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Germans Oppose EU Combustion Engine Ban, Survey Shows

    A survey released Friday by German broadcaster ARD showed that the majority of Germans oppose banning combustion engines in new cars across the European Union. Germany has recently blocked an EU vote to ban the sale of new vehicles with combustion engines across the bloc from 2035. What did the survey show? Two-thirds […]

NASA’s Artemis I Launch Delayed Because of Engine Bleed

NASA’s Artemis I rocket launch, which was supposed to embark on a one-month journey circling the moon’s orbit, is not taking off Monday because of an engine bleed.

Electric vehicles have more quality issues than combustion engine cars, new study finds

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A new study by data analysis and advisory firm J.D. Power has found that battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) have more problems than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars.According to a June 28 press release of the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Initial Quality Study, ICE vehicles averaged 175 … [Read More…] Source

EU’s 2035 Combustion Engine Ban Means Auto Industry Is ‘Doomed’ Unless EVs Get Cheaper

Today in “saving the environment while destroying the entire global economy news”, major European auto manufacturer Stellantis is warning that unless EVs start to get cheaper, that the industry is “doomed” thanks to new deals to try and phase out internal combustion engines. The company said it is looking to cut the cost of making […]

The Crime Engine of the World is throwing rods and smoking

While I agree with most of what he has to say here, when it comes to his supposition minions of evil such as the pedoist Bill Gates and Anal Swab are out of control and pissing off the real power in the one world communist dictatorship club, it is my belief he is wrong. In […]

Greece: Cargo ship with 400 migrants onboard rescued after engine problem

A cargo ship with about 400 migrants on board is headed to a safe anchorage in Greece after suffering engine problems off the island of Crete, the Greek coast guard said on Friday. The Turkish-flagged freighter was located by a Greek search and rescue vessel after authorities were informed that the ship was in need […]

Activists Occupy Property Manager Of Israel’s Drone Engine Factory

Vine Property Management, trading under the Fisher German banner, has been occupied and shut down by Palestine Action in the morning of the 5th July, as Palestine Action call for an end to the company’s facilitation of Israel’s arms production. 3 women have stormed the site. The gates to the site have been chained shut, […]

Central Banking is an Engine of Corruption

by Thomas DiLorenzo Much has been written about the famous debate between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton over the constitutionality of America’s first central bank, the Bank of the United States (BUS). Image: This was where Jefferson, as secretary of state, enunciated his “strict constructionist” view of the Constitution, making his case to President […]

380,000 Kia Owners Told To “Park Outside” Due To Spontaneous Engine Fire Risk

Before there were over-the-air updates for everything, you’d just park the car further away from the house if it had the risk of spontaneously combusting. That’s exactly what’s going on over at Kia, where the automaker is telling owners to park nearly 380,000 vehicles outdoors due to the risk of an engine compartment fire. The […]

Catapult: The Long-Reaching History of a Prominent Medieval Siege Engine

One of the most iconic images of the European Middle Ages is the castle. This defensive structure was often heavily fortified and provided its inhabitants with much-needed safety. It was usually quite difficult for an enemy to capture a castle, and for that, an attacking army needed siege engines. The catapult was one of the […]

UK temporarily bans Boeing 777 planes with engine that blew apart in US

The United Kingdom will temporarily ban Boeing 777 planes with the same engine that blew apart in the US over the weekend, transport secretary Grant Shapps said. The engine, designed by Pratt and Whitney, failed shortly after United Airlines flight 328 took off from Denver, Colorado, forcing pilots to make an emergency landing on Sunday. […]

Two people injured by debris after Boeing 747 suffers engine fire over Netherlands

Dutch Aviation authorities are investigating after a Boeing 747 aircraft suffered an engine fire and scattered debris near Maastricht. According to local police, two people were injured by wreckage in the southern town of Meerssen on Saturday. An elderly woman was hit in the head and had to be treated in hospital, while a child […]

WATCH: United Airlines Flight with Engine Failure Lands Safely

A United Airlines flight from Denver to Honolulu experienced engine failure shortly after takeoff from Denver International Airport Saturday, according to multiple videos of the incident. UA328, initially bound for Honolulu, quickly made its way back to Denver’s airport and landed safely after the pilots called “mayday” to air traffic control. —AUDIO FROM COCKPIT— Air […]

United 777-200 suffers engine failure but safely returns to Denver airport

A United Airlines flight landed safely at Denver International Airport on Saturday after suffering a right engine failure, the Federal Aviation Administration said, with dramatic images showing debris from the plane scattered on the ground. The Boeing 777-200 plane, with 231 passengers and 10 crew on board, was heading to Honolulu when it suffered the […]

Ukraine sides with US over Chinese takeover of engine company

The dispute over the ownership of Ukrainian helicopter and jet engine manufacturer Motor Sich seems to have come to an end after Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy sided with the US instead of China. The case, which according to experts has become a political issue between the two superpowers, could cool the otherwise warm relationship between […]

Google says to block search engine in Australia if forced to pay for news

 Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Friday it would block its search engine in Australia if the government proceeds with a new code that would force it and Facebook Inc to pay media companies for the right to use their content. Google’s threat escalates a battle with publishers such as News Corp that is being closely […]

Orwellian UK to BAN all Petrol and Diesel Engine Cars from 2030

    Bringing forward a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel-engined cars and vans from 2040 until 2030 by the UK government is an authoritarian exhaust-pipe-dream of a ‘solution’ to climate change. The key point about the move to electric cars announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as part of his 10-point […]

Google whistleblower tells Project Veritas that search engine ‘skews’ results in Democrats’ favor

    An alleged program manager at Google Cloud has said the search engine monolith is “playing god” in the US political scene, skewing results to benefit Democrats, according to an undercover interview captured by Project Veritas. In footage published on Monday, the conservative media watchdog shared around eight minutes of an interview with a […]

Google ‘Whistleblower’ Admits Search Engine ‘Skews’ Results In Favor Of Democrats

An alleged program manager at Google Cloud has confirmed that the search engine giant is “playing god” when it comes to US politics and the election. In an undercover interview captured by Project Veritas, the whistle blower admitted that Google was skewing results to benefit the Democrats. RT reports: In footage published on Monday, the […]

Video: Google Whistleblower Tells Veritas Search Engine Is ‘Skewing Results’ To Benefit Democrats

A person who claims to be a program manager at Google Cloud has told investigative journalists with Project Veritas that the search engine is intentionally manipulating results in order to benefit the Democrats and to hinder President Trump’s campaign. Ritesh Lakhkar, who identified himself as a technical program manager at Google’s Cloud service, made the […]

Understanding Search Engine Algorithms

  What do algorithms actually Do? Not just will online search engine algorithms bear in mind, however you are mosting likely to be drawing in the countless lansing seo social networking customers who may be thinking about your firm. Another important principle in regards to seo is connecting, which can additionally assist in improving your internet […]

Did you know you breathe in highly toxic jet engine air every time you travel?

(Natural News) During flights, every breath you take inside an airliner’s passenger cabin fills your lungs with air taken directly from the plane’s jet engines. An article in Green Med Info stated that this exposes you to tricresyl phosphates (TCPs) and other deadly chemicals used to ensure the smooth operation of the […]

‘Panic Just Ensues’: Inside Southwest’s Fatal Midair Engine Failure

A passenger on a Southwest Airlines Co. flight died Tuesday after an engine broke apart at more than 30,000 feet, spraying metal pieces through the fuselage and forcing the crippled jet to make an emergency landing. It was the first fatality from a U.S. airline accident since 2009. Details of what happened to Flight 1380 […]

Chloroform, Engine Exhaust, Lead, And Wireless (WiFi) Radiation Are All “Possibly Carcinogenic” — Schools Should Provide Wired Internet

By B.N. Frank WiFi Also Disrupts Blood Brain Barrier. For many years now, tech inventors have been sending their kids to private low-tech schools and limiting their exposure to new technology.  Due to an increase in “Digital Addiction”, tech inventors and investors been speaking publicly against promoting technology use by children. “Digital Addiction” […]

Thomas the Tank Engine to Become Gender-Balanced with more Female Trains, an African Character and Episodes Abroad

An overhaul of Thomas the Tank Engine will see two male engines turfed out to make way for female characters.  Henry and Edward will be moving out of Tidmouth Sheds to make way for Nia, an orange engine from Africa, and Rebecca, a yellow-coloured engine.  They will join Emily, the other female engine, as well […]

Google Is the Engine of Censorship

Google whistleblowers: Search engine penalizing all sites that don’t conform to political correctness

(Natural News) Tech and media behemoth Google is continuing to flex its considerable muscle by controlling more of what you are ‘allowed’ to see. And it’s being based entirely on political ideology. As reported by Breitbart News, company whistleblowers are now coming out of the woodwork to spill the beans on the tech giant’s […]

Coins Thrown into Plane Engine by Elderly Passenger for ‘Luck’

A superstitious elderly passenger delayed a flight in Shanghai after throwing coins at the engine for good luck, a Chinese airline has confirmed. The 80-year-old woman threw her change at the China Southern Airlines flight as she crossed the tarmac to board. She told police she launched the coins as she “prayed for safety” on […]

Coins Thrown into Plane Engine by Elderly Passenger for ‘Luck’

A superstitious elderly passenger delayed a flight in Shanghai after throwing coins at the engine for good luck, a Chinese airline has confirmed. The 80-year-old woman threw her change at the China Southern Airlines flight as she crossed the tarmac to board. She told police she launched the coins as she “prayed for safety” on […]

Chinese passenger plane diverts due to huge hole in engine (PHOTOS)

Flight MU736 initially took off from Sydney at 8:30pm on Sunday night, and the flight lasted for about an hour before the crew spotted the casing gash. The jet in question, a twin engine Airbus A330, then landed safely in Sydney, the company announced. “The crew observed the abnormal situation of the left engine and […]

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