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‘America’s Lawyer’ Jenna Ellis is Now a Trump Felon

Right-wing pundit Jenna Ellis, a religious-right activist and attorney who was part of former President Donald Trump’s legal team, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a felony count of aiding and abetting false statements as part of  Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. As recently as August, Ellis had been more defiant, tweeting, “The Democrats and the […]

AOC Downplays the Invasion of America by Bringing Up Ellis Island – “It’s Nothing”

I usually don’t care what AOC has to say, just like most other political puppets, but this one Source

Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Had Her Own Coup Memo That Team Trump Used to Pressure Pence

It turns out that John Eastman wasn’t the only right-wing attorney urging former Vice President Mike Pence to effectively throw the election to former President Donald Trump by rejecting Electoral College votes from battleground states Trump lost. ABC News journalist Jonathan Karl reported Sunday that Jenna Ellis, a Trump attorney, had written her own memo […]

Jews Were Not ‘Forced’ To Change Their Names At Ellis Island — It Was A ‘Strategy’ That ‘Paid Off Handsomely’

It turns out that it wasn’t the immigration officials at Ellis Island that allegedly changed the last names of Jews because of “antisemitism” — rather, it was the Jews themselves who did it voluntarily in order to “shape shift” — blending into the background until they became so successful that they could reassert their Jewish […]

Jenna Ellis: Impeachment Trial Is ‘The Left Trying to Intimidate Conservatives Into Silence’

Jenna Ellis, a member of the Trump campaign’s legal team, appeared on Sebastian Gorka’s “America First” podcast Monday where they talked about the failed effort to overturn Joe Biden’s victory and the impeachment trial getting under way in the Senate this week. The House of Representatives impeached Donald Trump for inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection […]

 Concept Of Human Sexuality And Havelock Ellis’s Arduous Wave Of Liberal Open-Mindedness In The Bygone Victorian Era

Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn to reverence life until we know how to understand sex. ~ Henry Havelock Ellis (2nd February 1859–8th July 1939) Human Sexuality is a subject that is tightly wound up with hushed whispers and deadly silence, often resorting to hunting us back with physical or […]

Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Denounces Courts, State Legislatures For Not Overturning Swing State Results

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Exclusive — Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Receives Threats: ‘You Deserved to Be Raped’

Jenna Ellis, a legal advisor to President Donald Trump and senior legal adviser to the Trump campaign, has received threats, late night phone calls from unfamiliar numbers, and public calls for her disbarment, she told Breitbart News exclusively Wednesday. Via direct message (DM), Ellis told Breitbart News that she had received “Hundreds of DMs and messages […]

Making the crossover from Elie Wiesel to Marc Ellis

“It’s part of Jewish exceptionalism to deny exceptionalism,” Marc Ellis said at Tzedek Chicago’s Shavuot program on May 31st at Grace Place, in downtown Chicago.  “There has never been a sustained time in history where Jews didn’t think they were exceptional.” Ellis, author of more than 25 books, is an author, liberation theologian, and a retired […]

A book lover’s simple dream

Last year, I read about 100 novels, and all of them were in PDF format. So far this year I have finished 152 novels (plus about 10 nonfiction books), all of them also in PDF format. If you have tried to read an entire book that’s in PDF, you know it’s very awkward for pleasure […]

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