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Illegals taking SELFIES at border wall after unlawfully entering U.S. territory

Illegals taking SELFIES at border wall after unlawfully entering U.S. territory Illegal immigrants are apparently taking selfies with the border wall as a background after unlawfully entering U.S. soil. Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin witnessed the practice firsthand in the border section at the Jacumba area in California’s San Diego County. He noted that the […]

Nov 6 – We are Entering a World War

(left, In Plain Sight. Star of Baphomet (Satan) Death to America. This was the official logo of the 2020 Democrat National Convention.) Please send links and comments to [email protected] I don’t want to be a fear-monger. But I don’t want to ignore reality either.  I got an email from a longtime reader who claims to […]

GOP Rep. Zinke proposes bill to ban Palestinians from entering US

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) introduced a bill Thursday that could ban Palestinians from entering the U.S. and possibly expel those who are already here.  Zinke, who served as secretary of the Interior Department under former President Trump, introduced legislation called the Safeguarding Americans from Extremism Act. The legislation would require the Department of Homeland Security… […]

WSJ report: Indians are ILLEGALLY entering the U.S. in record numbers

(NaturalNews) Illegal immigrants from India have unlawfully entered the U.S. in record numbers, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).Citing… Source

Kremlin Reacts To US M1 Abrams Tanks Entering Ukraine: “They Too Will Burn”

The Kremlin has responded to widespread reports from Ukraine that Kiev has received its first deliveries of American M1 Abrams battle tanks. Ukrainian officials have hailed that the tanks will help their forces punch through stalemated front lines. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “they too will burn” – in reference to prior instances of Western tanks being taken out, […]

Greece says it prevented 260,000 migrants from entering in 2022

Ankara insists it follows international law, but if a migrant qualifies for refugee status they cannot be ruled to have broken the law by crossing a border. Source

Video: Thermal Drone Footage Shows Army Of Illegals Entering U.S.

Footage captured by a thermal drone shows an army of illegal migrants entering the U.S. at Eagle Pass, Texas, yesterday with the reporter who captured the footage noting that it happens “every morning”. The video shows scores of migrants lined up ready to cross into the U.S. under cover of darkness. Fox News reporter Bill […]

British ‘Lizard People’ Conspiracy Theorist Banned From Entering Most Of Europe

David Icke was banned amid fears his planned presence at a weekend demonstration in Amsterdam would spark unrest. Source

IOF storm Al-Aqsa, prevent worshipers from entering compound

Sep 26 2022 08:20 Source: Al Mayadeen Net By Al Mayadeen English  At the beginning of the celebrations of Jewish holidays, Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque under the heavy protection of occupation forces. The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque to secure the settlers’ incursions, and prevented men under the age of 40 from entering […]

117K Migrants Apprehended in August After Entering Texas-Based Border Sectors

Border Patrol agents in the five Texas-based sectors apprehended nearly 117,000 migrants in August, according to a source operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Estonia bans all Russian from entering their country, including Tourists

According to Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, Russian tourists traveling to the EU present a security concern given the situation in Ukraine. Early this month, Estonia barred Russian visitors from entering the country. Since then, Estonia has pushed for restrictions on Russian tourists to be imposed across the whole EU as part of sanctions against […]

Post-Lockdown Era: Children Entering Elementary School Unable to Say Own Name – Report

A study due to be published this week has reportedly found that many children entering elementary school in the UK are unable to say their own names.

Pakistan is Entering Another Phase of Turbulence

News agencies report about the attempt to dismiss the Lower House of the Parliament of Pakistan, undertaken on April 3 by Prime Minister Imran Khan – an evidence of reaching a qualitatively new level of (another) aggravation of the situation in the country, which has been escalating over the past few weeks. This happened despite […]

The War on Cash Entering Bold New Phase

The War on Cash Entering Bold New Phaseby James Rickards, Daily Reckoningsourced from Technocracy NewsFebruary 25, 2022 With so much news about Ukraine, inflation, massive government spending and exploding deficits, it’s easy to overlook the ongoing war on cash. That’s a mistake because it has serious implications not only for your money, but for your privacy […]

Take your money out of the banks! Multiple countries barring the unvaccinated from entering banks

And it begins. Restricting access to the non-compliers. Have a jab & you can have your money. But remember, this is all about health, nothing else but just health. Italy’s latest covid restrictions came into force on Monday, January 10, 2022, with the government, once again expanding the scope of the Super Green Pass, the […]

Muslim Bharatanatyam dancer stopped from entering temple in Tamil Nadu

Chennai, December 12, 2021: Tamil Nadu’s celebrated Bharatanatyam dancer Zakir Hussain was insulted and abused inside the premises of Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple in Srirangam near Tiruchirappalli, by some self-styled custodian of Santan Dharma on Friday. Ranganatha Swamy temple is one of the important temples of the Vaishnavite tradition in Tamil Nadu and attracts devotees […]

Video: Angry French Shoppers Being Blocked From Entering Supermarket Because They Don’t Have COVID Passports

A video out of France shows irate shoppers being blocked from entering a supermarket by police because they don’t have COVID passports. The footage shows people with shopping carts being blocked from entering the grocery store by security guards. The guards then begin pushing one woman away as the confrontation becomes more heated. A number […]

Heroes Prevent Male From Entering Girls’ Bathroom

This ad is ridiculous, but I like how it has been repurposed. These heroic guys care about the safety and privacy of the girls at the school, so they protect them from a tranny freak. Share now! Source

Italian government bans large cruise ships from entering Venice lagoon

Image Credit: Alexander Spatari/Getty Images The Italian government announced that large cruise ships will be banned from entering the Venice lagoon. Vessels weighing more than 25,000 metric tons or longer than 180 meters (590 feet) will be affected by the ban. In an attempt to keep Venice on UNESCO’s world heritage list, Italy’s cabinet of […]

Non-Violent Protester Gets 8 Months for Entering Capitol–Hundreds of BLM Riot Cases Dropped

A man who engaged in non-violent protest at the Capitol on January 6 was sentenced to eight months in prison this week for obstructing an official proceeding, while hundreds charged in violent riots last summer have seen their cases dropped. Paul Allard Hodgkins, 38, of Tampa, Florida, was sentenced Monday after he pleaded guilty to […]

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