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Man Wishes He Got Excited About Anything In Life Like His Three-Year-Old Seeing A Backhoe

FORT WORTH, TX — Local man Curt Stephens wished today there was anything in his life he got as excited about as his son when he sees a backhoe. “Backhoe!! Backhoe!! Oh my goodness, Daddy!! Ahhh!!!” screamed an elated Jaxson from his car seat, beaming in total delight. “This is the best day EVER!!” Basking […]

Pro Killer Jabs UK radio presenter “excited” about 3rd Killer Jab, Who Called Smart Folks Refusing The Killer Jab “IDIOTS” – Hospitalized with “lungs full of blood clots”

“I’m really excited about being able to get another shot pretty soon, so all you anti-vaxxers, all you idiots, all you lunatics who keep trolling me, you know what you can do? You can get the vaccine. ” Eand pro-vax radio presenter in the UK who has constantly railed against anti-vaxxers reported being hospitalized last […]

Library Kids Excited To Hear Story Read By Mysterious New Drag Queen Kirkdazzle Glameroni

LOS ANGELES, CA — Drag queen story hours are taking the nation by storm, and children at the Eastside Public Library in Los Angeles aren’t being left behind. Kids of all ages gathered excitedly in the children’s section of the library Wednesday afternoon to hear a story read by up-and-coming drag queen Kirkdazzle Glameroni. “Hey, […]

Star Wars Fan Excited For Premiere Of New Series He Can Get Mad At

KANSAS CITY, MO — A local Star Wars fan was excitedly awaiting the premiere of the new Andor series on Disney+ so that he will have fresh material about which he can spend the next several weeks complaining to anyone who dares to come near him. “It’s been a few months since Obi-Wan Kenobi ended, […]

Jen Psaki Excited To Start Her First Day Of The Same Job

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Jen Psaki has started her first day at a completely new job where she will be doing the exact same thing she’s always done by acting as a mouthpiece for the Biden Administration. Psaki says she’s excited to try something new while also changing nothing at all. “I just have butterflies in […]

Cubans Are More Excited About School Reopening Than Regime Change

Above Photo: Students wearing masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic attend the opening ceremony for the school year in Havana, Cuba, Nov. 15, 2021. Ramon Espinosa / AP. Most Cubans Seem More Concerned With Getting Their Economy Fired Up Than Toppling Their Leaders. Havana – “If you build it, they will come,” said Kevin Costner in the […]

Cubans more excited about school reopening than regime change

“If you build it, they will come,” said Kevin Costner in the Field of Dreams. In Cuba, they didn’t come. Dissidents on the island, with their U.S. backers, had been working feverishly for months to turn the unprecedented July 11 protests into a crescendo of government opposition on November 15. They built a formidable structure, […]

Congress Excited To Find Out What They Just Spent $1.2 Trillion On

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After a bipartisan vote in the U.S. Senate agreed to spend over a trillion dollars of taxpayer money, politicians from both sides of the aisle began eagerly speculating about what they just spent all that money on. “Man, there could be anything in that bill!” said a giddy Mitt Romney. “Maybe everyone is getting a […]

Students Across America Excited To Finally Return To In-Person Indoctrination

Brought to you by: With the fall semester beginning in just a few days, college students across the country are looking forward to ditching the Zoom call classes to be brainwashed in person instead. “It’s been a tough year,” said incoming second-year student Timmy Soyberg. “Indoctrination over online classes just isn’t the same as being indoctrinated […]

Elon Musk Excited To Once Again Be Richest Man On Earth While Jeff Bezos Is In Space

Elon Musk Excited To Once Again Be Richest Man On Earth While Jeff Bezos Is In Space U.S.—Amazon CEO and multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos has revealed plans to go to space in his company’s rocket ship on July 20th of this year. During his time in space, Elon Musk will once again be the richest man on earth.   […]

Four-Year-Old Excited To Learn Her Pet Fish Is Magic And Changes Colors After Every Family Vacation

Four-Year-Old Excited To Learn Her Pet Fish Is Magic And Changes Colors After Every Family Vacation HOUSTON, TX—Local girl Caitlyn Grace got quite the shock when her family returned from the beach this weekend, as her pet beta fish “Sweetie Pie” had suddenly transformed from pink to orange. “Mommy, mommy! What happened to Sweetie Pie?” cried […]

The ‘Medieval Meme’ That Has Britain Excited

A silver badge which is described as the medieval equivalent of today’s popular meme phenomenon is one of the thousand or so antiquities that has been discovered by metal-detectorists in the UK over the last 12 months of lockdown loot hunting. The silver gilt piece of ornate and bemusing artistry was found in a field […]

‘Huge Drama:’ Israeli experts excited about publicised Netanyahu meeting in Saudi Arabia

Browse > Home / News / ‘Huge Drama:’ Israeli experts excited about publicised Netanyahu meeting in Saudi Arabia November 24, 2020 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article Israeli reporters with an intimate knowledge of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s close ties with the Arab world defined his publicised meeting with Saudi Crown Prince […]

Lakers Star LeBron James Excited to Visit Joe Biden’s White House

NBA star LeBron James has loudly refused to visit the White House for the last four years, but with Joe Biden possibly poised to become the next president, James is now happy to make the trip. With the Lakers taking the prize during the NBA Championships this season, the prospect that the team would visit […]

Icelandic Children Excited As Arthur Butz’s ‘Hoax Of The 20th Century’ Hits Stores Just In Time For Christmas

An Icelandic company has plunged the country’s powerful publishing industry into a debate about censorship with its plan to publish a 1976 book that persuasively argues the Holocaust is a hoax: The book, an Icelandic-language translation of “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry” by Arthur Butz, […]

Israelis excited by prospect of a simple DNA test to determine Jewish ancestry

A group of experts on genetics and Halacha (Jewish religious law), who are studying the so-called “Jewish gene,” are claiming that the gene can help prove one’s “Jewishness” in line with Jewish religious law.   “This could be a significant breakthrough,” explained Rabbi Yosef Carmel, head of the Gazit rabbinical court and the Eretz Hemdah […]

Mami Kanemitsu of We Are Heroes and Sumi talk dance connects the world

Pacific Rim Video correspondent Jenny Valles talks to Mami Kanemitsu of We Are Heros and Sumi during the red carpet arrivals of the 2016 World of Dance … source Add To The Conversation Using Facebook Comments Tags: …, Entertainment, illuminati documentary, Mami Kanemitsu, media coverage, pacific rim photo press, pacific rim video, Peter Gonzaga, Sthanlee […]

Erdogan Using al-Qaeda, Nusra Front to Encircle Kurds

Erdogan Using al-Qaeda, Nusra Front to Encircle Kurds – Lawmaker Erdogan Crackdown on Kurdistan Killed 458 Civilians in Eastern Turkey Turkish parliament member and Kurdish activist Osman Baydemir said that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is encouraging Islamist terrorists to encircle and isolate the 20 million Kurds who live in the eastern half of the country. WASHINGTON […]

San Francisco Police Seek Help Over Spiked Baseball Bats Mystery

San Francisco police are asking the public for help which may lead to the discovery of a mystery individual or individuals responsible for chaining spiked baseball bats to poles throughout the city. Since early on Thanksgiving morning, 27  wooden or metal bats have appeared throughout the city chained to poles and parking meters Spiked baseball […]

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