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DIY drone: South American tribe fights loggers with UAV made by watching YouTube

Illegal logging is an issue affecting indigenous people around the globe, including Guyana, which has the world’s second-highest percentage of rainforest cover, with 80 percent of the country covered in trees. However, with a population of just 735,000 people, guarding the country’s sacred land is a challenge. Tribal members know illegal logging is taking place, […]

Ontario, Canada breaks cold temperature records for Spring

     After a mild winter where temperatures in Ontario more typical of April often appeared, a large arctic high-pressure area sent temperatures plummeting to values more typical of mid-winter on April 5. As a result of unseasonable cold, new record low minimums were set in a number of localities across Southern and Northeastern Ontario. “We […]

7 Health Benefits of Bee Propolis

Margie King, Green Med InfoWaking Times Bees make more than honey. They also make gunk called propolis. And this “bee glue” is a powerful health balm.  In fact, studies show it has anti-cancer properties. Dr. Seema Patel of the Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Research Center, San Diego State University conducted a comprehensive review of the […]

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