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The Invisible Court’s Verdict: You Are Hereby Exiled To Digital Siberia

The Invisible Court’s Verdict: You Are Hereby Exiled To Digital Siberia Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, As in the Gulag it replicates, the innocent are swept up with the guilty in a disconcertingly unjust ratio. The human mind is not particularly well-adapted to polycrisis: we struggle to adapt to the drought, then the […]

Zelensky will be Ukraine’s last president – exiled opposition leader

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Ibrahim Al-Koni: ‘Homeland does not take on the meaning of ‘homeland’ until we have been exiled from it’

It is the seventh century CE and the Ummayad forces are advancing across North Africa. Their rapid expansion is fuelled by treasures and riches, their dynasty defined by opulence and debauchery. Amidst the fighting, the Berber warrior queen, Al-Kahina, is resisting. It is from her perspective that Libyan writer, Ibrahim Al-Koni, presents his new novel, […]

Fears rise for exiled dissidents as deportations to Egypt from allies across the region increase

Over the weekend Sudanese authorities handed over 21 government dissidents to the Egyptian authorities, accusing them of taking part in a terror act in the Jabra neighbourhood of Khartoum. Their deportation has received widespread concern from rights activists, particularly as one of the men, Muhammad Ibrahim, was deported along with his wife, three sons and […]

Manama to Beirut: Persecute our Exiled Dissidents

17 Dec 2021 By Sondoss Al-Asaad Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a strongly-worded protest to the Lebanese Government regarding Beirut’s hosting of a conference allegedly “for hostile persons designated as supporters and sponsors of terrorism, with the purpose of disseminating and promoting abusive and malicious allegations against the Kingdom of Bahrain.” The Bahraini al-Wefaq’s […]

Exiled Turkish journalist attacked and injured outside home in Germany

An exiled Turkish journalist, who is critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has been attacked outside his home in Germany. Erk Acarer — a columnist for Turkey’s independent Birgun newspaper — was injured after being assaulted on Wednesday night by three men. He sustained some swelling on his head and was kept at a hospital […]

General Otto Ernst Remer – German War Hero and Exiled Holohoax Revisionist

An Interview with Otto Ernst Remer   My Role in Berlin on July 20, 1944   Remer Dies in Exile: War Hero Fled to Spain to Avoid ‘Thought Crime’ Imprisonment  Remer Speaks An Interview with General Otto Ernst Remer By Otto Ernst Remer Published: 1990-04-01 Q: General Remer, what was your role in the Second World War? A:… […]

Exiled Iranian Judo Champion Set To Land In Israel For Tel Aviv Tourney

A former world judo champion who fled Iran in 2019 in a dispute over competing against Israelis arrived in the Jewish state late Sunday to compete in a Judo Grand Slam competition being held this week in Tel Aviv. After landing he was taken to a hotel to quarantine ahead of the competition. Saeid Mollaei’s change of […]

Exiled Turkish journalist, whose paper reported on arms sent to Syria, gets 27-year jail term for espionage and aid to terrorism

A Turkish journalist, whose newspaper reported on an alleged 2014 Turkish intelligence operation to supply arms to anti-government fighters in Syria, was sentenced in absentia to over 27 years in jail. Can Dundar, the former editor-in-chief of the opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet, was found guilty by an Istanbul court of military espionage and providing material assistance […]

Mystery of MBS’ Fate Deepens as an Exiled Saudi Prince Calls for Coup

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA – A shocking interview of an exiled Saudi prince calling for regime change in his home country has gone viral as in-fighting within the Saudi royal family and simmering domestic discontent with the current government’s policies may have reached a breaking point. Exiled Saudi Prince Khalid bin Farhan, in a videotaped appearance […]

Exiled Turkish journalists conclude networks around Erdogan orchestrated “failed” coup

nsnbc : A study published by the Stockholm Center for Freedom concluded that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and rogue networks around him orchestrated […]

Youth Turn Out in Large Numbers for NPI’s Rainbow Racist Gathering

From: The white nationalist National Policy Institute (NPI) conference in Washington, D.C, this past weekend had a familiar lineup of speakers, but NPI head Richard Spencer’s event turned out to be far different from your average radical right gathering. Spencer, a relatively young racist activist himself, was able to do something many similar groups have […]

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