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Study: DNA Contamination in Pfizer COVID Vaccine Exceeds 354 Times Allowable Limit

The Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine contains up to 354 times the recommended limit of DNA contamination, according to the findings of a peer-reviewed scientific study which raises concerns regarding the carcinogenic potential of the Comirnaty COVID-19 […] The post Study: DNA Contamination in Pfizer COVID Vaccine Exceeds 354 Times Allowable Limit appeared first on The People's […]

REPLACEMENTS: The number of people pouring over the southern border each year now EXCEEDS the U.S. birth count

(NaturalNews) One of the stealthiest ways to cripple a nation and weaken its power is to rid that nation of its borders. A nation cannot defend itself from foreign… Source

Loading, unloading of goods in Imam Khomeini port exceeds 17m tons

TEHRAN – As announced by a provincial official, 17,572,373 tons of commodities have been loaded and unloaded in Imam Khomeini port, in the southwestern Khuzestan province, during the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-August 22). Source

US Military Aid To Ukraine Exceeds The Costs Of Afghanistan

Ukraine receives the most military aid from the United States: Since the beginning of the war and as of Jan. 15, 2023, $46.6 billion in financial aid for military purposes has flowed to the country now at war with Russia. When calculating the average annual costs (in 2022 prices) of previous wars in which the United States has […]

Man Whose Suitcase Exceeds 45-Pound Airline Weight Limit Worried He Might Be Gay

OMAHA, NE — A local man was struck with the sudden concern that he may, in fact, be gay, after the suitcase he was checking at the airline ticket counter was found to exceed the 45-lb. weight limit for checked luggage. Source

EXCLUSIVE: May Migrant Apprehensions in Texas-Based Sectors Exceeds Waco’s Population

Border Patrol agents in the five Texas-based sectors apprehended nearly 138,000 migrants in May, according to a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This is up by approximately 10,000 over the previous month. If the migrants apprehended in the Texas-based sectors were put into a brand new city, it would be the 25th largest […]

Number of Covid boosters given in US exceeds single shots in 8 African nations combined

Minister of Health and Wellness Edwin Dikoloti receives the Covid-19 vaccine in Gaborone, Botswana, on March 26, 2021. (Photo: Tshekiso Tebalo/Xinhua via Getty) An analysis released Monday shows that the number of Americans who have received a coronavirus booster shot to date exceeds the number of people who have gotten a single vaccine dose in eight […]

Employment in Australia Now Exceeds Pre-COVID Levels

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has forecasted that Australia will reach full employment in two years following better than expected unemployment figures and 12-year high levels of job ads. In today’s board meeting, the RBA upgraded its economic forecast while keeping the cash rate at near zero percent—which will remain at current levels until “2024 at […]

France exceeds 10,000 new daily COVID-19 cases for first time since start of coronavirus crisis

France on Saturday reported over 10,000 daily COVID-19 cases — its highest total since the coronavirus pandemic began. This is the first time the number of people who have been confirmed to have the virus exceeded 10,000 in 24 hours. The country’s confirmed cases in one day on Saturday stood at 10,561, compared to 9,406 […]

VW’s Spending Plan for Batteries Exceeds Tesla’s Orders by More Than 40%

VW’s Spending Plan for Batteries Exceeds Tesla’s Orders by More Than 40% March 13th, 2018 Via: Bloomberg: Volkswagen AG secured 20 billion euros ($25 billion) in battery supplies to underpin an aggressive push into electric cars in the coming years, ramping up pressure on […]

Housing’s Echo Bubble Now Exceeds the 2006-07 Bubble Peak

Housing’s Echo Bubble Now Exceeds the 2006-07 Bubble Peak By Charles Hugh A funny thing often occurs after a mania-fueled asset bubble pops: an echo-bubble inflates a few years later, as monetary authorities and all the institutions that depend on rising asset valuations go all-in to reflate the crushed asset class. Take a quick […]

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