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An Explainer Of Jan. 6 And Its Aftermath-Idiots Allowing Themselves to Be led To The Slaughter By Instigators Working For The Rothschild’s Sodom & Gomorrah On the Potomac Child Raping Political Whores from Both Wings of the Same Carrion Slurping Vulture

January 6 was a handful of 30 shekel Judas Goats leading a herd of well meaning but very ignorant sheep through the slaughterhouse doors for the benefit of the little children raping political whores of Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac and their Master. The Ole Dog! Source

Map Explainer: The Gaza Strip

Map Explainer: The Gaza Strip Recent attacks on Israel by Hamas have placed the Gaza Strip firmly in the spotlight of the global news cycle. While conflict in that part of the world is thoroughly covered in headlines and news stories, more basic facts about Gaza receive less attention. With this infographic, Visual Capitalist’s Nick […]

EXPLAINER – What caused the floods in Libya and why are they so bad?

A catastrophic flood has killed thousands of people in the eastern Libyan city of Derna, sweeping away entire neighbourhoods with their residents and washing many bodies out to sea. Thousands of people are missing. What caused the flood?  After pummelling other Mediterranean countries, the powerful Storm Daniel swept into Libya over the weekend, unleashing record amounts of rain as […]

EXPLAINER: On What Happened in Jenin and the Possibility of a Full Israeli Attack on West Bank

June 20, 2023 The Israeli military has itself admitted to the destruction or damage to seven of its military vehicles, including a large troop carrier known as Panther, and also the destruction of a helicopter.  On Monday, June 20, Israeli occupation forces invaded parts of the northern Palestinian town of Jenin, and its refugee camp. […]

EXPLAINER: Where does harassment report leave Andrew Cuomo?

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s monthslong fall from grace reached a nadir Tuesday, when investigators said they substantiated sexual harassment allegations against him from 11 women, many of whom have worked for him. Cuomo, once widely beloved for his telegenic response to the coronavirus pandemic, continues to deny the allegations and maintains he isn’t going […]

EXPLAINER: How Congress’ Jan. 6 commission would work

An independent commission to study the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection would be modeled after a similar panel that studied the 9/11 terrorist attacks and has long been hailed as a bipartisan success. But bipartisanship isn’t always popular these days, especially in the wake of the deadly siege by a mob of former President Donald Trump’s […]

EXPLAINER: Did US hiring slow because of a ‘labor shortage’?

The anticipation for the U.S. jobs report for April, released Friday morning, was high. Most experts agreed that after a yearlong pandemic, tens of millions of layoffs and widespread disease and death, a likely second straight month of nearly 1 million added jobs would send a clear signal: The economy was bounding back toward full […]

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