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Despite 95% Vaccination Rate, Harvard Experiences ‘Substantial Outbreak’ of COVID

Despite having a vaccination rate higher than 95 per cent, Harvard Business School has been forced to move its first and second year students to remote learning after a “substantial” outbreak of COVID. “In recent days, we’ve seen a steady rise in breakthrough infections among our student population, despite high vaccination rates and frequent testing,” […]

Israel Experiences Surge in Cardiac Arrests and Heart Attacks in Young People

Israel is experiencing a massive surge in cardiac arrest and heart attack emergency calls among young people, according to research from MIT professor Retsef Levi. Levi discusses his research in the video below: [embedded content] Information Liberation reports: We’ve seen similar reports in the US with some 2,018 people reporting post-vaccination cases of myocarditis and pericarditis to […]

MSM experiences global internet outage

– Major CDN claims it experienced massive error.  – Possible narrative of “over centralised” internet taking shape?  – Talking points updated with new reports. Huge swaths of mainstream news sites, and other major online services, have all gone down within minutes of each other this morning. The Guardian, BBC, New York Times, The Independent, CNN, […]

Children share their experiences of the recent Israel-Gaza violence

A process of rebuilding and recovery is unfolding in Gaza and Israeli towns hit by the recent outburst of violence. But the healing of victims — on both sides — will take longer. Most were in the Palestinian territory, and many were very young. Dana Sehwail is 11-years-old and living in Bait Hanoon, north of […]

Press freedom experiences ‘dramatic deterioration’ during Covid pandemic – RSF report

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has warned in its annual report that press freedom has experienced a “dramatic deterioration” during the pandemic, with some nations using Covid to justify limiting the activities of journalists. Examining the situation throughout the past year, the group laid out how journalists, particularly in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, have […]

On Being 5D and Sexual Experiences with a Partner in 3D or 5D

April 16th, 2021 By Leda de Zwaan Guest Writer for Wake Up World Having sex with a partner in a lower vibration, as in for example a 3d person, who lives in 3d and has not awakened to stage 5, you will ALWAYS lower your vibration, no matter what you do. You can higher your […]


During World War I, Karl Skala, a German poet, was a soldier huddled in a foxhole with his best friend. An artillery shell exploded, killing his friend.  Skala was unhurt, but had an out of body experience. It was a ‘shared death experience’. Skala felt himself being drawn up with his friend, above the battlefield.  […]

Immersive Experiences

Gershon Hepner is a poet who has written over 25,000 poems on subjects ranging from music to literature, politics to Torah. He grew up in England and moved to Los Angeles in 1976. Using his varied interests and experiences, he has authored dozens of papers in medical and academic journals, and authored “Legal Friction: Law, […]


Bruce Greyson, professor emeritus of psychiatry and neurobehavioural sciences at the University of Virginia in the U.S. Dr Bruce Greyson, a psychiatry professor, has spent 50 years studying near-death experiences. He concludes that near-death experiences make people much happier. Lorry Driver Al Sulivan died one morning. Al then found himself looking down at his body […]

‘Humans of Holocaust’ exhibition presents portraits, survivor experiences

A new online photographic exhibition portraying Holocaust survivors and their personal stories is set to be unveiled on Wednesday, International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Called Humans of the Holocaust, the project is the brainchild of photographer Erez Kaganovitz who says he came up with the idea after seeing a poll showing that two-thirds of American millennials […]

New Book of Short Stories Reflects Contemporary Women’s Experiences

Corie Adjmi’s life reads like a book: She grew up in New Orleans for most of her childhood until her family moved back to Brooklyn to be closer to their Syrian Jewish community. Adjmi fell in love and married a fellow Syrian Jew, had five kids with him and worked as an elementary school teacher […]

Small children prefer toys to experiences, study finds, assuaging parents’ lockdown guilt

Young children prefer toys and other material items over “experiences” like vacations or trips to theme parks, a recent study has found, surprising approximately no one, while covering for the ongoing Covid-19 isolation of kids. Children aged three to five prefer material gifts to experiential ‘presents,’ according to a recent study conducted by the University […]

STUNNING NEWS! Trump experiences an Enlightenment, takes actions to end his term with positive endeavors

Washington D.C. and the majority of Americans are stunned as they become aware that President Trump has, quite apparently, undergone a monumental personal transformation, we might call it An Enlightenment; one in which he has seen the light and now possessed a new, rational, modern, and well-informed outlook on life and its meaning. A couple […]

Beyond the Veil: Near Death Experiences, Mediumship and the Afterlife – FREE 5-Day Online Event

What lies beyond this life? What happens after we die? Can we connect with loved ones after they’ve died? Today, these perennial questions are being explored with ever-greater depth and nuance. Are you aware of the amazing research being done to validate out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences (NDEs), and other “veiled” phenomena? Whether you’re looking to […]

While California experiences all-time record wildfire destruction, where in the world is Sen. Kamala Harris?!?!

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who last week surveyed wildfire damage in her state of California, has primarily focused on climate change in the wake of the devastation across her state. by HANNAH Notably, few of the measures she sponsored or co-sponsored — if any at all — have had a meaningful impact on the […]

ACH ARCHIVE (655) Frank From North Carolina – My Experiences As A Prolific Caller To Alternative Media Radio Shows

ACH ARCHIVE (655) Frank From North Carolina – My Experiences As A Prolific Caller To Alternative Media Radio ShowsTHE ACH SHOW In today’s show originally broadcast on May 12 2018, Andy interviews Frank From North Carolina, for a show entitled, “My Experiences As A Prolific Caller To Alternative Media Radio Shows.” We discussed: how Frank […]

New Study Details Black Americans’ Experiences Of Discrimination

A new study reveals black Americans’ views of the discrimination they experience in their daily lives, detailing some of the lengths people of color go to in order to avoid racism perpetrated by their fellow citizens as well as government institutions. The report, based on survey results compiled last year by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, […]

New study backs up reports of near-death experiences, claiming that consciousness continues to work after the heart has stopped

(Natural News) Imagine lying on a hospital bed, closing your eyes, and then being able to hear the doctors announce your own time of death. If this sounds strangely familiar to you, perhaps you’re thinking of the recently released remake of the 90s horror film Flatliners, which is about a group of young doctors who […]

Research Shows How Our Childhood Experiences Can Change Our DNA

Next Story In this day and age, many of us understand that our childhood experiences often define our adult years. Any trauma, abuse, or neglect we experience as children, we carry with us into adulthood, and with this emerging awareness, many people are taking the necessary steps to overcome and release their childhood baggage so they can […]

Living 5D Consciousness Now…5 Typical Experiences

August 12th, 2017 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World Ever more people are aligning with the Shift into the 5D. I’m hearing from new people daily, from the far flung corners of the world. It’s tremendously exciting! One of the key questions that comes up is, “What will it be like living in the 5D?” […]

A Must Read For Anyone Who Experiences Constipation & Pain

Next Story Constipation can be incredibly painful; however, it can also take a big toll on the body. Constipation is one of the most common bowel issues. According to The American Journal of Gastroenterology, approximately 19% of the U.S. population suffers from constipation, which is defined as passing hard, dry stool that is difficult and painful to move. The definition for constipation […]

America experiences ‘sharp increase in global negative views,’ especially among allies

     The US showed the most substantial decline in approval ratings of all countries polled this year, according to Country Ratings Poll for the BBC World Service. Double-digit increases in negative views of the US came from traditional allies. Compared to 2014, negative views of the US increased sharply in a number of NATO countries […]

Your Grandparents’ Experiences Can Affect Your Genes

Studies of human populations suggest that our health and longevity could be affected by the diets and experiences of our grandparents. For example, studies of a small community in northern Sweden where detailed historical records were kept found correlations between food availability for one generation and the mortality rate for that generation’s grandchildren. But the […]

Your Grandparents’ Experiences Can Affect Your Genes

Studies of human populations suggest that our health and longevity could be affected by the diets and experiences of our grandparents. For example, studies of a small community in northern Sweden where detailed historical records were kept found correlations between food availability for one generation and the mortality rate for that generation’s grandchildren. But the […]

"The happiest people on Earth": RT crew shares experiences filming new documentary in N. Korea

     In a behind-the-scenes interview about RT’s new documentary on North Korea, director Natalya Kadyrova describes the challenges of filming in the world’s most restrictive nation, including trying to tell if the family they filmed were real, or actors pretending to be husband and wife. Even getting routine footage in public places was fraught with […]

A Driver Picks Up an Old Lady and Experiences a Ride He’ll Never Forget

This cab ride was unlike any other in his career. Please enjoy Kent Nerburn’s true-life story of a compassionate cab ride that turned into a journey back in time…and don’t forget to SHARE this special story with all of your friends! There was a time in my life twenty years ago when I was driving a cab […]

IRGC vigilantly monitors US warships in Persian Gulf

July 12, The Iran Project – According to Reuters,Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on Monday dispatched five military vessels to monitor a U.S. warship hosting head of US Central Command, General Joe Votel on a day trip through the Strait of Hormuz, coming as close as 500 yards (meters). According to the report, five IRGC boats […]

Michigan loses ‘right to farm’ this week: A farewell to backyard chickens and beekeepers

     Michigan residents lost their “right to farm” this week thanks to a new ruling by the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development. Gail Philburn of the Michigan Sierra Club told Michigan Live, the news changes “effectively remove Right to Farm Act protection for many urban and suburban backyard farmers raising small numbers of […]

A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on June 8

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Wednesday and picked headlines from 22 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy. Newspapers on Wednesday covered the response by the office of Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to a number of US congressmen […]

Passenger train derails in California, injuring 14

     At least 14 people have been injured, four of them seriously, after a commuter train traveling from Silicon Valley to Stockton derailed and two of its cars crashed into a local creek in California. The incident took place in a rural area some 72km east of San Francisco on Monday night, Altamont Corridor Express […]

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