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Former insurance employee gets damages in religious beliefs vaccine case

Former BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) employee Tanja Benton has been awarded over $680,000 by a Tennessee federal jury following a verdict that the insurer failed to offer reasonable accommodation for her religious beliefs. The jury concluded that BCBST “did not prove by a preponderance of the evidence either that it had offered a reasonable […]

Former Fulton County employee exposes DA Fani Willis’ alleged misuse of nearly $500K in federal funds

Former Fulton County employee exposes DA Fani Willis’ alleged misuse of nearly $500K in federal funds A former Fulton County employee has exposed District Attorney Fani Willis’ alleged misuse of federal funding amounting to $488,000. Meanwhile, Willis continues to work on a case targeting former President Donald Trump and more than a dozen others for an alleged […]

Intelligence employee admits FBI was behind Alex Jones lawsuit and agents were in the crowd on January 6

Intelligence employee admits FBI was behind Alex Jones lawsuit and agents were in the crowd on January 6 Sound Investigations has released an eye-opening video that makes some interesting admissions about the FBI, including the role they played in the Sandy Hook lawsuit against Alex Jones and the presence of agents in the crowd on […]

Apple Is America’s Worst Major Company For Employee Retention

Employees consider various factors when committing to a company long term, including a positive work environment, fair compensation, job security, opportunities for professional growth, and resilience against disruptive changes in the economy or technology. So, which companies have the worst employee retention? Visual Capitalist’s Bruno Venditti remarks that to create this graphic, analyzed LinkedIn data to […]

Alleged Robber Dead After Shootout with Pizza Store Employee

An alleged robber was shot and killed during an exchange of gunfire Saturday night with an employee at Philadelphia’s George’s Famous Pizzeria. Source

Vaccine Mandates and Employee Termination: Arbitrary and Capricious

I was recently engaged to develop documentation that could be used in support of unjust termination prosecution of US employers who had required COVID-19 vaccination of their employee(s) under threat of termination for non-compliance. On October 25, 2022 (one year ago), the NY State Supreme Court acted to reinstate all employees terminated for non-compliance with […]

MEDICAL MUTILATORS: Kaiser Permanente employee training video claims three-year-olds can decide to become TRANSGENDER

(NaturalNews) A “horrified” hospital worker employed by Kaiser Permanente, one of America’s largest health care providers, is sounding the alarm about a new… Source

Employers Forced To Reverse Mask Mandates Amid Employee, Public Backlash

Kaiser Permanente and Lionsgate Studios in California have been forced to do a u turn on mask mandate policies last week, just a few days after imposing them. On Aug 22, Kaiser Permanente which is […] The post Employers Forced To Reverse Mask Mandates Amid Employee, Public Backlash appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Ex-OceanGate Employee’s Ominous 2018 Email About Titan Sub Revealed In New Report

A former OceanGate employee reportedly emailed a colleague years ago sounding the alarm that the company’s CEO might get himself and others killed due to safety issues with the Titan submersible. “There’s no way on earth you could have paid me to dive the thing,” David Lochridge wrote in a 2018 email about the Titan […]

‘Measure Outcomes, Not Hours Worked’ to Increase Employee Productivity: Analyst

A recent survey found that 1 in 7 Americans admit they only work for about 3 to 4 hours on average each day when working remotely. Nearly 3 out of 4 remote workers are scrolling through social media during their workday, while more than a third are shopping. NTD speaks to Ira Wolfe, recognized as […]

ANOTHER HOAX: Stanford employee ARRESTED over fraudulent sexual assault claims that spurred student protests

(Natural News) An employee of Stanford University in California was found to have lied about sexual assaults on her, prompting her arrest by law enforcement. Jennifer Ann Gries, 25, was arrested on March 15 by officers of the Santa Clara Police Department and subsequently charged with felony perjury. The charges stemmed from her fraudulent claims […]

Employee of rail company involved in East Palestine disaster makes stunning revelation after accident

Employee of rail company involved in East Palestine disaster makes stunning revelation after accident 02/20/2023 / By JD Heyes An employee of Norfolk Southern, the rail carrier whose train derailed earlier this month in East Palestine, Ohio, dumping tons of harmful chemicals and sending poisonous gases and smoke into the air and surrounding waterways, […]

Metro Employee Shot, Killed While Intervening to Protect Woman

A Washington, DC, Metro employee was shot and killed Wednesday while intervening to protect a woman near the Potomac Avenue Metro. The DCist reported that the suspect pulled a gun while riding on a Metrobus near the station around 9:00 a.m. The gunman allegedly shot one person in the leg, then walked into the Potomac Avenue […]

Twitter Files: Chinese Employee Told Coworkers Censorship Is Bad, Got Shut Down

Elon Musk’s Twitter released another batch of internal discussions on Monday, which revealed that an employee from China tried to warn fellow Twitter employees that censorship is wrong. The employee was then shut down by a coworker who bizarrely retorted: “censorship by a government is very different than censorship of the government.” Source

Disney Employee, School Teacher Among 160 Arrested In Florida Human Trafficking Sting

A Disney employee, a corrections officer, and several school teachers were among 160 people arrested in a seven-day long undercover human trafficking sting in Polk County, Florida. According to WAFB9, the operation – “Fall Haul 2” – resulted in 52 felonies and 216 misdemeanor charges. One of the more notable arrests was that of 41-year-old computer technician for Oak Ridge High […]

Apple’s $30 Million Settlement Over Employee Bag Checks Gets Court Approval

A federal judge in California has signed off on Apple Inc.’s $30.5 million settlement in a nearly decade-old lawsuit claiming the company shortchanged 15,000 retail workers by not paying them for time spent in security checks after their shifts. U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco approved the settlement in the 2013 class action […]

CPS Employee Tells 14-Year-Old Girl to Become a Prostitute to Get Food

Government employees who are supposed to look out for the welfare of children actually funneling them into underage sex trafficking? Imagine my shock. Source

Project Veritas Sting Catches Twitter Employee Mocking Elon Musk as ‘Special Needs,’ Admitting Wokeness Hurts Profitability

James O’Keefe’s investigative journalism group Project Veritas recently published undercover footage of a Twitter employee admitting that the platform’s woke “ideology” is why the company is not profitable. The employee also mocked Elon Musk as “special needs” for having Asperger’s syndrome.

Disney Employee Caught Molesting 11-Yr-Old In Elevator Was Quietly Flown Out of US

While Disney makes headlines for vowing to increase the number of homosexual characters in their films, and condemning Florida lawmakers for their recently-passed anti-grooming bill, it’s important to point out Disney’s shameful history of covering up pedophilia within their own ranks. Disney seems to have a pattern of perpetuating the sexual grooming of children. Take […]

CNN Boasts They Haven’t Had An Employee Sex Scandal All Year

ATLANTA, GA—CNN President Jeff Zucker announced today that the company’s new strategies for preventing workplace sexual assaults appear to be working. “We’re proud to announce that there hasn’t been a single sex scandal at CNN this year,” he said. “After the 879 scandals we had last year, that’s some serious progress!” The network got serious […]

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