real life Jason Bourne by Bill Ryan. According to Bill Ryan, Robert is a first generation super soldier. Original interview was done in 2006. Supposedly by 2009 there was already a fourth generation of super soldiers. […]

Used As Elite Assassins, Spies, Black Operations MKUltras….Tortured Into Submission (A Private Army For the Elite Globalists-Highly Classified CIA/Military Project)

by Admin · Published February 9, 2021 · Updated February 9, 2021 blob: 00 Hits: 0

Elite Utilize Their Propaganda Media to Influence Masses; Once Masses Wake Up-It’s OVER!

Everything About The Biden Administration Is FakePosted: 02 Feb 2021 11:46 AM PSTA new exclusive from The Daily Beast titled “White House Reporters: Biden Team Wanted Our Questions in Advance” reports that the White House press corps is being pressured to provide briefing questions ahead of time in a way that makes even mainstream media journalists uncomfortable.“While it’s […]

Sen. Kennedy: ‘Mad Max’ Scenes In DC Are Elite’s Way Of Demanding Fear

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight Tuesday, Senator John Kennedy described the ongoing military presence in Washington DC as like something out of ‘Mad Max’, and urged that it is designed to scare Americans into submission. “[The] inauguration is over, but if you look around Capitol Hill, parts of it look like a scene from Mad […]

Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp: Arrests, Indictments and Executions for Thousands of New Ex-Elite Prisoners – Official Documents

Before Its News. ComMedeea Greere Before we get started, let us first understand that before Trump was POTUS GITMO (Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp) was a fraction of the size it now is. This can be clearly confirmed by the following visuals, identifying a significant amount of expansion for what is expected to be tens of […]

Academic Study Finds Big Tech Elite Are in Their ‘Own Class’ – Different to Normal Humans

An academic study carried out by researchers in the U.S. and Germany has found that Big Tech elites are completely different to normal humans living on the planet, and can be placed in their own exclusive class. “Our research contributes to closing a research gap in societies with rising inequalities,” note the authors of the study from […]

Elite Believe in Programming Slaves; Note Katie Couric’s Word: DeProgramming! Born Into An Elite Cabal Family Couric Asks How We’ll ‘Deprogram People Who Signed Up For The Cult Of Trump?’ – Rob Comment: Feature picture is of programming mind controlled slaves and Katie Couric obviously believes in this. 00 Hits: 201

Children Are Part of the Package to Join Elite Crime Syndicate

Donald Trumpet@FROGTrumpet Chief Justice John Roberts must resign today. Over the past several weeks, Lin Wood has met with a courageous whistleblower who has risked his life to tell you the truth. Jeffrey Epstein arranged for the adoption of Roberts’ children. Part 1/211:20 AM · Jan 19, 20211.2K811 people are Tweeting about this Part 2/2 […]

Rose Mcgowan: Trump Impeachment Is ‘Theater of Mass Distraction’ From Crimes of the Elite

Actress Rose McGowan has blasted Democrats over their sham second impeachment against President Trump. The outspoken Hollywood star took to Twitter on Thursday to expose Wednesday’s 232-197 House vote in favor of impeaching President Trump. Democrats, and a handful of RINO’s, blame POTUS for inciting the small number of protesters who stormed the Capitol on […]

Mexican Farmers Unearth Ancient Statue of Elite Mesoamerican Woman

Farmers tilling the soil in a citrus grove in the Huasteca region along Mexico’s Gulf Coast unearthed something ancient and unusual. Hitting a hard object they assumed was a rock, the farmers dug down deeper to remove it.  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  00 Hits: 7

Lin Wood & Isaac Kappy Expose Elite Sexual Abuse of Young Children Who Come Up “Missing” & Media Censorship [Run By the Criminals]

[embedded content] [ THE ISAAC KAPPY MIND MAP ] MIND MAP by Travis| Posted on May 15, 2019 How the heck do you “force yourself off a bridge”? I suppose once that happens you may become “roadkill” for an unsuspecting motorist who did not see a human figure lying in the Interstate? All these celebrity “suicides” have some pretty remarkable […]

Maya Elite List Deciphered At The Temple Of Jaguars

Researchers in Mexico have deciphered an ancient text revealing the succession of names of the Cocom dynasty royal Maya blood lineage and published a breakthrough book on the subject. The new book also details the horrific “ Auto de Fe Act ” incident, when a Spanish bishop tortured and burned the rulers of the legendary […]

Fashion Executive and Elite Insider, Peter Nygard Arrested for Sex Trafficking Children

By Matt Agorist Fashion executive Peter Nygard was arrested in Canada and faces extradition to the United States for sex trafficking and other crimes similar to the accusations leveled against infamous sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The Department of Justice announced on Tuesday that the 79-year-old faces charges of “racketeering, sex trafficking, and related crimes arising […]

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump buy large estate on elite Miami island

 Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump may be moving to Florida after President Donald Trump leaves office, if the couple’s real estate acquisitions are any indication. Kushner and Trump, the president’s son-in-law and daughter, and close advisers, are purchasing a $31 million waterfront estate on Indian Creek Island, a wealthy Miami locale known as the “Billionaire’s […]

Whether Brad Pitt Revealed Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America or NOT THIS IS THE WAY THINGS ACTUALLY WORK AND CIA RUNS PEDOPHILE RINGS & DOES Mind PROGRAMMING Creating Pedophiles! CIA Controls Hollywood

Fact Check  May 21, 2020   by: Alexis Tereszcuk  Share Tweet Did Brad Pitt reveal “Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America?” No, that’s not true. The big screen’s hunkiest leading man did not drop the bombshell news that he believes Hollywood’s elites are pedophiles that control America. The outrageous claim has gone viral again, but the story is […]

Corrupt Science and Elite Power: Your Techno-Slavery is Now Imminent

Desultory Heroics By Robert J. Burrowes Do you like to believe that scientists are studying the evidence – whether in relation to Covid-19 or anything else – and delivering high quality knowledge that can be used to guide public policymaking so that it might better serve the interests of ordinary people? It is certainly a […]

The “Great Reset” Turns Man Into Machine to Serve Elite

Alex Newman — “Great Reset” Turns Man Into Machine to Serve Elite Henry Makow One area that has not received nearly as much attention is the plan to fuse human beings with technology under the guise of “improving” mankind. Mankind will be transformed into drones who serve the one percent. Under the new world order […]

The Past Lives On: The Elite Strategy To Divide and Conquer

“They call my people the White Lower Middle Class these days. It is an ugly, ice-cold phrase, the result, I suppose, of the missionary zeal of those sociologists who still think you can place human beings on charts.  It most certainly does not sound like a description of people on the edge of open, sustained […]

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