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Systematic Review Reveals Many COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Experienced New-Onset Psychosis

Systematic Review Reveals Many COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Experienced New-Onset Psychosis Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Individuals who took COVID-19 vaccines were found to have later suffered from psychosis, with Pfizer and AstraZeneca shots linked to most of the cases. A 1-year-old child receives a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination in Seattle, Wash., […]

Editor at “Pro-Vaccine Publication” Experienced Serious Adverse Event After Second Pfizer Shot

A few weeks ago, I published a bombshell story in which I shared my private communications with editors at top publications who roundly rejected my writing critical of Covid mandates. As an example, one editor made clear his publication’s strong “pro-vaccination” stance which could not be usurped: I’m going to pass. As I’ve said many […]

Former congressional candidate Jane Adams experienced SEVERE side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine she was pressured to take

(Natural News) Jane Adams, a businesswoman and former congressional candidate for Nevada, spoke to Owen Shroyer of InfoWars about how she felt pressured to take the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, and how she regrets it because of the severe adverse effects she experienced. Adams ran to be the Republican Party’s candidate for Nevada’s first congressional district, but lost […]

“Israel” Admits: We Can’t Afford A War with Hezbollah, Their Soldiers Are Much More Experienced Than Us

July 15, 2022  By Staff, Agencies As US President Joe Biden continues his visit to the region, it seems that he hasn’t succeeded in assuring “Israeli” fears from Hezbollah. According to “Israeli” media, Hezbollah is now believed to have upgraded abilities, making a war now pricier for “Israel”. “Recent events show that Hezbollah is shoring […]

The Inflation Crisis Of 2022 Is Now Worse Than Anything That We Experienced During The 1970s

Most Americans don’t realize this, but we truly have entered historic territory.  As you will see below, the inflation crisis of 2022 has now escalated to a level that is beyond anything that we experienced during the horrible Jimmy Carter era of the 1970s.  If you are old enough to have been alive back then, […]

Roman Republic Experienced Deep Financial Crisis in 90 BC, Study Shows

In the early first century BC, the Roman Republic experienced a multiyear financial crisis, which we can call “Roman inflation.” But while scholars knew that some kind of breakdown in the Roman financial system occurred around 90 BC, they didn’t know all that much about how Rome had responded to the problem. That has now […]

Eric Clapton Won’t Perform at Venues Requiring Proof of COVID Vax; Experienced Severe Side Effects from AstraZeneca Jab

By B.N. Frank Vaccine side effects, injuries and deaths have been reported for decades (see 1, 2, 3).  They continue to be reported about COVID vaccines as well, including by celebrity recipients Eric Clapton and Ben Stein.  Clapton has now announced that he will not perform in venues that require proof of COVID vaccination.  Go figure. From Fox News: Eric Clapton says he won’t play at venues […]

London Uni Allows Non-Whites Exam Extensions if They Say They’ve Experienced “Racial Trauma”

A debate about the double standards of cancel culture is taking place after a 2011 tweet was uncovered in which U.S. female soccer star Megan Rapinoe commented, “u look asian with those closed eyes!” Rapinoe, who has since become a darling of woke progressives off the back of her campaign for equal pay, is now […]

New Pfizer study says 80% of Children Experienced Side Effects from Vaccine

    The pharmaceutical giant released a 37-page “fact sheet” of its product on 19 May on security and application republished by Report24. It refers to the current status of vaccination studies in the context of the emergency approval EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). The US health authority CDC has confirmed that children and adolescents develop […]

“I Put On My Helmet. And I Ran.” How One Journalist Experienced Israel’s Destruction Of A Media Tower

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — My colleagues’ shouts awakened me, and the pounding of my heart drowned out the racing of my mind. What was happening? Had someone been injured on the streets of Gaza City, or worse? It was 1:55 p.m. on Saturday. I had been napping on the upper floor of the […]

ADL: Nearly 10% of U.S. Jews Experienced Anti-Semitic Assaults In Past Five Years

A recent Anti-Defamation League (ADL) survey of Americans Jews found that nearly 10% have been subjected to an anti-Semitic assault in the past five years. The survey, which was published on March 31, asked more than 500 respondents from January 7-15 if they have “been physically attacked because you are Jewish”; 9% answered in the […]

1 in 4 American Jews has experienced antisemitism since 2016, ADL finds

(JTA) — An annual survey from the Anti-Defamation League found that a quarter of American Jews have personally experienced antisemitism in the past five years, and that most American Jews have witnessed antisemitic comments targeting others. In that same time period, 9% of Jewish respondents said they have been the victim of an antisemitic physical […]

5 Different Forms of Spiritual Ascension: Which Have You Experienced?

March 26th, 2021 By Mateo Sol Guest writer for Wake Up World For the first time in history, we have access to a mammoth and unprecedented amount of information. While this freedom to learn brings countless opportunities for personal growth, it can also get quite overwhelming! There are so many thoughts, opinions, debates, and discussions […]

‘The worst form of torture I experienced’: China’s war against Tibetan Buddhism

C hina’s system of ethnocide was born in Tibet under the ambitions of party official Chen Quanguo. This blueprint for cultural annihilation was then matured in Xinjiang when he was sent there as governor in 2016. But, unlike Xinjiang, where testimonies of mass incarceration and torture of the Uighur ethnic minority frequently reach the outside […]

Experienced Psychiatrist: Demons Are For Real And They Are Very Nasty

Three decades ago, had I seen a page labeled “Demons Are For Real”, I would have scoffed, “Oh Really!” by After working seven years in one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in the world, eighteen years in the psych department of a large state prison, two years in the largest mental health center in […]

BEST OF THE WEB FLASHBACK: Local medic writes The Times: "No patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury"

     There have been some interesting developments in the alleged poisoning case of the British-Russian double-agent Sergej Skripal and his daughter Yulia. The British governments standing on the issue is getting worse as more inconsistencies and doubts on its statements come to light. The international support for its claims is weakening. On March 4 the […]

You Embody What Your Ancestors Experienced 14 Generations Ago

Aaron Kesel, GuestWaking Times Researchers have discovered that environmental genetic changes (epigenetics) can be passed down for an incredible 14 generations in an animal – the largest span ever observed in a living organism. A team led by scientists from the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) in Spain took genetically engineered nematode roundworms called C. elegans that carry a transgene for a fluorescent […]

Isolation Chambers: Healing for the Mind & Soul. Have You Ever Experienced This?

The sensory deprivation tank, also known as an isolation chamber, is a modern day relaxation therapy that has been gaining widespread attention for its remedial and healing benefits for the mind and soul. Drawing upon meditation theory, it forces the participant to let go of all external sensory stimuli to focus on the infinite universe that […]

Photos: Supreme Leader leads Tehran Eid al-Fitr prayers

Israel behind anti-Islam propaganda in US: Analyst The extent of aggression used against a UAE businessman, arrested in the US as a Daesh suspect and later released, is the… Source Article from

The Boule: Black Elite Betrayed their Brothers

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