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Australian Weather Warfare, Evacuations and “Wellness Camps” – A Warning

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Ukraine war: Civilian evacuations begin from two besieged areas under new ceasefire deals

Russia’s ‘medieval warfare’ causing horrendous suffering More details have been emerging of the impact of the relentless bombardment of civilian areas by Vladimir Putin’s forces in Ukraine. A steady rain of shells and rockets fell on other population centres, including the Kyiv suburb of Bucha, where the mayor reported heavy artillery fire.  “We can’t even […]

Gunfire At Kabul Airport Kills 1 Amid Chaotic Evacuations

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A firefight at one of the gates of Kabul’s international airport killed at least one Afghan soldier early Monday, German officials said, the latest chaos to engulf Western efforts to evacuate those fleeing the Taliban takeover of the country. The shooting at the airport came as the Taliban sent fighters north […]

Afghanistan: EU, US and UK demand ‘those in positions of power’ facilitate evacuations

More than 70 countries worldwide including European Union member states on Sunday evening called on all parties currently involved in Afghanistan to “respect and facilitate” the departure of foreign nationals and Afghans who wish to leave. “Given the deteriorating security situation, we support, are working to secure, and call on all parties to respect and […]

Western Australia Evacuations Ordered as Cyclones Loom

Strong to gale force winds are expected in parts of Western Australia, as two tropical cyclones hover near the state’s coast. People on islands or at sea off parts of Western Australia’s northwest coast have been ordered to evacuate. Emergency services late on Friday told residents in the Exmouth Gulf Coast and parts of the […]

Australia floods claim first fatality, more evacuations as clean-up begins

A man’s body was found in a car trapped by floodwaters on Wednesday, the first death linked to wild weather across Australia in recent days that has submerged houses, swept away cars and livestock and cut off entire towns. More than 40,000 people have been forced to flee their homes as torrential rain sparked dangerous […]

More evacuations as New South Wales hit by ‘once-in-a-century’ flooding

Residents along New South Wales’s mid-north coast have been urged to leave their homes as Australia’s most populous state is hit with the worst flooding seen in decades. Evacuation orders were issued for thousands of residents in the area after emergency services rescued hundreds of people from the water. On Saturday night alone, they responded […]

Huge sinkhole swallows cars, prompts evacuations in Rome (VIDEO)

The incident happened in the Italian capital’s Baldunia neighborhood on Wednesday evening. Although no injuries were reported, police and several fire brigades were deployed at the scene to ensure that two residential buildings are safely evacuated. The area was cordoned off by rescue teams due to the risk of further land subsidence, Corriere della Sera […]

Heaviest snow in decades: Evacuations underway as 13,000 tourists trapped in Alps (PHOTOS)

The snow blocked road and rail links on Sunday, AFP reported. Local authorities are working under “high pressure” to resolve the situation, according to Zermatt’s official website. However, stranded tourists will be unable to hit the slopes due to a high risk of avalanche. “It is not possible to do downhill or cross country [skiing], […]

Red alert: Vanuatu island evacuations after volcanic eruption (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The Manaro Voui volcano is part of Vanuatu, a nation of 80 islands west of Fiji. READ MORE: Up to 35,000 evacuated as Bali on high alert for volcanic eruption (VIDEO, PHOTOS) According to the local geo-hazards department, increased activity was observed at the lake-based volcano last Saturday.   The agency raised the threat to level […]

Anonymous bomb threats and evacuations continue in Russia, no bombs discovered

     Russian authorities said a rash of anonymous bomb threats that have prompted the evacuation of schools, shopping malls, train stations, and other buildings continued on September 18. Moscow authorities said that some 600 people were evacuated from eight administrative buildings in the capital and that one private company was also evacuated. In the capital […]

‘Positively Evil’: Immigrant Checkpoints to Remain Open as Harvey Forces Evacuations

Motorists evacuate Corpus Christi. (AP/Eric Gay) As residents of Southeast Texas evacuate under strict orders in preparation for the rapidly-approaching Hurricane Harvey, members of the area’s immigrant community are being left with an impossible choice on Friday: face the potentially life-threatening storm or follow evacuation orders and risk being detained and even deported. Border Patrol officials said late Thursday they were […]

‘The whole town is burning’: Deaths, mass evacuations as fire sweeps Knysna, South Africa

     Eight people are dead and 10,000 have fled their homes as an enormous fire sweeps through the town of Knysna, South Africa. Numerous homes have been gutted by the blaze that started on Tuesday and grew rapidly when a storm passed over the Western Cape town. Western Cape local government spokesman James-Brent Styan confirmed […]

Names proposed for new additions to the periodic table: Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine & Oganesson

     Four new names will soon grace the Periodic Table of chemical elements, first developed in the 19th century by Russian chemistry professor Dmitri Mendeleev. Two of the four new elements will have names associated with Russia. The four new elements that will be included in the seventh row of the table, under the proposal […]

Millions of tuna crab die mysteriously along coast of Ensenada, Mexico

     Are these mysterious mass die-offs along the Pacific coast going to decrease or what? Now thousands of tuna crab have washed ashore on beaches in Ensenada, Mexico. There is currently something going wrong along the American Pacific coast. Almost every day, an catastrophic animal die-off is being reported… But nobody knows why. Some officials […]

Only Assad can defeat terrorists in Syria: Iran’s Velayati

Iranian Supreme Leader’s Top Adviser for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati underscored his country’s continued support for Syria’s campaign against terrorism, and stressed that President Bashar al-Assad is the only one who can fight and defeat the terrorists and save his nation. “It is not easy for a country to resist a global war for […]

ISIS Style Killing Spree In Bangladesh Concerns India

Bangladesh has recently suffered at the hands of Islamic Jihadist terrorists, with the government and media labeling the terrorists as Al Qaeda, ISIS or home-grown fanatics. The fact remains that Islamic State terrorism has spread eastward from the Middle East and is now a major concern for the Indian subcontinent. Whatever label you give it, […]

Russia Deploying 3 New divisions To Counter NATO Buildup At Its Border

Russia is to deploy three new military divisions, two in the west and one in the south to counterbalance NATO’s increased military presence near its borders. Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced on Wednesday: “The Defense Ministry is taking a number of measures to respond to the NATO military buildup at the Russian border” adding that […]

Study of 3 Psychedelics Finds They Do No Harm but Actually Improve Mental Health

Phillip Schneider, ContributorWaking Times A new study from the Journal of Psychopharmacology has found that taking psychedelic drugs does not result in impairment of mental health or an increased risk of depression. From the three drugs that were involved (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or LSD, Psilocybin and Mescaline), the study declared that […]

Irene May Require Evacuations of Some New York City Areas, Bloomberg Says

Henry GoldmanBloomberg Aug 26, 2011 New York officials preparing for Hurricane Irene this weekend will decide tomorrow whether to call for the evacuation of low-lying areas in downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. The decision would be based on the strength, path and speed of the storm, Bloomberg told reporters […]

‘Dangerous’ Hurricane Irene becomes ‘big threat’ to US as evacuations begin

London Telegraph Aug 25, 2011 The sprawling, deadly storm is set to become a Category 4 system after roaring over the Bahamas overnight. The entire US East Coast is on alert. The US is bracing for devastation as a large and dangerous storm roars towards the densely populated East Coast, including New York. Hurricane Irene […]

Earthquake Rocks D.C.: Evacuations, Nuclear Power Shutdown, Felt on East Coast, Midwest & Canada

  Infowars August 23, 2011 Below is a tracking page of the reported effects of the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Virginia D.C. today. Earthquake map shows epicenter in central Virginia The yellow glow represents the area where potential damage is deemed “light” and perceived shaking is “moderate.” Virginia Nuclear Plant Loses Power After Quake […]

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