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“67.8 million Americans will throw down an estimated $23.1 billion on the big game in 2024 — a new record.”

Cardinal I have to admit, I made my Super Bowl wager yesterday — Niners by 7 — and it felt much better than putting my name down in one of those stupid squares my dad’s friends used to make me fill in every year. Sports betting is huge right now, and it’s easy to […]

Over 10 Million Estimated to Have Illegally Entered the US Since Biden’s Presidency

More than 10 million individuals may have illegally entered the United States since President Joe Biden assumed office in January 2021, as reported by the Center Square, a conservative US-based website. Since the outset of his presidency, President Biden’s border policy has faced intense criticism, as it witnessed a sudden surge of migrants crossing the […]

Estimated 300,000 Impacted by Earthquake in Morocco, with at Least 2,000 Dead

The United Nations estimated that 300,000 people were affected by Friday night’s magnitude 6.8 quake that left at least 2,000 dead. Source

POLLINATOR COLLAPSE: U.S. beekeepers lost an estimated 48% of their honey bee colonies last year

(NaturalNews) The Bee Informed Partnership recently published their annual Colony Loss and Management Survey, and for the seventh year in a row, the results were… Source

World War Two-Era Vickers Wellington Bomber Used To Holocaust An Estimated Million German Civilian War Refugees In Dresden Is Restored To Former “Glory”

1933, Rothschild’s using their Khazarian Jews worldwide, their bitch Britain which egged on Poland to murder 58,000 ethnic Germans in the worst sort of way, start instigating World War 2 Bodies of Holocauted German Civilians the Ratschild’s Great Britain, in Dresden World War Two-Era Vickers Wellington Bomber Used To Holocaust An Estimated Million German Civilian […]

Heat Stress Kills Estimated 10,000 Head of Kansas Feedlot Cattle

The current heat wave blazing through Kansas feedlots has killed an estimated 10,000 head of fat cattle. Final death numbers continue to come in, but that early estimate was shared with DTN by livestock experts, who put the geographical center point for those deaths at Ulysses, Kansas.

An estimated $163 billion from pandemic unemployment benefits were misspent or stolen – report

Sareena Brown-Thomas had just arrived home from her shift as a custodian when she noticed an envelope in the mail from the D.C. government. Bearing her name, address and the last four digits of her Social Security number, the letter inside said she had been awarded unemployment benefits — a problem, she later recalled, since […]

Global COVID deaths estimated to be three times higher than reported, says study

More than 18 million people have probably died due to COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, a new report has said. Researchers say the true death toll could be three times higher than what has been officially recorded. Data from Johns Hopkins University confirmed this week that more than 6 million people have died […]

An estimated 10 million people PER DAY are set on irreversible countdown to vaccine death that could exterminate BILLIONS if not stopped in the next year

by Mike Adams | NaturalNews This is a red alert for humanity. We have less time remaining than you might think. I’ve done some rough math, and it’s beyond alarming. It spells the end of human civilization if we don’t stop the vaccine holocaust in the next 365 days. As estimates and projections show below, […]

DoC’s own census on Kea numbers reveals a decline from 60,000 in the 1970s, to an estimated 1 to 4,000 now … an open letter to Amanda Gillies

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch AN OPEN LETTER TO AMANDA GILLIES by Jeff Patchett (posted by Carol Sawyer) “Our little piece of paradise was ruined for ever” Introduction: On yesterday’s ‘AM Show’, the usual garbage about people opposed to 1080 was spouted by Duncan Garner and Mark Richardson. (Go to ‘The AM Show Catch-Up’, 9 March, […]

VAERS COVID REPORTS: and this is only an estimated 1% of actual injuries and deaths Reblogged from The PPJ Gazette Marti Oakley Are you really this foolish?  The CDC reports that they receive only 1% of possible injuries from vaccines, including reports of deaths.  Why in the world would you voluntarily subject yourself and/or children and other family members to these untested, toxic concoctions?  Currently, CDC reports that 500+ deaths […]

Estimated 5.2 million Americans with felony conviction barred from voting in 2020 election

A new study conducted by The Sentencing Project estimated that 5.2 million Americans will be barred from voting in the 2020 election because of a felony conviction. Felony disenfranchisement, which were laws put in place in the Jim Crow era, is still prevalent throughout the United States today with it being the highest in southern […]

US should have withdrawn its estimated 200 nukes from Europe long ago – Moscow

The US stores an estimated 200 of its B61 nuclear bombs in countries like Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey as part of NATO’s nuclear sharing program. Russia has long considered the continued presence of American nuclear weapons in other nations as a hostile gesture after the Cold War. “Russia has long withdrawn its […]

Illegal U.S. Air Strikes Are Killing Far More Civilians Under Trump: An Estimated 780 – 946 Civilians Killed in Syria Since June

BY AHT Staff U.S. Air Strikes Are Killing Far More Civilians Under Trump: An Estimated 780 – 946 Civilians Killed in Syria Since June On Friday, the pro-opposition “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” activist group released an infographic claiming that 946 civilians had been killed and 1000 others had been injured as a result of US-led […]

Plane flying from Warsaw to Egypt’s Hurghada makes emergency landing in Bulgaria after bomb threat

The passenger jet was evacuated after landing, according to Bulgaria’s Nova TV. According to Polish media, there were a total of 161 passengers onboard the plane. All are unharmed. “The plane landed in Burgas at 05.48 a.m. (0348 GMT) after a request for flight number LLP8015 travelling from Warsaw to Hurghada to make an emergency landing, due […]


WHEN YOU WATCH YOUR SMART TV, IT COULD ALSO BE WATCHING YOU. A new report from Julia Angwin at ProPublica reveals that Vizio, a top television maker, automatically tracks the viewing habits of Smart TV owners and shares that information with advertisers in a way that could connect those preferences to what those customers do […]

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