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The Breitbart Guide to the Best and Worst of Eurovision 2022

The European continent – and Australia, for some reason – are preparing to crown the winner on Saturday of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, a pop song extravaganza invented as an alternative to World War III.

jew + Fro = Israel as Eurovision Finalist

Why is the Middle Eastern country of Israel even allowed to participate in a European song contest? And do they really think their racial PR is going to make them seem woke? jews and Africans do not belong in Europe. Link Share now! Source

UNHCR hails success of former refugees in Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Dedicated fans of the Eurovision Song Contest may not have been aware that among those taking part this year were three former refugees. The UNHCR announced that the former refugees were participating in the annual international event to give inspiration to other people in a similar situation. Two of them took part in the final […]

Eurovision 2021: Italy’s Maneskin wins after massive public vote, as rock music shows it mettle

Italy has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 after a late surge. “Rock n roll never dies,” shouted the winning vocalist. And no one can argue with that sentiment tonight. The vote was a feeding frenzy, with hundreds of points up for grabs after UK, Germany and Spain got a proper kicking from the public […]

Christians protest as Cyprus ‘Satanic’ Eurovision song gets to final

Several dozen Orthodox Christian faithful and clergy members held up wooden crucifixes, icons of saints and a banner declaring Cyprus’ love for Christ in a renewed protest Wednesday over the island nation’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, which they contend promotes Satan worship. The protest, held opposite the gates of the offices of state […]

Lukashenko says Belarus may submit new Eurovision entry after backlash

KYIV – Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Saturday that Belarus may submit a new entry to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest after the previous one, by a band known for mocking anti-government protests, was rejected as too political. Featuring lyrics such as “I will teach you to toe the line,” the entry had sparked […]

Cyprus Protesters Demand Singing Harlot to be Withdrawn from Eurovision over ‘I Love Satan’ song

    Nowadays prostitutes and harlots are being promoted by the music industry as celebrities. The more vile and disgusting they are, the more desired they are by the music industry but have no fear, Christians are finally taking a stand against all of this debauchery! Dozens of Orthodox Christian faithful held up wooden crosses […]

Watch Eden Alene’s ‘Set Me Free’: Israel’s 2021 Eurovision entry

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Powerful Song Aims to Give Animals a Voice in Eurovision 2020

An amazing animal-rights song is in the top 7 finalists to represent the Czech Republic in Eurovision 2020. If enough people vote for it until Sunday, it will continue to compete in the popular event! Luckily for the animals, not only Czech citizens are allowed to vote. People from all countries can vote by downloading […]

IRELAND – Dublin Lord Mayor Calls On Ireland To Boycott Eurovision 2019 To Show Solidarity With People Of Palestine

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VIDEO: “Next Time in Jerusalem” – Israeli Eurovision Winner Netta Barzilai

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Can Israel be stopped from winning Eurovision?

Ali Abunimah Activism and BDS Beat 8 May 2018 Israeli Eurovision contestant Netta Barzilai in her military uniform. (via Facebook) “Netanyahu and his ministers and generals would like nothing better than for Netta Barzilai to win the Eurovision contest,” according to Israeli activists who support the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights. […]

Eurovision-winner Wurst pulls UK show after Syrian band members denied visas

EU asks Britain to take 1,000s more refugees In a Facebook post on Friday, the Austrian pop singer explained to her fans that she decided to stay home out of solidarity with the members of Basalt, an alternative rock trio, the members of which “were unsuccessful in their visa application to enter the UK.” The […]

Kiev to bar Russian journalists who visited Crimea from Eurovision despite valid accreditation

Ukrainian MP Anton Gerashchenko, who is also an aide to the country’s interior minister, wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday that Russian journalists that “had breached the Ukrainian state border” would not be allowed into the country to cover the song competition, which kicks off on Sunday. Russia won’t participate in Eurovision 2017, European […]

Ukraine Kill Thousands Of Homeless Dogs and Cats Ahead Of Eurovision

Authorities in Ukraine have begun culling thousands of homeless dogs and cats on the streets of Kiev, in a bid to clean up the city ahead of the Eurovision song contest.  Vitaly Klitschko, mayor of Kiev, and his team are accused of poisoning homeless animals in order to “improve” the aesthetics of the city to visitors. […]

It’s Time for Pope Francis to Confess His Involvement in Argentine’s Dirty War and Resign

The gnostic illuminati and the US military have both told the White Dragon Society that Pope Francis must resign because of his friendship with former Argentine dictator Jorge Videla and his involvement in Argentina’s dirty war. by Benjamin Fulford The resignation will be the trigger for a series of dramatic changes in how this planet […]

Chomsky: Europe Shows ‘Real Cowardice’ In The Face Of USA Imperial Power. Time to get the USA & their NATO out of Europe

Noam Chomsky: Europe Shows ‘Real Cowardice’ In The Face Of US Imperial Power The renowned linguist, philosopher and scholar declared Europe’s unwillingness to aid Edward Snowden ‘a revelation of real cowardice in the face of a power that the European elites are unwilling to confront.’ MUNICH — Noam Chomsky, a renowned political philosopher and scholar, […]

2 bodies found in debris of home explosion in Burlington, Wisconsin

     Cause of explosion yet unknown Racine officials recovered two bodies from the scene of a home explosion Saturday. As of 9 p.m. Sunday, crews were still searching for a possible third victim. First responders were called to the home near Ketterhagen Road and Burlington Bypass around 3 p.m. Saturday, but there had already been […]

Thousands gather across Europe for Global Debout protests

The capital of Spain saw thousands rally in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol square in solidarity with the French initiative, but also in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of their own similar protest movement ‘Indignados’ that saw mass rallies in 2011 and led to the creation of left-wing party Podemos, now Spain’s third most-popular political party. […]

World’s Biggest Plane Does A Crosswind Landing In Australia

A giant Antonov AN-225 Mriya airlift cargo plane fought crosswinds to land safely in Perth, Western Australia, where some 20,000 people had gathered to see the world’s largest aircraft.  RT reports: The thousands of excited onlookers couldn’t help but cheer in amazement as the Soviet-designed cargo plane fought crosswinds while preparing to touch down on Sunday […]

Clinton’s Alleged Ex-Lover: Hillary a ‘Terrorist,’ ‘Sex Addict’ Bill Told Me He Had 2,000 Women

In an interview, Kyle claimed that “Billy” Clinton, as she called him, once boasted to her that he had had sex with about 2,000 women. She described Clinton as a “sex addict” who has some “sick, sick need” to “control women.” “Aaron, Hillary is an enabler is about the nicest thing you can say […]

Pig’s head with ‘insulting’ anti-Merkel sign found outside German ruling party office

According to police in the Baltic city, a patrol car noticed the animal head on the footsteps of the Christian Democratic Union’s (CDU) regional office at 5:40 am on Saturday. Refusing to comment on the exact content of the message, authorities only said that the porcine remains bore an “insulting inscription” directed against the German […]

Russian Drone Breaks World Flight Time Record

An advanced Russian drone (UAV) has set a new world record for flight duration in open areas. Sputnik reports: A world record for flying in natural weather conditions has been broken by a state-of-the-art octocopter made by the Russian company NELK, the Russian newspaper Izvestia reported. Российский беспилотник бьёт мировой рекорд по длительности полета (+ФОТО, ВИДЕО) Октокоптер — […]

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