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Settler group Elad is Israel’s weapon to evict Palestinians from Silwan

Elad settler organisation, also known as Ir David Foundation, is Israel’s weapon to steal Palestinian lands, including private land owned by Palestinians who fled Israeli aggression in 1948 or 1967. The pro-settlement Israeli association was established in 1986, and has been operating mainly in the occupied Palestinian village of Silwan in East Jerusalem, south of the Old City and Al-Aqsa Mosque. It has been working to […]

Democrats EVICT Declaration of Independence Author Thomas Jefferson

Radical New York City Democrats have voted to evict Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States. Yes, really. The statue of Jefferson, which has been in City Hall since 1834, will be removed because of Jefferson’s “troubling past.” Democratic lawmakers wanted to remove the statue […]

Gig Workers Hired To Evict People From Their Homes

Above photo: Civvl. Company website. Million struggle to pay rent. A startup company by the name of Civvl is seeking to recruit temporary “gig” workers to assist landlords in evicting tenants who have been unable to pay rent in the midst of the economic depression triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. Civvl is owned by OnQall, […]

“Unusually Bad” Situation: Ecuador May Evict Assange “Any Day Now”

Julian Assange may be at the end of the line in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, as the WikiLeaks founder may be evicted “any day now,” according to CNN, citing sources familiar with the matter. While Assange has in the past claimed his position in the embassy was under threat, sources say his current situation is “unusually bad” […]

Flush With Victory Over Methanol, RedLine Now Targets LNG Plant

If you thought Tacoma’s methanol protest movement — with the red shirts and bumper stickers that popped up through the spring — disappeared with the end of the Tideflats plant proposal, just look around. You could glimpse its future at a victory concert activists held in a downtown tavern on a Sunday in late April. […]

Chilean Artist Steals $500 Million in Student Debt Papers and Burns Them

Alex Pietrowski, StaffWaking Times For those just beginning their adult lives, student loan debt has become the most crippling form of debt there is, akin to starting life bound in chains. This type of debt has become a cash cow for private banks and even for the American government, and because […]

Couple Protect Over 2 Million Acres & Donate Land To The Public

“Conservation is our passion: we feel privileged to make it the second part of our life’s work. Even at discouraging moments—when we read reports on accelerating biodiversity loss, learn of a new road planned through the Serengeti, or watch how Japan keeps killing whales under the false claim of research—we cannot imagine stopping this work […]

Brookings conference on ‘future for Israelis and Palestinians’ featured zero Palestinians

Last weekend the Brookings Institution in Washington hosted a three-day US-Israel conference that focused on such issues as the “future for Israelis and Palestinians” and, according to its own published agenda, there were no Palestinian speakers. Brookings is a leading liberal thinktank. Its annual Saban Forum, sponsored by pro-Israel donor Haim Saban, is by its […]

Germany: Mayhem as Invaders Smash up Camps

Nonwhite invaders living in “refugee camps” in Germany have started smashing up the centers in violent ethnic brawls, confounding their liberal overseers who thought that they were just peace-loving asylum seekers “fleeing violence.” On the afternoon of Monday, November 30, two nonwhites were injured when a brawl broke out in a Dresden invader center, […]

Martin Parkinson has last laugh over Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin

Michelle Grattan (TC) : The yet-to-be-announced appointment of former treasury secretary Martin Parkinson to head the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet is a tale of justice restored, with a touch of Gilbert and Sullivan. Martin Parkinson is expected to be announced as the new head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, replacing […]

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