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Expelled Russian diplomats leave Czech Republic amid depot blast row

More Russian diplomats and their families flew out of the Czech Republic on Saturday amid a dispute between the two nations over Russian involvement in an ammunition depot explosion in 2014. In April the Czech Republic ordered 18 Russian diplomats to leave in a tit-for-tat move after Russia expelled Czech diplomats from Moscow over the […]

ACH (1492) Mischa Popoff – What Happened To The Jews Who Were Not Expelled From Spain?

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1492) Mischa Popoff – What Happened To The Jews Who Were Not Expelled From Spain? Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on April 13 2021, Andy is joined by Mischa Popoff, for a show entitled, “What […]

Evangelical Families Expelled and Homes Demolished in Chiapas, Mexico

Photo Credit: El Universal (Evangelical Focus) — A group of people of the “Tzotzil” ethnic group destroyed five houses of evangelical families in the Mitzitón community, in the municipality of San Cristóbal, Chiapas (Mexico). The leader of the evangelical organization Alas de Aguila, Esdras Alonso González, reported that the events took place on Sunday January, […]

Dem Sen. Brown: Cruz and Hawley Must Be Expelled From Senate

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said on Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Beat” that Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) must be expelled from the U.S. Senate for inciting the riot at the U.S. Capitol last week. Source 00

Manchin: Senators Who Objected to Electoral College Shouldn’t Be Expelled

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) argued against expelling members of the Senate who voted against certifying the Electoral College or talked about doing so by saying that while they engaged in Source 00

Mary Trump says all lawmakers backing Trump should be expelled

Mary L Trump, who gave insights on her uncle’s upbringing in her book Too Much and Never Enough, called Mr Trump supporters “seditionist” for encouraging the president in his election coup. “Every seditionist House member who supported and encouraged this attempted coup needs to be expelled,” said Mary Trump, who is also a psychologist. The […]

Quds Force chief: Americans must be expelled from the region

TEHRAN – Chief of the IRGC Quds Force Brigadier General Esmaeil Ghaani said on Wednesday that the Americans must be expelled from the region. Ghaani said the unreal grandeur of the global arrogance must be revealed, adding that the followers of Iran’s anti-terror commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani will expel the Americans from the region. […]

Two Christian Families at Imminent Risk of Being Expelled From Village in Mexico

Photo Credit: Chicken Online/Pixabay (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) — Community leaders in a village in Hidalgo state are threatening to expel two Protestant families if they do not fully pay a fine levied against them because of their religious beliefs. The two families belong to a group of Protestant families in La Mesa Limantitla, located in […]

President of Burundi Found Dead After Called Covid-19 A Hoax and Expelled The WHO

488 Shares While the people of the western world occupy themselves wearing masks, pointing fingers and using so much hand sanitizer it literally kills them, the big world of Geo-Politics still ticks along, following the same tired old patterns with only slight variations in method. A modern twist, if you will. Here’s a little summary […]

Jews expelled 1030 times

jew hat off

Jews expelled 1030 times COMPLETE LIST OF JEWISH EXPULSIONS (1,031) COMPLETE LIST OF ATTEMPTED JEWISH EXPULSIONS (1,030) (with explanations and sources): ~1,200 B.C. – Egypt – Jews Expelled for having leprosy and causing various seditions/rebellions throughout Egypt, including helping the Hyksos gain and maintain power; Jews venomously deny this basically because it refutes the mythology in […]

Christian Politician Travis Patron Calls For Parasitical ‘Fake’ Jews To Be Expelled From Canada

Travis Patron, a Christian Canadian politician — and leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party — posted a video on Facebook in which he explained that the people who call themselves “Jews” are liars and imposters who have infiltrated and destroyed the nation from within like parasites — and need to be expelled to save the […]

Could Israel be Expelled from the United Nations?

The conditions of membership in the U.N. are specified in the U.N. Charter. Specifically, “Articles 5 and 6 of the Charter of the United Nations deal respectively with suspension of rights and privileges of membership, and with expulsion from the United Nations.” But the operative part is Article 6, which reads: A Member of the United Nations […]

Expelled Russian diplomats allowed back after shooting some Palestinians

     DOZENS of countries who expelled Russian diplomats in March have agreed to allow the officials back after it was reported that they shot and killed Palestinians in the Gaza strip earlier this week. Originally deported from Ireland, the US, France, Italy and Germany, in solidarity with the UK over an alleged spy attack which […]

One Russian diplomat expelled; Is Belgium clicking heals for its EU and NATO allies?

nsnbc : The Belgian government is set to expel a Russian diplomat after a decision to that effect was taken by the Federal Cabinet […]

Expelled Russian diplomats leave embassy in London (VIDEO)

A video provided by the Ruptly news agency shows several vehicles leaving the territory of the diplomatic mission on Tuesday. Earlier, minibuses were captured on camera entering the compound. Last week, London ordered 23 Russian diplomats to leave the UK by March 20. According to the country’s envoy, Alexander Yakovenko, the family members of the […]

Russia expelled 23 British diplomats as Skripal homicide scandal leaves Russia – UK relations dead in the water


Student Expelled After Telling Feminist Teacher There Are Two Genders

A student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania has been expelled from class after pointing out to his hysterical feminist teacher that there are only two genders.  “Later this week I will be defending myself and my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS in front of the Academic Integrity Board (AIB) of the Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania (IUP) against allegations of […]

Texas Student Sues After Being Expelled For Sitting During Pledge Of Allegiance

A black Texas high school student and her mom claim in a federal lawsuit that the principal expelled her last week for sitting through the Pledge of Allegiance, after which the school secretary told her, “This is not the NFL.” Kizzy Landry sued Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District and Windfern High School Principal Martha Strother on […]

As battle rages in UK Labour Party, Moshe Machover expelled after asserting ‘Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism’

Over the past 18 months the British Labour party has been beset by a moral panic. According to pro-Israel activists in Labour, there has been a surge of anti-semitism in the party since Jeremy Corbyn became leader two years ago. Corbyn has broken with decades of party policy by placing a much stronger emphasis on […]

Israeli anti-Zionist expelled from Labour amid anti-Semitism smear

Asa Winstanley Lobby Watch 4 October 2017 The 81-year-old retired professor was expelled from Labour outright with no hearing. (TeleSUR) A renowned Israeli anti-Zionist was expelled from Labour on Tuesday, as the party bureaucracy falsely accused him of anti-Semitism. Retired philosophy professor Moshé Machover told The Electronic Intifada that the expulsion by the UK’s main […]

US expelled 15 Cuban diplomats from embassy in Washington

nsnbc : Following recent, alleged “mysterious and specific sonic attacks” that several U.S. diplomats suffered in Cuba, the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump […]

Bangladesh has Expelled Over 236,000 Fake Refugees to Burma

July 10, 2017 0 Source Article from 00

I am expelled from FB for 30 days for telling the truth!

June 19, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon Am I wrong? Am I referring to the Jews as a race, as a biology or even as a people? Quite the opposite, I point at people who, for some reason, operate within racially exclusive Jewish political groups and are primarily committed to the interests of one tribal group. […]

Anon Proves That Jews Were Expelled from at Least 359 Locations

Michael ByronDaily Stormer May 26, 2017 For some reason, everyone seems to hate these people. Most people reading the Daily Stormer should be familiar with the fact that Jews have been expelled from 109 locations around the world. This little piece of information is, after all, one of the sharpest arrows we […]

Hungary Becomes First European Country To Ban Rothschild Banks

Hungary have become the first European country to officially ban all Rothschild banks from operating in the country.  In 2013, Hungary began the process of kicking out the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and agreed to repay the IMF bailout in full in order to rid the country of the New World Order banking cartel. […]

FBI Agents Were Told To Sign A "Very, Very Unusual" NDA In Hillary Email Case

When news broke of the infamous tarmac Lynch-Clinton meeting we said: “Well then, if Lynch says it was a completely random encounter with Hillary Clinton’s husband on a tarmac (admit it, that happens often to most people), and nothing was discussed that pertains to official business, then that certainly must be the truth.“ […]

You’re so vain: Diva Bibi Netanyahu spent $3350 on hair and makeup for UN trip – total was $1.7 million of taxpayer money

     The expenses of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to New York for the UN General Assembly last fall totaled more than $1.7 million, including hairstyling that cost Israel $1,600, and make-up $1,750, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on Thursday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under pressure after revelations that Israeli taxpayers footed a […]

First Baby Born In UK Using Revolutionary IVF Technique

Biagio Russu Biagio Russu is the first baby born in the UK who was conceived using a new and more precise embryo screening technique. His mom Ewa Wybacz, 36, allowed doctors to use a new DNA procedure to screen her embryos that hugely improved her fertility rate using a revolutionary IVF technique. Eco Green Data […]

Did US and Russia made a bargain in Syria?

     It’s spy thriller stuff; no one is talking. But there are indications Russia would not announce a partial withdrawal from Syria right before the Geneva negotiations ramp up unless a grand bargain with Washington had been struck. Some sort of bargain is in play, of which we still don’t know the details; that’s what […]

‘Hi pal. I love you’ and ‘Russia has seen the lord’ — loopy Biden froths over Netanyahu

Saturday morning cartoons hour. This is from Joe Biden’s visit to Israel three days ago and his presser with PM Benjamin Netanyahu. “When we get together, our key staffs have heart attacks,” Biden says, and you can see why. The Veep is loopy. It’s a good thing he’s not running for president, it would be […]

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